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Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A planetary romance / sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom.  A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom. A science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs
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    1. Zharden just now

      @Netobvious hopefully the game catches that?

    2. Vicster 3 days ago

      Hey folks the Facebook John Carter gaming group and the Google community one have posted two Homebrew adventures for this system. Keith Johnson was the 2018 winner of our Write an Adventure contest! Check them out in the FILES section.

    3. Shari Armstrong 3 days ago

      Do we have an ETA for the Addons? I'm trying to be careful not to spend the money I have set back for it lol.

    4. vsampedro 4 days ago

      And usually, in Pledge Manager you usually spend some extra money, I already plan to get some miniatures.

    5. Netobvious
      4 days ago

      @Zharden, in pure combat with basic weapons, the Earthborn totally dominates. ;-)

      However, within the stories of John Carter of Mars there is so much more, especially the vast cultural complexity and the many mysterious creatures on Mars, not all even discovered by the Barsoomians. The newly arrived Earthborn would also suffer ignorance of many things and command fewer allies, all things that can be used to provide richer adventures beyond just tests of might.

    6. Zharden 6 days ago

      How do you balance in character generation someone taking an earth bound character vs. martian? Seems like the earth bound would have quite an advantage?

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent Stella on March 7

      Being a miniatures gamer for decades, I will freely admit that I backed this project to play the miniatures game of JCM. That said and while being a long time fan of both ERB's JCM books and the recent movie, I'm so impressed with the quality of the entire KS components that I'm also really looking forward to getting all of the other RPG books and support items. I even pledged extra money in order to get some of the other cool items being offered. I believe a number of those that dropped out will regret it later on. Either way, I'm glad the campaign was a success and I'm happy I found out about it just in time. I only wish I could've pledged more.

    8. Netobvious
      on March 7

      Not sure why so many dropped pledges, but some backers may have been confused about whether this was a role playing game or a miniatures game. And from comments here, there was a group of backers only interested in the miniatures while others only in the role playing stretch goals.

      Fortunately, there are many more backers interested in both (like yours truly), so it is great to have achieved so much during the Kickstarter itself.

    9. Valente Francois on March 6

      Thanks for your answer.

      I'm sad that people are not reliable and we get drops all the time like that (i can remember we even had a negative day during the campaign)

    10. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on March 6

      @Valente - we'll do a post about stats once we've had a chance to analyse as we don't get a simple breakdown so only once the PM is live and we can see people's addresses can we actually analyse where everyone is from.

      @Jargogle - we had approx £5k dropped pledges, and so far about £5k of new pledges so that's evened things out, now the goal is to close that gap to the Players Guide.

    11. Vincent DiCello
      on March 5

      Then take another month to release the kraken err Pledgemanager. More Stretch Goals = more awesomeness! ;)

    12. Jargogle on March 4

      @Chris Birch: How are things looking in terms of post-KS unlocks at the moment?

    13. Valente Francois on March 3

      Can you give fulls stats now that the ks is over ? I'm wondering how many belgian ks there's ^^

    14. Stuart Bonham on March 3

      Cool, thanks!

    15. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on March 3

      @Stuart - yes it will be a bit longer for the pledge manager. We're going to give it as long as possible to allow more late pledges as once we open it we have to lock down the stretch goals and what is available.

    16. Jargogle on March 2

      @ Stuart: They said "around 4-6 weeks" in mid-February. It has only been 3 weeks.

    17. Stuart Bonham on March 1

      Have I missed the opening of the Pledge manager for the KS? I haven't had an e-mail so I assume its not ready yet?

    18. John M. Kahane on March 1

      Hullo, Benn,

      Yep, you did answer these questions for me over on the RPGnet thread that I started about them. But I'd actually posted them here first several days before the second one. However, all's good since as you say, everyone now has the answers here. :)

      Thanks again for answering the questions for me. Much obliged. :)


    19. A. DIAZ on February 28

      Never-mind, its, right?


    20. A. DIAZ on February 28


      Dear CHRIS

      Where does a Art backer send all the required info?


