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Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom. A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Final Swords of Mars adventure unlocked! Read about the campaign!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)
Last night we broke through the £130,000 goal, unlocking the fourth instalment in the Swords of Mars campaign. Read more about the adventures below. We have now revealed additional stretch goals ahead so you can see more of what's planned.  The big reveals are the £175K goal to unlock the Dotar Sojat Adventure Guide in PDF and then £185k in print. With each print unlock we also have a nice surprise in store for those with 'all the miniatures'. 


BEASTS OF BARSOOM Once we've unlocked the three main books we'll be travelling to the wilds of Barsoom to discover some terrifying creatures - like the great White Ape, Banth, Apt, Synthetic Men, and Plant Men. 

PAYPAL. We've had a few queries about Paypal and will be adding the the popular pledges to our webstore for those who can't pledge using bank cards. I'm aiming to get this live tonight or tomorrow so bear with us and we'll send an update so you can share the links with friends. 


Here's a summary of what you can expect in the Sword of Mars book, please note all content is subject to approval by the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate. Remember when we unlock the book in print it is included for free in the Collector's Slipcase. 

A heretical sect of the Holy Therns known as the Eidolon have risen from the shadows of Barsoom to threaten the nations of the dying planet. Using ancient technologies and forbidden science, the Eidolon and their leader, Hekkador Pharen Cul, seek to destabilize and undermine Helium and other nations, replacing the leadership with their own puppets. Allied with these white-skinned devils are a coalition of Red Martian nobility, Green Martian renegades, and a cadre of bloodthirsty raiders and pathan mercenaries. Throughout this 4 part adventure epic, the heroes will discover and battle their foes across Barsoom, from the streets of cities such as Greater and Lesser Helium, to the decks of mighty airships, to the ruined wastes and dead cities of the Barsoomian wilds. 

ACT ONE: Remnants of Mars 

The heroes disrupt a kidnapping attempt of a respected but eccentric Heliumite scientist, Nalan Tir, from his remote laboratory on the borders of Helium. Known for his study of ancient Barsoomian neuroscience and medicine. Tir’s abductors seek to force the scientist into perfecting their dreaded invention—a process to turn even the most loyal and independent individual into an obedient thrall! The villains have already discovered a way to turn simple beasts and animals into mind-controlled war-beasts, with Tir’s help they could so the same to the brave citizens of Barsoom! 

ACT TWO: Traitors of Mars 

Now aware of the existence of a conspiracy to control Barsoom using perverse ancient technology, the heroes must seek to uncover the masterminds of this insidious plot and their agents even as these same forces seek to frame the heroes for crimes they did not commit! Now needing both to clear their names and reveal their foes to the world, the heroes must also decide who they can trust. Facing friend and foe alike, they will travel across Barsoom in search of the proof they need to drag their foes’ crimes into the light! During these desperate times, will the heroes find aid in the most unlikely of places—among the devious and controlling Holy Therns themselves? 

ACT THREE: Phantoms of Mars 

As the masterminds of the Eidolon conspiracy to conquer Barsoom reveal themselves and move to implement the final stages of their plot, the heroes must gather allies to oppose them and prevent the great leaders and luminaries of Helium and other nations from falling. The villains will stop at nothing to further their plans for world domination and as their agents and emerge from the shadows to strike, seeking to destroy or abduct whoever they cannot control. Only the heroes can save the nations of Barsoom from chaos and ruin! 

ACT FOUR: Cabals of Mars 

With their foes revealed and their plot to conquer Barsoom in its final stages, the heroes must stand against an army of raiders and renegades desperate to conquer the dying world even as they rush to destroy the ancient technology that gives the villains their power. From daring airship battles to grand melees in the streets of the heart of the Red Kingdoms of Barsoom, the heroes must win the day and defeat this threat to their world once and for all! In the end, the fate of Barsoom rests in their hands!

Swords of Mars Additional Content

As you can see in the Stretch Goals we'll also be unlocking the miniatures rules for using the John Carter of Mars models to recreate desperate battles, as well as the planned ship deck plans in ship to ship encounters. 

Here's a reminder of the big list of Stretch Goals that have been unlocked and those to come!

Did you miss yesterday's update? We shared the new printed paper poster map and fabric map add ons (that are also included free in some pledges). Read more here.

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