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Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
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Resuming Shipping - Ending Bad Relationship & Forging New Ones

Posted by mod-3 (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Short version: We are shipping, we shipped 100 two days ago and will ship another 100 Monday, and continue with 100 units every other day.

Long version: Since the last update, things were in a bit of limbo. As I mentioned, we terminated our order with the Santa Clara manufacturer and needed to sort out how to finish the remaining order with them while fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards.


The screws are finally done, it took longer than the supplier quoted us. They are done at a place that manufacture parts for high-end watches, the screws are great and very strong.

Next came the Allen wrench, which they had to re-order because they ran out. At that point in time I realized how unreliable they were and moved to seek legal options, all these elements they should have prepared for ahead, not waited till the problem comes up.

Finally after all parts arrived, they came through and start delivering (we think the pressure of legal action helped, which is heart-breaking to say).

I also found that they had trouble with their own suppliers, they lack long-term relationships with the anodizing company, which took their time finishing the colors. At the beginning, they gave us the impression that they had all of these suppliers under their umbrella, while the truth is, they had to wait in line while the place service their larger customers. It's infuriating to the point where I looked for other anodizing places myself.

Ok, done whining, sorry. On to the good stuffs.

Starting two days ago we received the cases from them, it's 100 units per day. So far we have shipped out 100 units and will ship out another 100 Monday.

We requested they deliver based proportions of most popular colors with each delivery. Red & Slate were 3rd most popular but not received at this delivery, it will be on the next delivery.

A rare color combination made its first appearance. Slate & Polished X

All Slate, with new screws.

Red & Polished, new screws

We are glad to have these few hundred units at hand and start to deliver them, we hope, when you do receive them, it will make your day, and those who frown, turn it into smiles.

Note that some of the All Polished have minor polishing compound (dark grey) dust on them, they are easily removed by a waxing cloth or cotton cloth.

We will post another update when we ship the next 200-300 units next week.

We will try to ship as much as we can as they are delivered by the manufacturer every other day, so we may not be able to tell individual backers if we have shipped yours.

As always, thank you backers. I have been in every update as candid as I can with the details and some of them can seemed unpleasant, but I feel it's part of the process to see and learn what can happen during such a promising project.

No matter, let's keep our smiles and I look forward to yours when you get the case. My sincere apologies for the delays and heartfelt thanks to each one of you backers.




On a very personal note, it's been an incredibly stressful ordeal, it is heart-breaking and infuriating at how inept or careless they were with our project. And it is completely unnecessary, had this manufacturer just been a little more DRIVEN, this is a complex product, but it is not building rockets.  Me and my friend who owns this manufacturing facility no longer speak directly due to legal reasons, we deal via his employee. I have always been a firm believer that the best partnerships come from great friendships, not politics or power-play, I am disappointed that this is not the project where great-friendship makes great project happens. I could not for the life of me imagine what had gone through his mind when he neglected the project and not taking the utmost care to deliver the best he can. Mismanagement, dishonesty, dragging their feet, inexperience, not enough pressure etc. I can only speculate and have accepted that they are just plain incapable as exhibited by the tremendous amount of frustrations by so many who backed the project.

I can no longer in my good conscience recommend this facility to anyone who asked me about a local manufacturer.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jourdan on

      Could you be more precise and let know each of us when we will receive our case??
      You say that you're shipping by hundreds but no update came in for the last month. This case was intended as gift and I am afraid that it's gonna be useless as the next iPhone will be there before I receive the Radius Case...
      Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      I'm going to start reporting too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      @Paul Marcovici you have to go on the desktop version of Kickstarter and go to the project's page. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the Report option.

    4. Paul Marcovici on

      @Juan Flores How do you "report" a project?

    5. Leon Li on

      i was willing to wait but this is getting ridiculous, when will my case be arriving? i was hoping may/june, now its almost end of july, please update us or respond. i am willing to wait a bit more but on the very straw of patients for this.

    6. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I will begin to report them when the one month mark reaches since last update which is in 2-3 days. Unless they update us within that time, I will report them every single day.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andy van den Berk on

      I am starting to get mad about this. I feel ripped off by these guys. They took my money 6 months ago and they don't deliver the case. They don't even communicate anymore.

