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Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
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977 backers pledged $56,114 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update - 129 cases shipped, 210 next week

Posted by mod-3 (Creator)

We shipped 129 cases last month, mostly are domestic backers. The rest will ship next week. International shipping is being handled by mailing service and those will go out next week.

200+ KS units

 The rest of KS' 90 units plus extras

New box, easier to process. Old box uses small stickers that won't stick properly. Old box with direct printing now cost 3$ (!!!!!!) and new box without printing only 1$, stickers are 90$ for 500 labels.

Thank you backers and I am sorry for the anger, frustration. As I said, we will deliver EVERY case. Some of you that lives nearby can make an appointment to pick up your case if you have not received it. You can see our very small and efficient working environment and meet me in person. I will personally apologize to you for the amount of energy and time I make you guys spend.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob L on

      Another month, no case, and no update. Hendra, why can't you communicate with your backers? How hard is it to post an update?

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniele Ghiro on

      Still no case!!! I want a refund

    3. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I want a refund also

    4. Missing avatar

      Phillip van Rijn on

      Still no case.. Can I have a refund?

    5. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      Man up!!!! Inform us!!
      Still no case.

    6. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      Comical and pathetic, but my personal behavior of checking this website is worse. Mod-3 and Kickstarter should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this project to continue. I understand there were risks involved, but the lying is my problem. Mod-3, step up, admit you fucked up and can't produce the product you promised, I then can at least move on, instead you continue to post bullshit updates that keep people thinking you are going to deliver. ABSOLUTE JOKE

    7. Missing avatar

      Michelle Lye Pooi Kuan on

      It's a pity that you guys didn't get things done as planned as I think the design is really nice thus my backing the project. But I've waited long enough already... Can I please get a refund.

    8. Tony Chung on

      It has been over a year since I ordered this. I tried to wait patiently but enough is enough. I would like to get a refund.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Meijer on

      Did you guys stap mine on a pigeon???! Still havent recieved it... Cant believe this! And actually kind of given up... Sad!!!

    11. Allen on

      I have yet to receive mine yet which is very disappointing. It's like out of sight, out of mind and I nearly forgotten about this until looking through my list.

    12. Jae Park on

      If its any consolation to those who are still waiting for their case, I just recently got my case. Its pretty nice. Hoping these guys can get over this severe bump and produce these cases for future iPhones without Kickstarter help, but I'm thinking they suffered some severe public image damage in this fiasco.

    13. Missing avatar

      Li Ting on

      Never got my case,, when will it ship??

    14. Upsilon7 on

      Shipped or not?? Say something!

    15. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      Any ideas how long Pony Express delivery takes? It's been 10 days so far, an no smoke signals to indicate my case will be here soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      allen on

      Got my case finally but there was no tool to screw the screws THIS sucks!!!!

    17. Themasck on

      Hello I still have not received my radius case
      when I received?

    18. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      Still no case for me

    19. Andrew Wulf on

      So i just got my case in today, and it refuses to screw on. Can i please return it for a refund? This is by far a disaster of a product.

    20. Corey Howard on

      Never got the case on. Scratched the right side trying. The screws won't line up. So sad!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      Yea I FINALLY got my case yesterday. However, agreed, it is a huge disappointment. Corner pieces are somewhat sharp and NOT padded/ lined (as others have pointed out), so it definitely scratches up the phone. Also, it definitely feels cheap in general, which I guess can be attributed that the project was so poorly managed leading to rushed manufacturing/ bad quality control. Oh well, on the bright side(???), at least I finally received the case... although, after it scratched up my phone, I immediately tossed it in my junk drawer.

    23. Missing avatar

      allen on

      Still waiting huge scam

    24. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Going to my collection of scrap cases....

    25. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      3rd: flash will have slight red faint when taking pictures on 5s

    26. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      2nd: it WILL scratch your corner
      So please do be tempted to put it on if you value your iphone

    27. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      1st: it does not feel like a premium quality product which is what I expected for such a huge delay.

    28. John J Maver on

      Oh no :( it doesn't work with the 5s flash. Turns it all red. Oh well, I am glad I got it and too bad it didn't work out.

    29. John J Maver on

      I got mine today :)

      I really like it. Dropped a screw, thanks for the extras!

    30. Corey Howard on

      So I got my case today. I've tried for 30 mins to install the case. Still haven't gotten the case on. It appears the screws don't line up. I've also scratched the phone on the corner. What a joke!

    31. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Can you at least update when you have actually shipped the remaining 210 which is weird because nobody has confirmed that they've received their case. Also everyone that is complaining still hasn't received their case. Have they actually been shipped? Well she shall find out or maybe there will probably be a problem with the bubble wrap...

    32. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      Well, the last update said the "rest" will go out this week. I did not get mine, so I guess they could have shipped it today, and all domestic backers should have our cases in our hands next week. Should not take any more than 6 days.

    33. Vincent Minucci on

      So disappointing. I don't want this thing any more. Terrible.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nic on

      Thanks for the feedback, don't worry about the negative comments, I'm happy you're not giving up. Take care.

    35. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Neil stop being a kiss ass, I understand what I got involved in here but they lied about not keeping us in the dark with updates. Didn't they say that they would ship in 2 weeks like 7 weeks ago? It's just a web of lies, we all have a reason to be negative about everything I mean that is what kickstarter is Isn't it? You get positive and negative feedback. So stop kissing their ass....

    36. Neil Parker on

      RADIUS Team,
      Thanks for the most recent update! I'd like to thank you for all the continued updates as well as for the transparency you've provided the backers. I for one, understand what Kickstarter is and isn't. I like to think that the rest of the backers who are complaining so much realize and understand what they got involved with when they backed a project like this.

      This isn't Best Buy or Amazon. This is a place to come and get involved with a project that you'd like to see in those stores one day and you are helping to get it there. RADIUS was a pretty big undertaking and we've all seen the issues that arise and relationships that have been tested through this process. Thank you for sharing all of that and not holding back.

      I could go on and on but realize that the majority of the comments are going to be negative. I'd like to be a positive voice in the sea of folks that don't get it.

      Thank you again RADIUS Team. I look forward to seeing what you have for me when I get my case.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Campos

      Cmon start refunding everyone... I don't even own an Iphone anymore... And no one will pay me 40 $ for that crappy case...

    38. Matt Parks on

      It's amazing how simple it was to inform us of the millionth delay. You must have been too busy putting on labels.

    39. Luis Vasquez on

      It's been so long that I now have the GOLD 5S. Non of the colors you have match with my phone including the matte black one I got. I would even feel bad reselling this because of the poor build quality we've grown to learn about.

    40. Chnuebli on

      I did move since I ordered my case. Where can I put my new address?

    41. Missing avatar

      Joelbowl on

      I was wondering if I could change the color of the case I ordered

    42. Cole on

      No, I asked for a refund a long time ago. I really do not want the case anymore and want my money back. If kickstarter isn't able to revoke my backing, I'll have my bank reverse the payment. This is very unprofessional.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jorge Armando Toro Aguilar on

      Hey guys I'd like to know what's the status of my order, you're supposed to send my case all the way to Bolivia

    44. Missing avatar

      William Bryce on

      I want a refund... No longer have the stupid phone... Ill refuse the package and seeing that Amazon will not refund the money, Im working with my CC company to do a charge back.

      The worst KickStarter that I have ever done.

    45. Damian Liles on


      Can you please confirm I am still on the list to get an all slate case?

    46. Missing avatar

      Angela Heydorn on

      Yeah. I don't believe it. I remember the update we received two months ago that said they were all done and being shipped. This is so disappointing and I will never back anyone on Kickstarter again after this.