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Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom. A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
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UPDATE: We're in print! + More Art and Development

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Hello fellow Martians, Sam again updating you on our very exciting progress with the project!

To Print!

We've finished the soft-proofing stage of several products and while not every single one of them is in print, they will be in a matter of days.

  • Core Rulebook - being printed!
  • Phantoms of Mars Campaign guide - being printed!
  • Narrator's Kit - being printed!
  • Helium Dice Set - on the boat from China!
  • Heroes of Barsoom miniatures sets - MADE AND RECEIVED!
  • Prince of Helium Notebooks - PRINTED AND RECEIVED!
Look at them!
It's a notebook!
It's a notebook!

So where are my PDFs?

With files going to print we have indeed finalized the content of both the books, but due to design bandwidth we haven't yet exported those files as a PDF versions yet. This includes bookmarks, character sheets, the map, etc. It does take time to get it right -  that includes links, layers, printer friendly versions etc - it's several days work to do it properly. We are transferring design files to another designer as we speak and getting that work done in the next couple of weeks, I hope my next update will be the distribution of those PDFs.

Wave 1 fulfilment

All the products above constitute our first wave of fulfilment, fulfilling over 50% of the pledges we received. These products, due to the printer's scheduling, should all arrive mid-December at which point GamesQuest, our warehousing and fulfilment partner will begin shipping orders. The resin production has been focused on the Heroes of Barsoom set which comes with most pledges, as it has the highest volume. The resin factory is producing the rest of the sets however it has taken longer than first planned. The warehouse is also exceptionally busy through December with both ours and other clients and we expect orders with all the miniatures to take longer to ship. We'll update you on expected dates for those shipments shortly.  

Wave 2

We've begun the first drafts of the supplements! Jennifer Baughman is the lead on Prince of Helium, Jack Norris is back for Dotar Sojat, and Matt Miller is writing most of the Jeddak of Jeddaks book. They're going to contain detailed rules for airships (Dotar Sojat), explore dueling customs (Prince of Helium), as well as going into the weirder stuff that happens in the final novels (Jeddak of Jeddaks) - "that's where all the weird stuff is," says Virginia Page, our publishing assistant who is overlooking the work. All the books will have player and narrator advice on playing and running games in each of those eras.

Speaking of weird stuff, want to see a Skeleton Man of Jupiter? Because we've also been getting a ton more artwork commissioned for the supplements and accessories.

Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man

Other Product Progress

  • Character Cards - artwork complete, ready for layout
  • Landscape Cards - artwork complete, ready for layout
  • Tile Sets - in print!
  • Thark and Zodanga dice - on the boat from China!
  • Cloth and Poster maps - in development
  • Additional Maps - in development
  • Jeddak of Jeddak's notebooks - ready
  • Other Miniatures Sets - in production...
And if you made it this far...
Sorak tax
Sorak tax

Until next time,

Sam, Modiphius

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    1. Jack Norris Collaborator

      @Vincent Sorry been deep in Dotar Sojat.

      Yes, the Narrator's Kit includes the GM Screen, and insert which includes the plot booklets, random plot and adventure generators, optional travel and and large scale conflict rules. I dare say even if you aren't the sort of GM to favor using screens we tried to make the reference material on the screen and the insert material very useful.

    2. Samuel Webb Collaborator on

      @Krzysztof I'm afraid so. We've pushed as hard as possible to get the books into print, so we can deliver pledges as soon as possible. We've been diligent in checking and formatting backer credits.

    3. Missing avatar

      Damian Bruniany on

      When the does Pledge Manager finally close?

    4. Netobvious

      Oh! My God. This is so epic!

    5. Vincent DiCello

      Does the Narrator’s Kit include the Gamemaster Screen and Plot Booklet? I didn’t see those mentioned. Does it include anything else?

      Keep doing everything as perfectly as possible, including the PDFs. I am a big fan of perfection, and those who bestow Awards on rpg products are, too. ;)

    6. Krzysztof on

      A month ago I have asked for a pdf copy of backer credits for review - without any response. Seeing as the book is now "being printed" is it to late to check our names for missing characters/typos?

    7. vsampedro on

      Hi, I'll be travelling visiting some relatives for Christmas, is there any way to delay the delivery to later in January, or change it to single wave from two? December is not the best month for me :-(