    21. Missing avatar

      Benn Collaborator on February 28

      Hi John, Pretty sure i answered this elsewhere but so everyone has the answers

      Hullo, folks,

      How much base damage do weapons do? 2[CD] Note that as minions are killed on a hit. Its only serious opposition that takes damage and momentum can be spent to deal more damage.

      Does a roll of 1 on the d20 give you any special benefit?
      Its almost certainly under your weakest attribute but other than that no.

      Third, Tars Tarkas Character Sheet. Under the Talents, what should the Four-Armed Whirlwind read, since it cuts off after the third line under Effect?

      Four armed whirlwind
      Effect: Trained to use his multiple arms in battle effectively. When armed and attacking with 2 or more weapons, all Icons inflict 1 extra damage.

    22. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on February 28

      @Ian yes it does

      Thanks John yes we've been away for a brief 4 day trip and back later today, Kickstarter has just transferred the funds less the dropped pledges (about £5k) so over the next week we'll do a tot up of paypal and webstore pledges to see where that gets us. We'll then promote the webstore pledges for people to join in and help unlock any final goals

    23. John M. Portley
      on February 26

      @ Ian Waller — The printed Swords of Mars book is included in the Starter Set. Mr. Birch and the Mrs. may be on a well deserved vacation, and therefore might be delayed in his official confirmation. The chart near the bottom of campaign's front page has all the elements included for each pledge level.

    24. Ian Waller on February 26

      Just to confirm.Does the starter pledge include the swords of mars campaign book in print?

    25. John M. Portley
      on February 21

      @ Curt Wiederhoeft ; @ Chris Birch — Aye, intellectual property (IP) is a tricky minefield without a map…or an all-inclusive license.

    26. Curt Wiederhoeft on February 20

      John Portley, I don't believe that the in- or out-of-copyright status is any sort of an issue, as ERB Inc. has Trademark protection on pretty much everything. Even if everyone agreed that "Chessmen of Mars" was PD, you could not just go out and publish/sell a Jetan set without licensing it.

    27. A. DIAZ on February 19


      A couple of answers

      I believe all base dmg in JC is 2 combar dice, regardless.

      A "natural 1" results in 2 successes instead of one.


    28. John M. Kahane on February 19

      Hullo, folks,

      I would have posted this in a JCoM RPG forum or in Modiphia, which isn't ready yet, so best to do so here for now...

      Well, I took a spin with the JCoM RPG rules and stuff out of the Quickstart document yesterday, and ran a quick little adventure using another adventure from the beta testing as the grounding and base. And it raised some questions...

      First off, Weapons... How much base damage do weapons do? Does a sword do the same damage as a radium pistol at the base level?

      Second, Dice Rolls. It's noted that a roll of 20 on a d20 results in a Complication. Does a roll of 1 on the d20 give you any special benefit?

      Third, Tars Tarkas Character Sheet. Under the Talents, what should the Four-Armed Whirlwind read, since it cuts off after the third line under Effect?

      Fourth, and final, Character Sheet. The character sheet provided with the Quickstart for the five characters is very clunky to read in the Attributes section. Would it be possible to do up a set of character sheets for these characters (and an alternate character sheet for the game) where the Attributes section just lists the character's Attributes, and what the Attributes are used for (the latter in larger text), perhaps in the area where the totals for the combined Attributes are now found? (Besides, one needs to exercise the players' brains by making them do basic addition, as well as comparison in terms of the lower of the two attributes.)

      Thanks for your time and attention.


    29. John M. Portley
      on February 19

      Thanks for the reply. In holding pattern until then.

      Looking forward to MODIPHIA…and the John Carter books inspiring new works of creation.

    30. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on February 19

      @John best to wait until we have finalised details - fan fiction is absolutely fine and you can do anything you like as long as it's free to download.

    31. John M. Portley
      on February 19

      Plus, I would not want you to have an angry licensor, endangering your John Carter RPG.

    32. John M. Portley
      on February 18

      I have concerns regarding fiction based on the later books. In the United States, the copyright of the first five books has definitely passed into the public domain (with the sixth and seventh books debatable), but Great Britain is different in their copyright laws. If I based my fiction on characters or races that only appear in the later books, I might be ripe for a suit from the ERB estate, hence, my question if non-RPG fiction is permitted with your license.

