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Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom. A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
2,155 backers pledged £228,055 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update 13th July

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

Hi folks firstly my apologies for the lateness of this update. We've had some critical staff off ill over the last two weeks and this has kept me busier than hoped. I now have an assistant business manager who's freeing me up further which is a godsend. We'll be more prompt going forward. Ok we have lots to share tonight and some important information so please read carefully, production information first then lots of great previews!


Approx 250 backers haven't completed their Pledge Manager account - please could you complete it by the end of July latest - this is your last chance to edit your order,  change your pledge, add extra Add Ons. Any orders incomplete after this point will not be shipped and once completed will only be shipped after the rest of the completed orders are processed. If you have any issues please email and we'll do our best to help you. 

As a result we've had to delay sending out the Conan PDF's to those waiting on them, but will be locking completed orders next week and distributing the Conan PDF collections by the end of the week. 


I'll run down the various products to show you where we are. However firstly one main update on the core book as it has had a delay. It was in layout but towards the end we found a considerable number of errors such that I decided to delay completion and request a second heavy proof read as the original editor was no longer available. This should be complete this week and the corrections and final layout will take place next week. Backers will then receive a preview of the layout for final error reports prior to going to print. Our goal is to be ready to print after your review no later than first week of August. This will require a month of printing, which means we'll get copies back in early September.  

Swords of Mars has been approved by the ERB Estate who provided some edits, is now with the team for corrections and is making good progress in the background leading up to layout. I hope this won't be too far behind, as it's a smaller book. I will give you more details in the next update

Otherwise here's where we are with everything else: 

Jeddak of Jeddaks notebook - complete

ERB Doodat Dice bags - complete

Barsoom Edition corebook - waiting on print run of corebook (as soon as stock is ready we'll get a timeline from the artisan). 

Dice sets - samples approved, in production. 

Prince of Helium Notebook - Simple layout process to be completed once core book gone to print, will print at same time as Swords of Mars. 

Poster / Fabric Map of Barsoom - approved (poster maps and fabric map to be printed next)

Character & Token Card Decks - awaiting final art from corebook and Swords of Mars book. Will be last items to be printed. 

Gamemaster Screen - Awaiting final layout of corebook for tables. Plot book to be completed next. 

Core Book - As above layout in second proofread, corrections to be completed next week prior to backer preview then printing. 

Slip case - will go to production at same time as Swords of Mars to ensure a good fit (as any change in Swords of Mars could affect final fit of the two books inside). 

Players Guide - This requires the completed core book and is a short edit process to cut down to size. Printing takes approx 10 days for the softback and is expected to arrive on time with, or before the corebook. 

Miniatures Rules (part of Swords of Mars) - Draft approved and playtested, now with wargame editor. Proof to be sent out for backer preview during layout process. 

Swords of Mars - with editor. Approved by ERB Estate. Proof to be sent out for preview during layout process. 

Maps & Handouts - digital pack will be completed once more urgent print components are finished. 

Airships of Barsoom tile set - Completed and in approvals. Will be printed as soon as approved, and backers will receive PDF preview prior to printing.

Ruins of Korad tile set - Completed and in approvals. Will be printed as soon as approved, and backers will receive PDF preview prior to printing. 

Legacy Map of Barsoom & Travel Guide - Now the main map is approved we can start on breaking it down in to elements that can be separated as stickers. 

Miniatures - these are in tooling with the production company. We will show samples as soon as they arrive. 

Supplements - We have outlines for the three supplements but work will only start on these once the first wave has been completed. 


Now let's look at the fun stuff!

Firstly the approved Map of Barsoom that will be going in to the corebook, and large print map. It will also be broken down in to a base layer with 'stickers' for the various locations that can be applied using the exploration process with the legacy map. 

We've also got the final map of the ruins of Korad now in approvals with the ERB estate and will share that in our next update. 

We've had samples of all three dice sets in - these are in production now. Here's the Zodanga dice set:

The Helium dice set! 

 The Thark dice set!

Next the entire set of Ruins and Ship tiles were completed by master craftsman Henning Ludvigsen (who you'll know from games like Imperial Assault, Descent and Mansions of Madness). Here's a taste of what you can expect:

This is a courtyard in a ruined palace perhaps deep in the ancient city of Korad

An audience chamber is strewn with wreckage but ancient tapestries may still hide secret pathways...

A balcony overlooks a chamber, perhaps red martians once paraded past a noble, or performers cavorted around the ramps?  

 Smashed statues guard entrances leading in to the ruined palace

Note the above tile is actually half the size of the square tiles. They show up large in preview here but it's great for seeing detail.

Simple corridors connect the fascinating rooms of lost splendour throughout the palace, and can be great places to defend!

Note: small tiles show up larger, in preview here, when in fact they are half the size of the large square tiles
Note: small tiles show up larger, in preview here, when in fact they are half the size of the large square tiles

 Here's the bow of a Helium navy airship below, ready for action!

This section would be used to create a large ship, breaking up the bow and stern. This one is an obvious starting point for adventure as the heroes attempt to free themselves from the cages where they have mysteriously awoken! Or will you be boarding the ship to free your comrades?

 Here's a Zodangan Skiff ready to raid your royal airship! 

Again remember this skiff is actually half the size of the main square tiles. 

That's it for today, more to come!

Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Belinda Messenger on

      My pledge link isn't working. I'm using a yahoo account so that could be why?

    2. Paul Truman on

      Thank you for the update.

      I have long wanted THIS RPG, please feel free to get it right. I also value to labor and love that went into it, so please take care of yourselves along the way!!!

    3. Krzysztof on

      ...and I am glad the PM is still open - I have added the map to my pledge.

    4. Netobvious

      Oh, my Lord!!! These are so beautiful, I am so happy I pledged for the to tier to get all the goodies. :-)

    5. Vincent DiCello

      While I am eager to read through all of the books, I would much rather they be delayed and near perfect than filled with annoying typos and confusing descriptions. Thanks for ensuring these are a perfect as possible!

      Oh, and good luck to whomever has been so sick on the John Carter team. :)

    6. Mick Beyers on

      Ok, those all look well worth the wait! Thank you for the update!

    7. Joshua

      Looks AMAZING! Cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff!

    8. Jesse Roberge

      Yahoo Mail is black-holing backerkit emails. Not sure about pledge manager. But if you notice that a good chunk of the 250 are Yahoo email addresses, that may be what happened.

    9. Shari Armstrong on

      It all looks great!

    10. Krzysztof on

      Wow, the map looks great!