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Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
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RADIUS cases are done.

Posted by mod-3 (Creator)

Done manufacturing, polished, anodizing and assembly that is. The cases are tested and we are shipping them. We took a few days to inspect and process each of the cases to pass a Quality Assurance tests to ensure a better RADIUS.

I know so many of you have given up on us, I don't blame you. As I told one of the backers who e-mailed me with a (deservedly) angry and pissed off letter, I said: We should have not been so confident and pointed our fingers at other KS projects who were delayed. When we started the project, we went through many projects and heard about the long delays for the funded projects.

"What a mess" we thought, and we said to ourselves, we would never be like those projects, we will deliver ON TIME.

And look at us know. 

RADIUS cases, before testing. Each case is tested using a specialized jig below.

 All polished, prepped and ready to be tested and assembled.

 A special jig/mold is made to test every single RADIUS case.

All I can say is, thank you. We are humbled by this entire ordeal and we are have ran out of words to express our apologies. That's why now, I only want to deliver.

I am still full of enthusiasm and gratefulness for your support. Look at how far your funds and support have taken this project. We are going to make the RADIUS case an amazing and unique product for the consumers. It will be the case to look for (when it's in stock or when Hendra got his act together! HA!)

On a side note, we got the address changes and please rest assured if you recently moved, if you send us an e-mail with the new address, we will note that.

Thank you all, we will update again when we have the envelopes stuffed, should be in a few days. I am going back to fold the carton boxes and get everything ready to ship this weekend.


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    1. Brille on

      Never received my case. What can I do now ? I'm not anymore confident in any kick starter project...

    2. Philippe Walliser on

      Has anyone tried to contact visa? Did it work out?
      I still think we should spam this motherfucker on facebook!

    3. Ernest-Ian Nunez on

      Keep my money you bum ass designer with a faulty ass product. If i ever hear the name Hendra in person im going to fuck them up. You fucked with the wrong one. Bring your bitch ass down to SD.

    4. Juan Manuel Liñares Martinez on

      So that happened: lost my iPhone 5, bought a new iPhone 5S… and still NO FUCKING CASE!

    5. Tony Chung on

      Did anyone get their case yet? Still have't received mine even after 8 months delay.

    6. Javier Palomino Laguna on

      Has anyone actually received the case?! This is ridiculous. What a rip-off.

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Egan on

      Is the best way to go through visa to get your money back?

    8. Missing avatar

      William Bryce on

      Still no Case!! Ripped off...
      How do I get a refund from this scammer?

    9. Marc J Cardinal on

      Time to contact Visa and ask them to reverse the charge for services not rendered.

    10. Philippe Walliser on

      Lets spam him on Facebook!
      By the way the anounced on twitter that there will be a 5s version... This is ridiculous!
      Spam him on Facebook!

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniele Ghiro on

      Never received my case!!!

    12. Felipe Roquete on

      Patological liar...

    13. Missing avatar

      Zach Stanard on

      When can I expect my case? An update would be greatly appreciated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Wai Chan on

      I have received the message but I'm still waiting for the case. How long would it take for shipping?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ronald Klein on

      How many other people received this message from Hendra?

      We will be shipping in the next few days. We just received our cases back from the manufacturer today! Thank you for your support!"

      I got the message on October 11th, and still no case?

    16. Missing avatar

      charles gould on

      San-San Yang is the young lady pictured in the Mod-3 info box. I messaged her a request to update this site on Facebook. I suggest anyone on FB do the same.

    17. Mark on

      Hi I sent Kickstarter about all of our concerns.
      No response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Obvious they are in it for the $$$.

    18. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      BTW there should be an update in a few days if I'm not mistaken, I've notice a small trend just letting everyone know. I wanna know what they'll say this time because they've ran out of BS to feed us....

    19. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Can someone pay this guy a visit at his house. I mean his info is public online, if someone lives close by please idk just pay them a visit see what's up.

    20. Jae Park on

      Still haven't gotten anything. Geez.

    21. Missing avatar

      FiJ on

      $50 for iPhone protection of my dreams... I might as well have flushed my $50 down the toilet.

    22. Missing avatar

      allen on

      Still waiting......

    23. Missing avatar

      Phillip van Rijn on

      When can I receive my case?

    24. Philippe Walliser on

      Legal action! You are a shame for Kickstarter! And everyone pledged! i think we should do more then just complain on this wall! We should make it public! So if one googles his name he can clearly see how useless he is!
      By the way the few who received the case said its rubbish since it dameges and scratches the phone!

