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A publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in our society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.
A publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in our society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.
A publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in our society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.
1,187 backers pledged $101,555 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Trevor Petersen on


      I have yet to receive the photos that were supposed to be sent to backers of the project. I was wondering when I will be getting those. Also, I contacted you a week ago on your website and have yet to hear back.



    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kinsey on

      When do you expect to ship out the photos pledged to various backers?



    3. Missing avatar

      Jared Cullen on

      Thanks for the prompt response and dedicated pursuit.

    4. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      For those of you who have filled out your Backer Reward Survey through Kickstarter and have still not received your copy of Volume One, we can’t apologize enough for the delay. We shipped out early in the month, and after much concern with the delayed units, we had another conversation with USPS on Friday. They informed us that there was an unknown delay on their end in shipping some of the units. They have confirmed there are still units out for delivery and that they are on the way, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that they are still several days outside of the max guaranteed delivery date. We are pressing them very hard for updates and answers every day, and are working toward ensuring that this issue is resolved once and for all. As we hear more from USPS, we will post any new updates.

      Thank you all so much for your patience. We are just as anxious as you are.

      - Brad

    5. Missing avatar

      Jared Cullen on

      Dear MH,
      Just curious is there is a reason that I have not received volume 1? If there is anything that I can do to expedite the process please let me know. I want to make sure the delay is not from some issue on my end.
      Thank you,

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Dever on

      I still haven't received my copy yet. I'm getting a little concerned considering how long it's been. Hopefully it comes soon so I can enjoy the hard work you put in.

    7. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Hey Michael!

      We are starting to get reports back from USPS and they still have a handful of units out for delivery. It’s completely out of our hands, but they have confirmed that they are in transit! So sorry for the delay!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Bausano on

      Hello. I have not received my issue yet. I did fill out the survey and all info is correct. I can't seem to find anywhere to contact you directly so trying this. The last update said 2-10 days delivery time and it's been past that so wanted to check in and make sure there wasn't an issue with delivery somewhere along the way with mine.

    9. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Thanks so much Charles, we really appreciate the support. Looking forward to sharing the finished product!

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles W. Parker on

      Congratulations on funding!, badass!

    11. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Hi Emily, thanks so much for your support, and for the kind words! So cool that your pursuing your passions, and that you have such enlightened views on all of this, sounds like we're on the same page for sure. Really encouraging to hear the the work we're doing is hitting the mark, and inspiring people. We certainly have big plans for the future in terms of growing this operation, and we're always looking for help down the road. Keep following the path, and thanks again for the support!

    12. Emily George on

      This project is truly an inspiration. I am a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in multimedia journalism. My ultimate aspiration is to pursue a career in outdoor journalism/magazine/editorial writing, focusing on hunting. I am a strong advocate for preserving the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. It is, perhaps, the topic that I am most passionate about. I would love to be involved with a project such as this! I can't express the excitement I had when I saw this project, understanding that it won't follow the trending form of print publications. I am looking forward to see where this goes. Thank you for your effort to preserve the most vital factors of our favorite heritage, in one of the most authentic forms of journalism.

    13. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Hi Jason, thanks for the support! Unfortunately, Kickstarter only lets you do one pledge per email address/account. Easiest thing to would be make a second pledge with a different email, but if that isn't possible, we could make a "custom reward" that combines what you want, and you could adjust to that one. For instance, if you are interested in the signed copy from Simon Roosevelt, and a consulting call, we could try to accommodate that, in the event you don't have a second email, etc.

      Just let us know what you'd like to do, or send a private message, and we can go from there.

      Thanks again for your support!

    14. Jason Tarzia on

      You can only make one pledge ???

    15. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Hi Mike, thanks again for your feedback, and great advice. We certainly had a plan to do this, but considering that it is only two of us at this moment, we really have not had much time to do this, on top of all that we've been balancing. We would love any additional help that you might be able to offer, as we're stretched a bit thin trying to make all of this happen.

      We do have a press kit setup, that has downloadable videos, photos, and some suggested ideas for posts, etc. So far, we've seen the highest success from the full video being uploaded to Facebook, as well as any inclusion of the project link in email newsletters. But we do have options for rewards targeted towards potential stockists like small shops, bookstores, coffeeshops, etc.

      Link is here if you'd like to download the materials:…

      Again, thanks so much for your help, and let us know if you have any other questions, etc.


    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Wood on

      I would create a small example packet and go door to door to every gun shop, and coffee house trying to get them to buy multiple copies packages and take an iPad and actually help them create a kickstarter account. Be do not meet prospects face to face anymore and it makes a huge difference, at least that is what I have noticed. Willing to help anyway I can already had my wife donate and some others also. Just let me know.

    17. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Hey Mike, thanks so much for the support, we really appreciate it. It's been an amazing experience so far to see all of the positive feedback. Still a ways to go, but we're pushing hard to reach the goal. Thanks again, and let us know if there any additional avenues or resources we should pursue. Cheers!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike Wood on

      Congrats on the 50% mark. We are all eagerly looking forward to a 100% finish.

    19. Modern Huntsman Creator on

      Thank you, Tony. So grateful for your voice in spreading this message. It's going to take folks like yourself who believe in this and can help to spread the word in order for us to reach (and go way beyond) our goal and take this thing to print! If you need more resources and ways to spread the word, here's a press kit we've created to make sharing a little less cumbersome. Thank you, again.

    20. Tony Bynum on

      Fantastic imagery, great theme. Love the collaboration and the focus on authentic, back to the basics of our hunting heritage! I'm looking forward to seeing this in print. Tony Bynum