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RADIUS Case: The Minimalist Case for iPhone's video poster

Introducing the RADIUS: the only aluminum case that showcases the iPhone 5’s design elements with its ultra minimalistic approach. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 19, 2013.

Introducing the RADIUS: the only aluminum case that showcases the iPhone 5’s design elements with its ultra minimalistic approach.

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About this project

“…a new iPhone 5 case that’s so minimalistic you’ll hardly notice it.”

"...preserve the design of the device as much as possible, I went for the most minimalist case I could find."

" simply blows our minds! It is minimal to the extreme, while looking totally cool all at the same time! It makes you wonder if Apple were thinking of designing a cool case for the iPhone 5, would it look something like this one?" -

"...the RADIUS is a bold departure from conventional bumper and snap cases..."

"...The main idea behind the case – it always lets your natural iPhone beauty shine through."

"...Typical for San Fran based start-up, the outcome is something super chic and trend."

"...You can actually appreciate the slim and sleek design of your iPhone 5"

"...bold departure from conventional bumper and snap cases"

"...we hide Apple’s hard work and determination to make a sleek device that is super thin and manageable by slapping a disgustingly ugly, atrociously large case on it. Well my friends, the guys over at mod-3 have set out to put an end to this mis-justice."

"...the Radius is quite possibly the simplest and the thinnest case that we have ever seen and is designed to apply a good amount of protection to your device, without compromising that sleek feel of it.

"...iPhone 5 Radius Case, I’m sexy and you know it"

"...unique and lightweight aluminum exoskeleton design covers very little in order to prevent any potential signal loss caused by the metal material, whilst maintaining the original design of the iPhone 5's brilliant thin construction."

“…noteworthy for their ultraminimal approach.”

"...expose the design of the iPhone 5′s hardware, while offering protection from drops to the sides of the device."

"...Heck, Apple spends millions of dollars designing them to look amazing. How do most of us respond to that? We put a bulky rubber case on it and never see the design again."

Hi Kickstarters! Thank you for stopping by! We here at mod-3 have come a very long way from the early idea to finally present it here for your support.

 We are a small group of friends who share a similar problem, finding the right case for our iPhones. While most of us have purchased the typical cases, we always feel like it’s making us miss the look and feel of the naked iPhone. We quickly found out that when we go “naked” the most common damage to our beautiful phones comes from the corner due to drops, so we set out to find a solution, and we came up with RADIUS. Based on a minimalistic approach, we know we wanted the case to match the iPhone 5: precise, simple, and beautiful. 

RADIUS: an all aluminum case with an ultra-minimalistic approach. 

The RADIUS is not a bumper case, nor it is a snap case, it is not your conventional iPhone case. The profile of the case is so slim, it barely extends beyond the sleep and the volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone. It’s very light, thin and, unlike many aluminum bumpers and cases, during our testing, we didn’t experience any signal loss. We gave a few prototypes to our teammates to use and we have a hard time gathering those back for the video shoot because they love it so much, they call it their iPhone bikini… 

The material 

The parts are carved out of solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum and weighing only 0.155 ounce (4.4 grams), while a typical aluminum bumper or case weighs 20 to 50 grams. The inside of the corners are lined with non-slip lining materials, providing grip and vibration absorption. The screws are in stainless steel and extra screws will be provided. Allen wrench included with every case. 

Parts that make the RADIUS 

The RADIUS consists of the corner modules and the X frame that holds them together. The corner modules are beveled (or chamfered as Jonathan Ive called it) much like the bezel of the iPhone 5, while raised profiles at the front of the corner modules elevate the touch screen, allowing the phone to be placed facedown on flat surfaces.

The ultra thin profile of the corner modules precisely and securely grips the thin bezel of the iPhone 5 without covering any part of the touch screen. This design allows protective film to be used on the touch screen.

Unlike other aluminum cases which adversely effect reception, the RADIUS does not impede iPhone’s cellular or wifi reception due to its design. The corner modules have been carefully tailored to avoid the antenna strips on the sides of the iPhone 5.

The X frame is designed to connect the corner modules as directly as possible and bring the connecting spokes away from the edge of the iPhone 5’s bezel. The X frame interlocks with the corner modules and secured by 4 screws. The screws are in stainless steel and are custom made due to the thinness of the back of the case.

The RADIUS is designed, engineered and prototyped in San Jose, California and our team has pledged that the RADIUS will be manufactured entirely in the USA.

Colors and finish: 

The RADIUS will come in 5 colors:

Polished aluminum 

Anodized red 

Anodized cyan

Anodized slate (dark grey)

Special Edition Kickstarter green limited to 250. Each will have a serial number (001/250) engraved on the case. This edition is exclusively offered here and to commemorate this special place that allows the RADIUS and other wonderful projects to get off the ground. 

Backers can then choose between the polished X frame (which looks awesome on the white iPhone) or the slate X frame, which looks really sleek for the black iPhone.

