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Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
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Manufacturer #2 In the House - Two is Better than One

Posted by mod-3 (Creator)
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Hi Backers,

We did a final count and there are approximately 300 backers who have not received their rewards. Your reward will be ready in 2-3 weeks, I hope sooner.

We have a second manufacturer, BOTH are cranking out parts for RADIUS. So please take it easy and see that we are doing all that we can. With the very limited resources we have as a 1-2 person team, and literally no additional help whatsoever. When you receive the package, it's my handwriting and it was yours truly who walked them over to post office, fold the boxes, search for the manufacturers, order the materials etc.

The 300 or so envelopes are right outside my home office so I pass them everyday I go home from visiting the manufacturers, as the creator of RADIUS and founder of this new start-up with so much potential, it PAINS ME to not finish my delivery to my backers, believe me.

As you see, we are committed to delivering the 300 or so units and it took those two manufacturers time to get started. The initial meeting always promised us 2-3 weeks lead-time/delivery, but with the back and forth, sample approval, and other usual necessary time to review and go through the process, add another few weeks.


Below are pics from the second manufacturer, excellent quality. Corners:

X frames:

One more process and these modules A & B are ready to be de-burred and polished.

Two manufacturers, both in full swing making parts. As I mentioned above, conservative estimate is 2-3 weeks, I hope to deliver sooner, in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you backers, please leave the stress to me, enjoy your day and your reward WILL be delivered.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Yohei Kato on

      I send couple emails to them on shipment status but no respond.

    2. Missing avatar

      allen on

      Still have not received my package.

    3. Upsilon7 on

      Wow. this project really made me feel like a sucker.

    4. Frisella on

      Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Its a shame that a Company like yours is still doing some business........

    5. Missing avatar

      Rory Long on

      I've done the same as TJ and got more or less the same answer. Let's hope they take some notice and actually do something, for a change.

    6. Paul Marcovici on

      Do you guys still hold any hope we will ever receive anything?

    7. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      I contacted Kickstarter and got the response below, maybe if the are inundated with pissed off customers something can be done

      Kickstarter Support, Sep 27 13:25 (EDT):
      Hi TJ,

      Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about this.

      When projects launch on Kickstarter they’re often in the early stages of development. Before the backer rewards can be fulfilled, the project itself must first be completed. It’s not uncommon for things to take longer than planned, but creators are expected to keep backers in the loop along the way.

      That said, I took a look and see that it has been a short while since the creator posted an update. We reached out to them and asked them to post an update and reply to their backers' messages. While we certainly encourage creators like this to stay in touch, we have no way of forcing them to do so.

      I've also passed this project along to our moderation team for review. We've made a note and the status of this project would be taken into consideration should the project creator submit another project.

      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and member of the Kickstarter community. We hope your issue is resolved soon.


    8. Missing avatar

      jeff kaplan on

      Any updates? would appreciate a response

    9. David Kight on

      Still not received.

    10. Missing avatar

      Phillip van Rijn on

      Are there any updates? When will i receive my reward?

    11. Craig Caldwell on

      Hurry up...Please. Three weeks have come and gone ....

    12. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      It's been 3 weeks.....

    13. Noboru Kitamura on

      New iPhone5s was released in Japan at the end of last week. But, my goods not yet received. But it is not that we still do not receive iPhone6 ​​even been released surely?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      Still not received. Getting angry.

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      HURRY UP!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      M.B. de Bruine on

      Mine hasnt been delivered yet. Can you please inform me when it will be delivered!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Ming Wu on

      Has anybody received their award since this update was posted? I wonder if small claims court might be the necessary path here.

    18. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Update us!
      We need to know what the status is!
      Seriously I don't want to go another 40+ days without knowing what's going on!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Zaim Fuzi on

      you guys are use lesss

    21. Missing avatar

      jake hansen on

      Just want to verify I'm still on the "to be delivered" list as well. I've e-mailed several times and posted here re: my change of address. To date, no e-mail to confirm that you've gotten my message. Would appreciate a response.

    22. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I don't think we ever will

    23. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      Am I on the list?? Haven't received anything from you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Harru on

      Just for my clarification, last update was sent on sept 4th. 3 weeks (max) would mean I should have my case before end of September. Please confirm my math is correct.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Biter on

      When can I expect mine?

    26. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      JOKE, I'm tire of checking the mail, and I'm tired of checking back on this site. Next update will be in three weeks stating, "we have a new manufacturer and they are working hard, there are 200 some backers that I will personally be sending out cases within the next few weeks"

    27. Missing avatar

      Rory Long on

      Hi, could you please check that I'm on the "not delivered yet" list please? Also, do you know if the case will work with the 5S? Same overall dimensions but dual LED is different to the 5. Thanks

    28. Upsilon7 on

      Okay, you guys are my officially most delayed kickstarter project leaders...
      But your frequent updates helps me prevent to turn to angry hulk :)
      Well, my last wish is using radious case with my ip5, before 5s launch.

    29. Chnuebli on

      iPhone 5S is coming out soon and I didn't get my case yet. Is there ANY chance you will deliver them to Switzerland (for U.S. people: Switzerland is NOT Sweden) any soon?
      Greetings, Simone

    30. Missing avatar

      Roelof Iball on

      Hendra & team
      As per many peoples' comments, please confirm I'm on the final delivery list; expecting LE with slate X. Thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      You're making my head hurt with how much sense you just made Ernest!

    32. Ernest-Ian Nunez on

      Why dont you guys just post the names of who's on the list? Oh wait that makes too much sense -____-

    33. Missing avatar

      Rob L on

      Can you please confirm that I'm on the list of backers that has not received their case yet? Thanks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      This is the response I finally received regarding my many refund requests... In case people were hoping for refunds, I wouldn't hold you're breath.

      "we now have two manufacturers in full swing, they are making parts as seen on the photos and can't offer any refund. Your reward will be delivered, thank you and I am very sorry for the delay.


    35. Missing avatar

      Scott Egan on

      Well my old case just broke, hopefully this ships soon. Been 9 months now

    36. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      Still waiting for my green case - not delivered yet
      Joseph Eyraud

    37. Missing avatar

      Matt Dillon on

      i say that because i'm one of the original 500 and still nothing and not a single response to any messages.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Dillon on

      500 original early bird backers, yet you still have 300 to ship? how do i get on the refund list?

    39. Missing avatar

      Nic on

      You should normally find me on your "Not delivered yet" list. Thanks for the updates, looking forward to receiving the case soon. Best.

    40. Missing avatar

      Shelley on

      I would also like you to check on my case, I have yet to receive. RED

    41. Matt Parks on

      Can you please check mine as well?

    42. Anthony DeFeo on

      Want to make sure I'm on the not delivered list too. All Slate!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ross on

      Can you confirm that I am still on the to be sent list - early bird, all slate. Thanks

    44. Amaury Blanc on

      Hi, I am one of your early backer and don't have receive anything. Can you tell me if I am on the list?


    45. Mario Juarez on

      Hendra, are you shipping international as well? I'm in Mexico, should I also expect mine in 2-3 weeks?

    46. Themasck on

      hello is that I'm on the waiting list, thank you

    47. mod-3 2-time creator on

      Hi Ross,

      You are also on my "To be delivered" list, very sorry.