      Complete lack of respect for their backers.

      First and LAST kickstarter project I backed.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Donofrio on

      When is mine being shipped?

    9. Missing avatar

      William Bryce on

      So it is looking like we all got taken. First bad kickstarter for me....
      An update is in order but the way he blamed everyone but himself Im thinking we are out of luck.

      What is wrong wit an update that is true and to the point?

    10. Missing avatar

      Angela Heydorn on

      I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't received this yet. I understand that things happen... but when estimated deliver is March... and it's July... Seriously? Has anyone been able to contact them?

    11. David Kight on

      Still waiting. Seriously, when is this thing coming???

    12. Missing avatar

      Michelle Lye Pooi Kuan on

      T_T upset.

      I fell for the radius. Decided to pay a hefty amount for the casing 'coz I really liked the design and also 'coz I'm extremely clumsy. I have now put a dent on my iphone and I have no casing.

    13. Luis Vasquez on

      "EARLY BIRD" and I have nothing still. I guess the only thing I am lucky for is they the 5s will have the same design and form factor. You guys literally took so long that it's almost time for the new iPhone refresh. C'mon guys!

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Can someone please follow up with Simon's request please?

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Michaels on

      Anyone live anywhere near these guys???..go and knock on the door will ya.

      Registered through:, LLC (
      Domain Name: MOD-3.COM
      Created on: 01-Sep-12
      Expires on: 01-Sep-16
      Last Updated on: 05-Mar-13

      Hendra Bong
      30272 Willowbrook Road
      Hayward, California 94544
      United States

      Administrative Contact:
      Bong, Hendra
      30272 Willowbrook Road
      Hayward, California 94544
      United States

      Technical Contact:
      Bong, Hendra
      30272 Willowbrook Road
      Hayward, California 94544
      United States

    17. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      Almost going to be a whole month from last that point I will take action as I hope many of you do too. This is madness, you cannot keep this many people without updates or information! You leave us in the dark...

    18. Missing avatar

      TJ Osman on

      Broke down and got another case to finally protect my phone. Magpul iPhone 5 case. Between $10-15 dollars and a awesome case. Had one for my iPhone 4, wanted one for the 5 but fell for the Radius and pissed my $59 down the drain. Just got the Magpul today, put it on, and realized I should have just got the $10 case 5 months ago. Oh well, live and learn, unfortunately, some other Kickstarters won't get backed because I will forever be leery of getting ripped off again.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gareth Jones on

      Thought I'd add to the list. Extremely disappointing. I think we have all been extremely patient.
      If you're having difficulties, communicate them to us. Please don't bury your head in the sand, it will make things worse all round.
      Thanks, Gareth.

    20. Ernest-Ian Nunez on

      Hello???? When are you guys shipping my case?? I seriously feel robbed.

    21. Sunny Chu on

      The funny thing is that my friend ordered this case AFTER the Kickstarter campaign on a website and have received it, and yet I'm still waiting for mine.

    22. Missing avatar

      Pablo Kobayashi on

      Yet another disappointed and frustrated backer. Such a pity to have lost such a good momentum and popularity. A good reputation is so easily destroyed and you guys are not doing anything to keep yours.

      And silence is the worst strategy.

    23. Kevin Lee on

      Any update or shipping info?

    24. Missing avatar

      Bernie Torbik on

      Glad to see I'm not the only backer who has neither received their case nor heard anything about when it will be shipped. for the 4th time, may I please know when it will be sent?

    25. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Meijer on

      You guys should be ashamed!! Comments after comments yapping about suppliers- And still nothing nothing nothing to give to the people that first backed you. This is the first project i am supporting at kickstarter. But it will also be my last!! ;-(

    26. Stavros Papandreou on

      very interesting choice of a headline "Resuming Shipping - Ending Bad Relationship & Forging New Ones". I wish i could end my bad relationship and have my $59 returned to me. I think that since it has been more than 6 months since my card was charged and more than 20 days of your last update that you guys need to be respectful to those that helped you in the first place. It would be nice if i ever get these but keep in mind that Kickstarter agreement does not protect you from "Fraud" which is what you are heading towards for not providing services and or products that you did get paid for. In the meantime I moved to a new address and I am not even sure i will ever get the damn thing. Believe me there will be legal recourse if you fail to deliver.
      Dr S. Papandreou

    27. Naga Natio on

      i still have not gotten the tracking / notification that my package is sent.

