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Unleash your creativity with the most innovative and powerful pen tablet ever, the Mac-based 15.4-inch Retina display Modbook Pro X.
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Last 2016 Updates and a Happy New Year

Posted by Modbook Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone,

as we are taking our short year-end holiday break, we wanted to take the time to briefly check in with you and share a few last 2016 updates.

Questionnaire Results

This November, Apple introduced a revolutionary new generation of Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro systems, which we are now working to integrate with our upcoming Modbook Pro X.

Given the additional time this will take and the patience, time and effort you and we together have already spent to develop the Pro X project, we asked you, our Kickstarter Backers, if you wanted us to immediately fill your Kickstarter rewards with a limited, one time run of the Pro X based on the mid-2015 model MacBook Pro we had just finished developing, rather than focus our efforts on getting the Pro X compatible with the latest Touch Bar MacBook Pro generation and fill your Kickstarter rewards with those.

The questionnaires are in and we’d like to thank you all for your participation, feedback and overwhelming support and encouragement to continue our project to its Touch Bar-enabled conclusion.

Only 14.6% voted to fill all Pro X Kickstarter rewards with the mid-2015 based Pro X (rev C) models. We arrived at this vote count by weighting each backer’s submitted questionnaire based on her/his individual pledge amount (~ think 1 vote per dollar pledged) and limiting the count to only those backers still waiting, patiently, for their Pro X rewards.

We also looked into possibly splitting up the project and fill the rewards of the 14.6% through an even smaller production run of (mid-2015) Pro X rev C models. Unfortunately we cannot make the numbers work to support that possibility as we would need at least thrice the number of revC votes, in order to not incur significant losses.

With the questionnaire complete, we’re now focussing our energies on moving the Pro X expediently to it’s final stage, adopting the end-2016 Touch Bar-enabled MacBook Pro systems with their Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports, latest 6th Generation Intel Skylake chipsets, and their vastly improved, wide-color Retina displays.

Pledge Transfers

We have collected inquiries for both backers interested in passing on their Pro X pledges as well as backers interested in taking over a Pro X pledge and are waiting for legal to finish drafting up the respective documentation. Those of you participating can expect further direct communications in early January.

Mod-Your-Own Rewards

We haven’t worked out all the exact details, but we wanted to reaffirm that we’ll have a solution for backers that had chosen a Mod-Your-Own reward, and then went ahead and purchased a now no longer supported MacBook Pro model base system.

Even though the Pro X is technically a kit (as is the current Modbook Pro) we have not and we will not (ever) ship just the kit. Our Modbook solutions are decidedly not Do-It-Yourself (for end-users) and we’ll always include the actual transformation service with every Mod-Your-Own configuration.

This means that when the time comes, we will give our Mod-Your-Own backers three choices: 

  • you have a compatible end-2016 MacBook Pro: send it in, we’ll transform it and send it back to you as a Pro X.
  • you have an older, non-compatible MacBook Pro: send it in, we’ll credit you its fair market value, you choose which compatible end-2016 MacBook Pro base system you want to have, you pay the difference (if there is one), we’ll get the MacBook Pro, transform it and send it back to you as a Pro X.
  • you have no MacBook Pro you want to send in: you choose which compatible end-2016 MacBook Pro base system you want to have, you pay its price, we’ll get the MacBook Pro, transform it and send it back to you as a Pro X.

Kickstarter Option Pool

Our Board has approved a pool of Non-Qualified Stock Options, representing a full 5% of all Modbook shares issued and outstanding as of December 28th, 2016. These options are to be distributed based on their individual pledge amounts, amongst those Kickstarter backers eligible and wanting to receive them. Once legal is finished drafting up those documents, we’ll provide them for your review and completion.

That’s it for 2016

My team and I want to thank you all for your kind words, support, and enthusiasm expressed in your emails and direct messages, please, do keep them coming :-)

I am looking forward talking to you soon again in the new year.

Until then, we wish you all a happy new year and good luck with your new year’s resolutions.

Best regards,
Andreas and the Modbook team

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