RADIUS Case: The Minimalist Case for iPhone

by mod-3

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    1. Paul Marcovici on

      How can we get a refund? I feel scammed :-(

    2. Allen on

      No case yet and no update.

    3. Missing avatar

      M.B. de Bruine on

      Still no case. You should be ashamed!!!!!

    4. Farhaz Hofman on

      No case here either... This is really getting ridiculous...
      Please supply some information except that everything has been shipped... But has everything really been shipped?
      If there is no reaction the coming week, I'll start to get my money back via AMEX.

      It's funny the comment sections says: "Be respectful and considerate." ... I guess this doesn't apply to projectstarters...

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      Scott Egan on

      Do we contact Kickstart or Visa to get money back??

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      TJ Osman on

      One year from ordering, a month from "shipping", and still no case. I am a teacher and was so stoked about this case, that last year I went into our CAD class and showed the Kickstarter webpage, Radius video and inspired the class to do their own minimalist cases with CAD and 3-D printer. They finished their projects in 3 weeks (high school kids, January 2013). Sad to say I went into the new CAD class today to inform teacher and class about the Kickstarter/Radius case ripoff. I will continue to campaign the avoidance of Kickstarter and for sure Radius case, until I get a refund or case. The word will spread, high school kids and their social media skills are awesome!!!!!!

    7. Amaury Blanc on


      we are in november, I can't understand why I don't receive my case (about a
      year from now). At this point I just want my money back.

      can you ask mod3 to take responsibility for their actions. They don't
      answer to my message

      thank you for answering this mail asap


    8. Marc J Cardinal on

      So many people backed this and don't even deserve a response to their messages? These people are going to single-handedly stop other kickstarter projects from getting funds based on this bad experience. I have sent messages and emails and not even so much as an acknowledgement. Shame on you. WHERE IS MY CASE? You have my $75 bucks.

    9. Chnuebli on

      2014. Europe. Switzerland. No case yet.

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      Gareth Jones on

      Still no case. Awful.

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      Parm Sondh on

      Still no case and no response to email....talk about horrible customer service...feels like the whole thing is a scam....If i'm not getting my case, I want my money back...Going to file a complaint with BBB.

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      Mathieu Meijer on

      No case still!! You guys are horrible!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Meijer on

      And even worse! Due to this.. I will NEVER back any project on this site again!! Over and done!!

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      M.B. de Bruine on

      What a disappointment. Will never do this again. You guys should be deeply ashamed!!!

    15. Leon Li on

      Perth Australia, where is my case???

    16. Craig Caldwell on

      WHERE'S MY CASE...unbelievable...at least have the decency to tell us you can't supply instead of making empty promises.

    17. Tony Chung on

      Arizona, nothing yet

    18. Juan Manuel Liñares Martinez on

      2 months since last update and nothing has arrived!

    19. Javier Palomino Laguna on

      RIPOFF. No news and no case since november!!
      Where is our money? Where did you spend it? I hope this failed project follows your career forever and you never get a chance to cheat on other people again.

    20. Allen on

      Melbourne, Australia.....and nothing yet.

    21. Peter Koshelev on

      Not even waiting for it anymore....Already got 3 cases during this period instead and dropped phone twice ... Perfect scam lads

    22. Upsilon7 on

      South Korea. Nothing received.

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      Zaim Fuzi on

      malaysia.. still nothing..

    24. Vinay Bikkina on

      Oregon, still no case. Would like refund please.

    25. Missing avatar

      Deryk on

      Still waiting here in Jaoan. Will the case arrive before I upgrade my phone?

    26. Osamu Kouketsu on

      Are not delivered, What should I do? Japan

    27. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      Still no case. UK.

    28. Jim Hidlay on

      Effing liars - I paid you liars over a year ago! Refund!!!!!

    29. Craig Caldwell on

      Please let us know your when you start your next project so we can back it. I love being robbed and lied too!! Shame on you. Karma will get you.

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      alejandro soto on

      argentina. I bought this case when I had an iPhone 5. Now I have an iPhone 5s (more than a year later) and now I am afraid that if it ever ships it will be no good because I will already hace an iPhone 6 with a different form factor
      Is there no authority on Kickstarter to check on these people? last update was in Nov 2013, three months ago!! don't we deserve to be updated on the project? is there any project still on track?

    31. Missing avatar

      Andy van den Berk on

      Thiefs !!!! That's all that you guys are.

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      Jordi Böhme on

      I still haven't received my case (International backer, germany)

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      Gareth Jones on

      They have run away because things didn't goto plan. Shocking. Don't deserve to succeed in business with that attitude.
      If other backers would like to email me, I can put a list together of backers who have not received their case. I can then contact kickstarter, hopefully they will take notice.

    34. Missing avatar

      Phillip van Rijn on

      Still didn't receive the case..

    35. Philip Boumansour on

      No case here... Canada

    36. Azan Tengku on

      What's happening hendra? I've not received mine yet. And the last update was in November? Have you guys gone bellyup? Not cool man.

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      Deryk on

      Very interesting to see Radius cases for sale online but I, an early KS backer, have yet to receive mine. Please let us know what this is all about. http://www.casemotions.com/iphone/iphone-5-5s/mod-3-radius-iphone5-polished.html

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      Tug on

      Same as Deryk below I also saw this case for sale on casemotions.com yet I too have received a case as a backer.

      I'm aware that there backing a kickstarter is not a binding sale of a product, but to see this for sale a year later comes off as disrespectful.

    39. Jai Nelson on

      Has anyone thought to warn casemotions? They're running a risk by offering this product, they should be aware that they may never be able to fulfil their customers requests.

    40. Themasck on

      why I have not received my product when you sell the

    41. Allen on

      KS Support has requested backers to share our experience by filling up the Project Feedback Form.

    42. Tony Chung on



    43. Tony Chung on

      Hey guys! I got my money back! Contact your bank! I contacted my bank (Chase),explained my situation and they were able to get my money back! My Kickstarter transaction was on 1/22/2013 so go search your bank statements and email your banks! I attached a link to this comment section as proof that people are not getting their promised products.

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      M.B. de Bruine on

      Still no case. Also kickstarter should be ashamed by supporting these theves. Never again!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      M.B. de Bruine on

      Still no case. Also kickstarter should be ashamed by supporting these theves. Never again!!!

    46. Themasck on

      et maintenant il fait l'iphone 6 et j'attend toujour pour mon iphone 5

    47. Juan Manuel Liñares Martinez on

      I have an iPhone 6 now and still no news of my iPhone 5 case.
      Report to Kickstarter!

    48. Naga Natio on

      AMAZING !!!!! i got my Radius..... its amazing !!! finally !!!!!! ONE FUCKING DAY AFTER I SOLD MY IPHONE 5 and gotten a new iPhone 6+ ......

      CRAP !!!!!