    28. Missing avatar

      Juan Flores on

      I don't know about any of you but this is my first project I have backed up and my only. So far, it has set up a bad experience for kick starter. Not sure if mods look at these things but they should. I feel like I've been robbed, it's really sad. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you

    29. Jae Park on

      Still haven't received my case. Any word on the status? Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dylan Shanks on

      Also I would love if you would respond to my comment.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dylan Shanks on

      Hi i was one of your early backers and still haven't received my case. I have waited over six months and all I want is my case. Thank You

    32. Missing avatar

      marc sullivan on

      I just want my case... after months of waiting and countless times talking about this "cool
      ass case I'm getting" I just want my case I paid for 6 months ago.

    33. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kizer on

      Sad to say.....
      This project will never get past being a project. Lack of communication will sink a company.... And no support channel will keep it sunk.
      I can't wait for the rest of the story... I think

    34. Missing avatar

      Ronald Klein on

      Can we please start receiving daily updates on what you are shipping? The frequent updates sometimes are annoying but I'm sure many backers would like to know where they stand in line. I have been talking about this case since I backed it and would like to finally see it on my phone.

    35. Frisella on

      Whats about the shipping to Switzerland......soon will come out a new iPhone !!!!!!!
      Thankx for updating !
      I ordered 3 !

    36. Missing avatar

      Donovan Duffy on

      Any word on where I stand on the list. There should be some sort of list that updates whenever you send a shipment out. I am getting tired of the delays. And quite honestly I don't see any improvements. For all we know you could only be shipping 50 a week. It would make a lot of us happy to see progress, even if it is tiny progress, as opposed to just getting an update every two weeks.

    37. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      UPDATES??? Like everyone else, I'm getting pretty frustrated at the lack of communication. This project is now months overdue, and it's been weeks and weeks between updates (which are usually just long-winded complaining and excuses about problems with your various manufacturers). We get it already. At this point, I just want concise (and FREQUENT) updates about where you guys are in the shipping process and when we can expect our cases. Have the cyan and slate frames started shipping??? Thank you in advance.

    38. Paul Marcovici on

      Is there any chance we will still receive the case? Please let me know when will mine ship? What is my number on the list?

      To other backers: Do you still hold any hope? What can we do if we do not get anything in exchange for our financial backing of this project?

    39. Naga Natio on

      still waititng for mine too.... it feels forever already...

    40. Andrew Wulf on

      So any kind of update with this case? We were suppose to get an update with the next shipment 3 weeks ago.

    41. Mark on

      Please send my greenone :) I still could selll with my iphone 5.
      I seen so much waste due to management at hospital I work at.
      Some times it the bottom line and we all pay for this.
      Good lession this is not your fault.
      Mark D.

    42. Missing avatar

      M.B. de Bruine on

      Please send an update. When will mine be shipped?

    43. Missing avatar

      William Bryce on

      Round one has not even shipped yet! so they better not be shipping round 2!

    44. Missing avatar

      Gareth Hui on

      When will the early bird round 2 ores be shipped?

    45. Missing avatar

      William Bryce on

      As a early supporter I can tell you mine has NOT shipped yet.... This is giving KickStarter a bad rap as promise after promise has been broken. we can blame it on everyone but Mod-3.

      The screw issue was a stupid one, and they wanted to take the easy way out.

      I am disappointed.

      The lack of updates does not help.

    46. Themasck on

      10 jours depuis la dernière update , quand est ce que je recevrais la mienne
      10 days since the last update, when will I receive mine

    47. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Hey guys just wondered if mine had shipped yet. I'm in the Uk. Thanks.

    48. Jae Park on

      Any chance I can get an update on when my case will ship? Thanks :)!

    49. Missing avatar

      Monal Shah on

      Any idea when mine will ship?