    25. Missing avatar

      M.B. de Bruine on

      Are they sent by pigeonpost? When will we receive them? Or aren't they sent yet? An update please!!!!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I was reading the update again

      ""What a mess" we thought, and we said to ourselves, we would never be like those projects, we will deliver ON TIME."

      I LOLed pretty hard at that!

    27. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I don't even think those envelopes have been stuffed yet, I don't even believe those pictures on the last update are from 3 weeks ago I think those are old pictures...

    28. Michael Lints on

      I seriously thought I was the only one but it seems there a lot of people waiting on their case. I really lost confidence in this project. Been waiting since March! That's way too long. Didn't get any response on my emails and have no idea when or even if I'll receive a case!

    29. Bradley Davidson on

      Taking a long time to stuff those envelopes.

    30. Upsilon7 on

      And another 3 weeks are gone.

    31. Serkan Bozkurt on

      277 days and still no case..
      I hope that the iphone 6 will be compatible with the RADIUS case.

    32. David Kight on

      So, is there an explanation of what is going in?

    33. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      We don't want to hear another BS story that your supplier so and so had issues and you had to change blah blah blah. I am getting tired of it as many other people are, I still can't believe that even AFTER you acknowledge that you don't communicate well with your backers you STILL keep doing it. What is your problem?!

    34. Missing avatar

      Ben Wilking on

      Yeah, the lies here are getting pretty sickening. "Shipping within a few days" 3 weeks ago. Still taking orders and "in stock" on your website though! Disgusting.

    35. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      WHERE'S MY DAMN CASE!?!?!?

    36. Upsilon7 on

      Done and what? I still don't have it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mike G on

      Envelopes stuffed yet? Been a few days, well, over a week ago now. Doubt anyone got their rewards, but hooray for those that preordered on your site. Good for them.

    38. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Is there a way to file a suit with the BBB as they do have a website up taking orders for this stuff. So it's not just with KickStarter. I'm really sorry but your lies are starting to reveal, you stated that you would ship almost 2 weeks ago. This is sad...

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. Missing avatar

      Summer Leeper on

      I've asked a few times for replacement top corners and screws (as mine were part of the first batch with defective screws that became stuck and broke upon first time installation), but have yet to receive a response. I'd really like to use this case for a bit before I get a different phone...could I please have the replacements?

    41. Missing avatar

      charles gould on

      Has ANYONE received a case since this last update, anyone that was a "Early Bird" backer?
      I certainly dont expect to get anything at this point, but am curious as to just how full of shit Hendra is.

    42. Paul Marcovici on

      How can I get a refund?

    43. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Are you guys using Chinese Postal Service (no offense) because you shipped two weekends ago and still have nothing....
      He we go again...

    44. David Kight on

      Can someone let me know if mine will ever arrive?

    45. Mark on

      I sent back my Green Radius to get fixed.
      I should of taken advice that someone posted that his case was scratching his iPhone.
      Well I followed all directions. I never put the phone it my pants pocket. Then the bottom left pop off and I popped it back on. Same as the top left. Well I was going to start over. To my surprise my edges were scratched and I paid $800.00 early upgrade last 11/12.
      I have the 5s and I cannot get it in green. I should of stayed with my Draco Case red and silver 2 screws no problems!!! Mine is 75 out of 250 green. I will take a hit on the sale of the iPhone 5 and give them my Radius and my Draco. Because you can buy a 5c at the WMart for $45.00 2 year contract.

    46. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Actually I was going to suggest and we should have this done due to the fact that we've waited so long.
      We should get a modified corner piece to those who want and NEED it because of a iPhone 5s upgrade...
      It seems fair and reasonable on your part don't it?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jourdan on

      I don't want this outdated case which fits a product that is not sold anymore. My iPhone 5s will arrive next week!!!!!!!
      Either return MY MONEY BACK or MODIFY YOUR DESIGN to accommodate the new flash.

    48. Nick Blaze on

      For those of us that were in the shipments from the first supplier that were sent garbage screws that broke immediately even when gingerly screwed in...... When should we
      Expect our replacements? I've emailed several times over the last

    49. Frisella on

      Please confirm also my shippment.
      Thank you

    50. Paul Marcovici on

      Could you please confirm that I am still on the list to receive the case? Any ETA?