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It's a truly multipurpose effects pedal. It puts hundreds of music pedals into just one powerful little box with unlimited connections.
It's a stomp box - every stomp box. It's a pedalboard - the one of your dreams. It's for guitarists - and every other instrument. It's for musicians - and their bands. It's the MOD Duo. The definite music effect box
It's a stomp box - every stomp box. It's a pedalboard - the one of your dreams. It's for guitarists - and every other instrument. It's for musicians - and their bands. It's the MOD Duo. The definite music effect box
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Events, 3D printed enclosure, A33 CPU and Live Iso.


Hi fellow backers

During the last weeks we did some cool things which I'd like to talk about and also keep you informed on what is going on with the MOD Duo.

On Thursday 12th we pitched the MOD at the BetaBreakfast, a weekly morning breakfast here at Betahaus in which the companies do their pitching. It was very nice and made it possible for us to contact new people and hopefully, get them engaged in our endeavor. 

Yesterday we participated at the Show, Tell & Make, promoted by , also here at Betahaus. Once again, very fun and exciting having new people getting to know our concept.

This Saturday we'll be presenting an Open Talk about the MOD at the Open Dot FabLab, from 19h to 21h, in Milan, Italy. Just like the other events, this is open to the public so, if you happen to be around and have a chance to attend, don't miss it :-)

Regarding the Duo, two major efforts are going on:


The case already has a preliminary version which was 3D printed.

3D printed enclosure
3D printed enclosure
3D printed enclosure - inside view
3D printed enclosure - inside view

The model is divided in two parts because the in-house printer is rather small. As soon as we confirm the placements of the electrical components another one will be printed outside at a professional bureau. For the moment this is enough of us.

As can be seen on the second image, the assembly of the Duo will be entirely done from the bottom, placing the displays, the controller, main board and finally the cover. Servicing (and hacking :-) the Duo shall be a breeze.

As the screws of the bottom cover will be inside the rubber feet, there will be no visible screws at all. This is something we are very happy about :-)

The Coreboard

Regarding the CoreBoard, as some people already asked, I confirm that we are sticking to the original plan and shipping the MOD Duo with the A20 CPU. 

We spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a way to make possible the shipping with the A33 but the conclusion is that with our current resources it would not be sane.

The coreboard design involves two major efforts: the hardware (designing the board itself) and the software (the OS that runs inside it). 

The catch lies on the OS software. One option is to have all driver's code done by ourselves (or hire someone to do it, which is VERY expensive) and end up with a "frozen" kernel version that works but is not into the Linux mainline code. This means that this "frozen" kernel does not participate in future upgrades (and remember Linux evolves at a fast pace). 

Another option is to participate in the existing mainline effort that is done by the community. In this case you don't set the schedule, but you have better code and support. As we have limited resources and we don't want to put the MOD Duo delivery under risk, we opted for the "safe way" of delivering with the original A20 which has all necessary code working. 

Please be sure that we did not give up on the A33, but we opted to be on the safe side and just pushed it forward. The plan is to outsource the hardware job and put our resources working on the software, together with the community, at the adequate pace. 

Last but not least, we'll soon release a new version of the Live Iso. Keep tuned at our IRC channel and mailing list. I'll post an update when it comes out but it might take a day or two so, if you want to be on the edge, stay tuned!

Hope you guys are all happy as we are. 

Best wishes to everyone

Gianfranco Ceccolini

The MOD Team

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