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Introducing the RADIUS: the only aluminum case that showcases the iPhone 5’s design elements with its ultra minimalistic approach.
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
Introducing the RADIUS case: the most innovative & minimal aluminum case for iPhone 5, 6 & 6 plus
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Project completion and thank you again!

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Shipping Update - 129 cases shipped, 210 next week


We shipped 129 cases last month, mostly are domestic backers. The rest will ship next week. International shipping is being handled by mailing service and those will go out next week.

200+ KS units

 The rest of KS' 90 units plus extras

New box, easier to process. Old box uses small stickers that won't stick properly. Old box with direct printing now cost 3$ (!!!!!!) and new box without printing only 1$, stickers are 90$ for 500 labels.

Thank you backers and I am sorry for the anger, frustration. As I said, we will deliver EVERY case. Some of you that lives nearby can make an appointment to pick up your case if you have not received it. You can see our very small and efficient working environment and meet me in person. I will personally apologize to you for the amount of energy and time I make you guys spend.



RADIUS cases are done.


Done manufacturing, polished, anodizing and assembly that is. The cases are tested and we are shipping them. We took a few days to inspect and process each of the cases to pass a Quality Assurance tests to ensure a better RADIUS.

I know so many of you have given up on us, I don't blame you. As I told one of the backers who e-mailed me with a (deservedly) angry and pissed off letter, I said: We should have not been so confident and pointed our fingers at other KS projects who were delayed. When we started the project, we went through many projects and heard about the long delays for the funded projects.

"What a mess" we thought, and we said to ourselves, we would never be like those projects, we will deliver ON TIME.

And look at us know. 

RADIUS cases, before testing. Each case is tested using a specialized jig below.

 All polished, prepped and ready to be tested and assembled.

 A special jig/mold is made to test every single RADIUS case.

All I can say is, thank you. We are humbled by this entire ordeal and we are have ran out of words to express our apologies. That's why now, I only want to deliver.

I am still full of enthusiasm and gratefulness for your support. Look at how far your funds and support have taken this project. We are going to make the RADIUS case an amazing and unique product for the consumers. It will be the case to look for (when it's in stock or when Hendra got his act together! HA!)

On a side note, we got the address changes and please rest assured if you recently moved, if you send us an e-mail with the new address, we will note that.

Thank you all, we will update again when we have the envelopes stuffed, should be in a few days. I am going back to fold the carton boxes and get everything ready to ship this weekend.


Manufacturer #2 In the House - Two is Better than One

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Hi Backers,

We did a final count and there are approximately 300 backers who have not received their rewards. Your reward will be ready in 2-3 weeks, I hope sooner.

We have a second manufacturer, BOTH are cranking out parts for RADIUS. So please take it easy and see that we are doing all that we can. With the very limited resources we have as a 1-2 person team, and literally no additional help whatsoever. When you receive the package, it's my handwriting and it was yours truly who walked them over to post office, fold the boxes, search for the manufacturers, order the materials etc.

The 300 or so envelopes are right outside my home office so I pass them everyday I go home from visiting the manufacturers, as the creator of RADIUS and founder of this new start-up with so much potential, it PAINS ME to not finish my delivery to my backers, believe me.

As you see, we are committed to delivering the 300 or so units and it took those two manufacturers time to get started. The initial meeting always promised us 2-3 weeks lead-time/delivery, but with the back and forth, sample approval, and other usual necessary time to review and go through the process, add another few weeks.


Below are pics from the second manufacturer, excellent quality. Corners:

X frames:

One more process and these modules A & B are ready to be de-burred and polished.

Two manufacturers, both in full swing making parts. As I mentioned above, conservative estimate is 2-3 weeks, I hope to deliver sooner, in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you backers, please leave the stress to me, enjoy your day and your reward WILL be delivered.



New Manufacturer In the House - Aluminum Blocks Mercilessly Carved

Hi backers,

It took a while to untangle from our last manufacturer and we placed order with the new manufacturers last month and finally after the typical sample making, adjustment process, I am happy to show they are in full swing making a large qty of the RADIUS parts.

It took a while for the new manufacturer to tweak the CAD file, adjust their machines, made a few prototypes, and lots of back and forth negotiations and here they are, lots and lots of parts ready for plating and assembly.

Fresh corner modules from the CNC milling machines.

Each tray holds 100 corner modules, at the point of this photo there are 11 trays stacked. The production still in process and they are making more.

Aluminum milling, 180 corners at a time.

Responding to everyone:

We have been e-mailing those of you who have questions individually, as supposed to on the main comment sections. Many of you have received the RADIUS cases, I hope you like it and please do give feedback, it means a lot to us.

For those who have not received your reward, please bear with us a bit more. As you can see, we are finally getting the parts ready and as I said in last few updates, I will not rest until everyone's rewards are delivered, that is something I will not back away from. I estimate 2 weeks and we will start shipping to the rest of the backers.


Squeeze in the X (about 1/8") and re-install the corner modules, this will create the tension to retain and pull inward the corners, creating a very snug fit.

I will update when we have more pics to show and progress to update everyone.
Once again, we apologize for the delays and thank you for being our awesome backers.