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The official roleplaying game based on Corvus Belli's sci-fi skirmish  game INFINITY
The official roleplaying game based on Corvus Belli's sci-fi skirmish game INFINITY
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UNLOCKED! Nomad! Spanish Player's Guide & Bonus!

Posted by Chris Birch, Modiphius (Creator)

BOOM! That was a pretty impressive first couple of days - You guys knocked it right out of the park and into the next galaxy - seriously, £100,000! Good thing we have a lot of incredible Infinity content planned out. There's a lot in this update so get ready...

Okay so you just unleashed Nomad on the Human Sphere as a £12 Add On in print OR of course everyone at £40 and above is getting it for free in PDF! Check out what's you can expect in the book:

It wouldn't be a £100k goal without some surprises! At £100k you unlocked a Bonus of an extra 8 pages of content for the Player's Guide (more Character Options and some extra universe content not in the core book). There will be a few more like this hidden in the goals! 

Look further down and you'll see at £140k we're adding a print copy of the Player's Guide to every printed core book or collectors edition. It adds another £10 value to the RPG Core Book Print & PDF and Print & PDF Master pledges upwards. 

Spanish Bonus! Visiting Corvus Belli twice so far in the last year has left wonderful lasting impressions of the team there, and how passionate the Spanish community are in supporting them so we're pitching in as well. I know a lot of Spanish people have been asking about translations and we've been working on it...

Our first step is we're committing as a second £100k Bonus - at our cost - to translate the Player's Guide & Character Sheet in to Spanish in PDF - which will also be sent out for free as part of the £10 Infinity Player's Guide PDF pledge and above (so yes all pledges get it except the £1 pledge). This will take longer to deliver as the core book PDF content has to be ready first so we're probably looking at sometime in the Spring (let's say June to be safe). Later on we hope to add a Stretch Goal to translate the rest of the Core Book in to Spanish. So please tell your Spanish friends to join in!

That's it for today - tomorrow we're unveiling the ALL THE BOOKS Print & PDF Pledge &  Add On which is going to be massive so get ready...

Viva España!

Chris, Modiphius


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    1. Alberto Mosquera Villarino on

      ¡De las mejores actualizaciones del kickstarter hasta la fecha!
      ¿Hay posibilidades de escoger una versión impresa en Español de la Guia del jugador?
      ¿Estáis considerando la traducción del corebook al Español tambien?
      ¿Alguna pista sobre futuras traducciones? Guía del master? pantalla?

      One of the best actualizations til the date!
      Are there any posibility of choosing a spanish printed version of the Player's guide?
      Are you considering translating to spanish the corebook too?
      Any hint on future translations? GM guide, GM screen?

    2. Rafael Cerrato

      Viva! Muchas gracias Chris! :)