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Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom. A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
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PDF Fulfilment!

Posted by Samuel Webb (Collaborator)

PDF Copies available now!

Hi guys, as promised we've gone live with the PDF fulfilment today for both John Carter of Mars RPG core rulebook and the John Carter: Phantoms of Mars campaign guide - everyone who pledged for "Core Book PDF" or higher will receive notifications from DriveThruRPG that their order is ready for download.

Please check your e-mail inboxes registered to your Kickstarter account. Please also check your spam folder! Your email should look a little something like this:

Follow the link in the e-mail to head over to DriveThruRPG.

But I don't use DriveThruRPG!

I'm afraid due to the nature of our Kickstarter we're distributing exclusively through DriveThruRPG. It's easy to start an account, or log in with Facebook. Once you've redeemed your discounted order, you'll be greeted by the download page, just like the one below. You'll be able to download the PDF to your device from here, or link it to your Dropbox account - and the awesome thing is that DriveThruRPG will keep your PDF in your online account's 'library', which means you have access to download it from wherever you have an internet connection!

 If you have any issues please contact

Printed copies should be arriving within the next week, at which point I'll have more information on fulfilment of hard cover copies! Check out these photos from the printer of the slipcase set!

From above
From above
From the side
From the side

We hope you have a great time delving into the world of Barsoom!

Sam, Modiphius

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    1. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      Oh bother. It’s a DriveThru problem. You have to switch to the old download interface and then it appears and can be downloaded. Sorry.

    2. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      I got an email saying I could download “John Carter Narrator's Screen and Narrator's Toolkit” so I clicked on the link and went to DrivThru signed on and it was added at £0.00. Great I thought, but there is apparently nothing form me to download!

    3. Missing avatar

      Benn Collaborator on

      Hi haiken, we'll get that pushed again.

    4. HaikenEdge on

      I've yet to receive my PDF; the most recent update I have is the backer preview PDF.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael J Maley on

      I have my copy. Looks great. Peruse in full later tonight.

    6. Missing avatar

      J Slate Nielsen on

      I received my copy today. Looks good so far. However, it looks as if my name did not make the backers list.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Holland on

      Page 128, the Okar are referred to as having aquired the secret of genetically re-engineering their women to make them egg-laying.

      It is never stated in the books that the Martians made themselves Egg Laying through Genetic Engineering, this is fanonical information from "A Guide to Barsoom" by John Flint Roy.

      While I have no objection to you using this content, the legality of it may be sketchy because I am not sure where this book is concerning the public domain status of John Carter and what the relation of the book is to ERB Inc.

      Might want to check with your legal department about this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Holland on

      Page 95, its said on this page that Martians are in there eggs for 2 and a half years before emerging, then grow to adult size in 5 years.

      John Carter says that it takes the Eggs 5 years to hatch, but its never clear if he is referring to Martian years or Earth years. If it is martian years that means the Egg spends 10 years growing.

      The most logical assumption here is that Martians grow in these eggs (the eggs are stated to start out the size of goose eggs and to grow), and that they emerge in a state roughly equivalent to that of a 10 year old, growing to relative adulthood in 5 years after that is not so strange.

      (this is one of the more convoluted parts of the John Carter of Mars mythos that I dislike, yall would have been better off fanonizing this aspect in its entirerty and making your own version)

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Holland on

      Whelp, I just got my copies... I am a long-time Burroughs fan, and the largest contributer on wikis, and nitpicker extreme.

      I apologize in advance for the giant forum post of nerdy "um akxtually" corrections.

      (I mean, right off the bat... there are implications of Green and Red hybrids in Gods of Mars in the early chapters, and Black Martians also have a secondary language aside from Barsoomian common that they speak and use)

    10. Curt Wiederhoeft on

      Thank you so very much by making the backer list alphabetical by FIRST name! Believe me, after 50 years, one gets pretty damn sick of always coming up at the end.

    11. Samuel Webb Collaborator on

      Any issues, please e-mail Lloyd at and he'll hook you up.

    12. Elliot Williams

      Nothing here so far. Ironically I checked DrivethruRPG and I have a link from August for the preview copy.

    13. Netobvious

      Looks wonderful, sadly, a few mistakes still escaped the proof-readers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael J Maley on

      How long before the link gets sent. I haven't seen anything yet in my email or spam folder. I checked my Drivethru account too.

    15. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Sam,

      Got my copies of the PDFs and they look really good.

      I'm only going to skim the PDFs and see what's what in them, but from my first perusal I'm looking forward to running the game when the physical books come out. (Of course, because of the coffee table size of the book, it'll take up more space on the gaming table when it's open, which annoys me no end. Shades of HELLAS.)

      That said, looks good. Can't wait for the physical books. :)


    16. Missing avatar

      J Slate Nielsen on

      I did not receive an email. Of course I have never received email notifications for this Kickstarter, but have for all of the other Kickstarters that I have backed.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Holland on

      I didnt get it :/

      I use DrivethruRPG and Kickstarter with the same email... *SHRUG*

    18. Missing avatar

      Kurt McMahon

      Got them.

      FYI, the PF character sheet and Phantoms books have some issues displaying in GoodReader on my iOS devices. Not all of the layers appear to be rendering correctly, so instead of a nice greyscale, everything is... purple.

      The core book doesn’t have that issue, and all of the PDFs render correctly in Acrobat Reader for iOS.

      They’re also okay in Preview on a Mac - I get the “purple only” version for an instant, and then the page finishes rendering and looks fine.

    19. ray bans

      I mean, I got them

    20. ray bans

      get them, thanks