      Here is what Wikipedia states about the ERB Barsoom books —

      The American copyright of the seven earliest novels has expired in the United States, and they appear on a number of free e-text sites. However, because they were separately copyrighted in Great Britain, these works remain protected under the Berne Copyright Convention in the UK and throughout much of the world. The Australian copyright of the remainder, not including John Carter of Mars (1964), has also expired and they too appear online.

      I'll start thinking about a story, if I could know the parameters in which it is safe to do so [and, I am a big believer in copyright protections for others, as well as myself].

    33. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on February 17

      @Pedro you can use them with the miniatures set too

      @John - probably not at the moment but the new community hub MODIPHIA launching later this month would be a great place to post your own fiction for people to share. We may run a comp for the best piece...

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan Doolittle on February 17

      You are awesome!!!! I love this amazing project and the incredible work you are doing!!

    35. John M. Portley
      on February 16

      Hi, Mr. Birch — is there a possibility that a short story collection or novels may arise from your company, set in the world of John Carter of Mars? Is that part of your licensing with the ERB estate,? Is it something that you might be interested in doing?

    36. Missing avatar

      Liam Kelly on February 16

      Amend my vote - tokens, char gen and adventures would be cool

      @John M Kehane. Incomparable is indeed correct.

    37. RDP
      on February 15

      Tokens and the online character creator would be my choices.

    38. Vincent DiCello
      on February 15

      In case voting here matters, more Adventures (even a good set of a variety of mini adventures) would be my first choice, followed by additional source books, then a well designed online character creator.

    39. Missing avatar

      Pedro Duque Fabregas on February 15

      Are the dice sets meant to be used only for the rolepleying game or can I use them with the miniatures rules?

    40. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on February 15

      @Tim - all the stretch goals are included in one or more of the pledges, it's quite normal. So the person who pays £15 for a pdf of the core book doesn't get everything as that would be quite fair. Big boardgame kickstarter typically have 1 or 2 pledges. One with the basic game, 1 with all unlocked stretch goals. With roleplaying games we like to give more choice - some people only want the pdf's, others want all the books but no minis, others want everything. So at each of those levels people are generally getting more with each stretch goal. But if you only cough up for the core book that's what you get. The incentive of course is to join everyone else and upgrade to get the cool stuff. We ensure every pledge is amazing value.

    41. Tim Kings on February 15

      Yes ok. Thanks.

      So basically we pay for each stretch goal. In one way or another.
      Through pledge or addon.

    42. Cornelius on February 15

      @Tim - There are pledges that have the stretch goals included. The dice of which you speak for example are included in the John Carter of Virginia and other pledges.
      The pledges give you a discount instead of buying them all separately.

    43. Tim Kings on February 15


      I have a question.
      I have done a ton of Kickstarters. But this one is a weird one.
      I love Modiphius, don’t get me wrong.

      We opened up a lot of stretchgoals.

      But non of these are free stretchgoals? So unless you pay for them as an addon you won’t get them.

      Is this correct? Or am I missing something?

      For instance: noone will receive the zodanga and thark dice sets, unless they pay for them.


    44. John M. Kahane on February 14


      Well, she *is* incomparable! :)

      And she was also the first fictional love of my life! ;)


    45. Missing avatar

      Liam Kelly on February 14

      Bloody auto correct again. My apologies to Dejah Thoris.

    46. Missing avatar

      Liam Kelly on February 14

      Looks like Demand Thoris would be getting loads of Valentine cards if postal services delivered to Barsoom.

    47. John M. Kahane on February 14

      Hullo, folks,

      I just want to wish the incomparable Dejah Thoris a very Happy Valentine's Day!

      John Carter better make sure to get her the best Valentine's offering ever! :)


    48. James G Jordan on February 14


      Here, here! Happy Valentines Day, Dejah!

    49. Chris Birch, Modiphius 6-time creator on February 14

      @James well factor in Paypal once we know how much of the pledges have failed and need to be replaced to close the gap

    50. MidnightBlue
      on February 14

      I love the idea of a slip-case for the three, era sourcebooks.

      The online character generator would be 2nd place...and the tokens 3rd place.

      But I reserve the right to want "EVERYTHING" at some point.


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