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Help us record our first full-length album! Full of all original, catchy, teeth rattling rock n' roll.

Most people don't know what they want to do with their lives until later in life. With us, music set our lives in motion at a young age. Whether Stewy was beating the hell out of a four-string in the basement of an abandoned church; or James was sweating over a pen, a pad, and a guitar like a mad scientist; or Derek was banging on pots and pans as a toddler in the middle of his kitchen; or Justin playing his first guitar lick literally right out of the womb, one thing was clear: we chose our path and were eager to kick down the doors of the music industry. 

Fast forward some years later and fate would find us tumbling in this storm called the ‘Local Music Scene,’ strewn with decades of doubts and shattered dreams; yet we somehow crashed head-on into one another and exploded into a force ready to take on the world. Over the years we’ve made a name for ourselves by delivering raw sound and emotion in the form of heart resonating, teeth rattling hard rock. From day one we've been on a long, arduous search for a means to polish our work; in search for a particular sound we felt destined for. We found that sound with producer Jim Wirt.

Jim has worked with several successful acts such as Incubus, Alien Ant Farm, Hookastank, Live and even Fiona Apple. In the studio he is a machine. When we worked with him in 2010, it made a huge impact on our musical outlook and our individual playing style. What followed the four-day, three-song recording session would be our best recordings to date. Sadly, however, the album wasn't finished. Out of money, we returned to North Carolina trying to figure out a way to finish what will become our debut full-length album.

Now we’re asking you to help us realize our dream. Here's how it works: All of the money pledged will go toward the recording process (studio time, production costs, mastering).  If we’re lucky enough to gain extra support, anything leftover will be spent on promotion. Unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes into the release of an album than just recording the actual songs. Radio, internet promotion, photos, hiring a publicist, pressing CD’s...these are just a few of the financial obstacles that come into play. This is your chance to be directly involved in the music making process and reap some rewards from it as well.  Keep in mind that if we don't meet our pledge goal, you will be refunded all your money and we get nothing.

Check out The Second Time Around E.P. below and listen for yourself. This 3-song record has spawned an army of fans who have been left tapping their feet in anticipation for an upcoming release. If you dig it, pitch in what you can. Every penny helps. Our main goal is: to make an awesome rock record that actually serves its purpose in your music collection. A record you can listen to front to back; full of catchy & original songs that get stuck in your head for weeks on end. 

We know that without you, we would be no where. But with your help, and a little bit of luck, we can make this happen!

Thanks for all of your support! 



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    Digital copy of the album sent to your e-mail a week before it's released (includes album artwork, lyrics, & liner notes).

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    Hard copy CD... signed, sealed, delivered to your doorstep a week before it's released (plus digital copy + pictures + artwork)

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    T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL only) + sticker + signed CD + digital copy + artwork + pictures

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    Handwritten lyric sheet of an original song of your choice + autographed photo of the band w/ Jim + CD + digital copy + T-shirt + sticker

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    Your name listed in the liner notes of the album + 'Behind the Scenes' DVD w/ rare footage + handwritten lyric sheet + CD & digital copy of the new album + shirt + sticker + autographed gloss photo or poster (your choice)

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    Skype call from the band in the studio + personalized artwork by Stewy + guitar lesson with Justin + CD containing rare unreleased tracks + 'Behind the Scenes' DVD + your name in the liner notes + handwritten lyric sheet of an original song of your choice + copy of the new album + digital copy + artwork + t-shirt + sticker + autographed gloss photo/poster

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    We will record a cover song of your choice at our home studio + FIVE copies of the new album to distribute among your friends/family + Everything listed above

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    All rewards listed above plus we will come play a live show AT YOUR HOUSE (you must live within 200 miles) + gourmet meal (groceries on us) prepared by Stewy's wife, who happens to be a professional chef :)

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