Left: slate X on black iPhone 5. Right: polished X on white iPhone 5
Left: slate X on black iPhone 5. Right: polished X on white iPhone 5
Left: polished X on black iPhone 5. Right: slate X on white iPhone 5
Left: polished X on black iPhone 5. Right: slate X on white iPhone 5

Black iPhone 5 Color Schemes

NOTE: Slate corner module as indicated by (  )* is now available.

Polished X + Colored Modules
Polished X + Colored Modules
Slate X + Colored Modules
Slate X + Colored Modules


The installation of the RADIUS case to an iPhone is simple: the case will be shipped with one corner module removed, slide the iPhone from one side and position the removed corner module in place and install with included Allen wrench. With the case installed, all of the iPhone 5’ buttons, speakers and ports are easily accessible. The headphone jack works with iPhone’s EarPods with no issue, the camera and flash also function unobstructed.

Your pledge and support 

We are truly thankful for the Kickstarter community, this is a special place with real opportunities for individuals and teams to see their ideas take off and bring different and out of the box products to everyone. We need your support to get the production started, with the fund; we will start tooling up with the special jigs and tools to make the parts with the precision and consistency required for production runs.

With your support at $1 or more, we sincerely thank you for supporting us, you will feel good that you have helped us reach our goal. For $5 get updates on our products and future projects and feel good helping us reach the stars. Pledge early to get the case at $49. After early bird, your pledge of $59 will get the RADIUS in any color of your choice, at 14% off the retail. Kickstarter Green Limited Edition is limited to 250 pieces for backers pledging $69 and it will come with a thank you note signed by all of the team members. All pledges for the case have free shipping in the US.

The RADIUS will retail at the market for $69. 

The prototype 

We made a few prototypes and went through different adjustments and profiles on each of the parts. The final prototype works and works beautifully, this is as close to the production as it gets. We are very pleased and thankful for the expertise of the machine shop that we found. The prototype will carry smoothly into production, however, due to the small size of the parts, special tools and jigs need to be set up for the mass production.


We are eager to support local businesses and the growing small manufacturers. So RADIUS will be manufactured entirely in the USA from beginning to the end. Using a local manufacturer also makes quality control much easier, and helps on the logistics of shipping; this reduces the overall footprint of the RADIUS. We have the manufacturer lined-up and ready, once we reach the pledge goal, we will work with them to begin tooling up and begin production. The delivery of your RADIUS case will be in March.

We would love to make this a reality, so please pledge for one or more RADIUS case. Get one for your loved ones, for your best friend, for your brothers or sisters! And help us tell your family and friends, pass the word about the project and share with them.

Special thanks 

We would like to thank all of our backers, who really share our passion and enthusiasm for the project. For joining the story and believing in the idea behind this unique product. They mean so much to us and we are driven to deliver the best experience we can do with our small team. THANK YOU.

Risks and challenges

The challenge is to maintain and improve in production the original form and quality intended in the design. While the prototype has shown us that the case works extremely well, however the production process for the production run requires a different process and much higher speed and efficiency.

We have discussed this extensively since the very beginning of the design with the manufacturer which is also the company that made the prototypes. Both them and the mod-3 team have the expertise, resource and combined experience to produce the case with very high-level of quality control. Steps and procedures will be in place in order to achieve the quality standard we set.

Another challenge is to keep the cost down. This case is very intricate and demands very high level of machining and care at every step: from carving, to finishing and applying the inner non-slip lining. The prototyping gave us a very thorough understanding of the places we need to have streamline the process and produce the case at our target cost.

Hendra, the principal designer at mod-3 team has over 10 years of experience in construction and manufacturing. In his current position as Product Development Manager, he saw and overcome many production issues ranging from inconsistent quality, changes in the supply chain, and shortage in materials. We understand those challenges and our advantage is the know-how our team and the manufacturer have in ensuring the initial pre-work is done and allowing TIME to address any issues that may come up. Our goal is to get the case in production and finish for delivery EARLY to give ourselves time to fix any issues.

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  • YES. If you would like to pledge multiple rewards, calculate the overall cost of the rewards you'd like to pledge and enter your pledge to match.

    For example, if you want a polished aluminum ($59) and a red ($59) then enter a total pledge of $118. Add additional $15 to ship outside the US up to 3 cases.

    If you would like a Limited Edition Kickstarter Green we can only offer one per backer but you can add as many of the polished aluminum, red or cyan cases as you like.

    We will send you a survey at the end of the campaign to confirm all of your choices.

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  • At this time The RADIUS is designed for iPhone 5, we will consider it if there's enough interest after we reached our goal.

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  • Once we reached our initial goal, we will set a new stretch goal and we will offer other colors including a slate corner modules to go with the slate X frame, and other colors that our backers can vote on!

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  • Yes. We offer two X frame colors: polished and slate(matte dark grey). The polished goes really well with the white iPhone while the slate X frame looks sleek with the black iPhone. But you can choose whatever color X frame that you prefer. Then choose any color modules you like: red, cyan, polished or the Limited Edition Kickstarter green.

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