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Powered by Android Wear™. Compatible with Android™ and iOS.
Powered by Android Wear™. Compatible with Android™ and iOS.
Powered by Android Wear™. Compatible with Android™ and iOS.
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    1. Mobvoi 2-time creator about 9 hours ago

      @iron2000, Thanks for reaching out to us, and we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your experience with us! Can you please send us a private message listing the email address that you are creating an account with? We can send you a link to set up your password, and get you moving forward with your warranty request. We are very sorry for any and all inconvenience caused by the situation. Thank you!

    2. Mobvoi 2-time creator about 10 hours ago

      @Grossert, Marcel, Thanks for reaching out about this issue! We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your charging cable. Please submit a warranty request via this link: We suggest you submit your request on a PC rather than on a phone. Our aftersales department will deal with it as soon as possible, and send you an email containing further instructions.

      Note: You need to create a new ID before you sign in if you do not have one.
      As long as your original watch delivered, please contact with me for refund/replacement watch

    3. Missing avatar

      iron2000 2 days ago

      I missed one day of charging and the battery went flat, wasn't even wearing it. Tried to charge it but after an afternoon and overnight it just shows a flashing white lightning symbol outline. The watch is not working after only 9 months.

      Tried registering for a Mobvoi account to lodge a warranty claim but its not sending the verification code. Tried using Gmail and Hotmail.

      Very disappointed in the Mobvoi experience.

    4. Grossert, Marcel 3 days ago

      Hi - I got problems with charging, the magnetic charger-cable snaps, but there is no electric contact. I played around and sometimes charging starts, but the slightest vibration stops charging again :-( How can we resolve the issue?

    5. White Fox

      I had my Ticwatch stop charging and then buzzing unendingly until the battery was completely flat....

      I lodged a warranty claim and received a replacement watch quite quickly!

      Thanks for your great customer support and taking care of customer satisfaction so well!

    6. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Glen Moss, Hello! We're sorry to hear that you have been disappointed in your experience with Mobvoi! In regards, to your strap issue, please apply for a warranty at this link: We also apologize for the delayed response from our customer support team Your ticket has been updated, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    7. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Simon Sii Li Loong, We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Ticwatch S! Please apply for a warranty here:, and our after sales department will be in touch via email with further instructions. Thank you for your support!

    8. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Jenny Schwartz, Thanks for reaching out! May I ask, are you having pairing issues with your watch? Currently, Ticwatch is compatible with iPhone devices, but if you are experiencing issues please do not hesitate to let us know.

    9. Glen Moss on

      It's been a week and still no reply from @Mobvoi. This just further proves my point about the complete lack of customer service from this company.

    10. Missing avatar

      Simon Sii Li Loong on

      It has been almost 10 months using my ticwatch S, everything was good till last week. I couldnt charge my watch and whenever i place it on my charger, it always showed the lightning bolt logo then disappear, then continue witht the similar loop. I totally couldnt turn it on. I tried cleaning the charging port with eraser, but nothing happened. Please do reply me with any solution. I really need this watch to work.

    11. Jenny Schwartz on

      @Mobvoi-I am not disappointed with my purchase of the watch, but is there anything in the works in regards to the app that connects the watch to the iPhone?

    12. Glen Moss on

      After only ten months of use, the band housing cracked on one side and the other side looks to be in the process of breaking. This watch has been one, non-stop disappointment!

      I am tired of dealing with Modvoi and their garage products! I've reached out before with issues and I get ignored. For all backers, pray that you don't have to deal with their customer service.

    13. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Pavel Baron, We very sorry to hear that you are disappointed in your experience with your Ticwatch E! Please apply for warranty on your watch at this link: Our aftersales department will review your request as soon as possible, and then reach out to you via email with further instructions. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that you have been caused. Thank you for your support!

    14. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Michael Sram, Thanks for your support! If your watch is no longer powering on and has not suffered any man-made damage, you can apply for a warranty on it here: If your watch has incurred damage, please apply for a repair at the same link. Our aftersales department will review your request and then email you as soon as possible with more details. Thanks!

    15. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Carmen Chan, Thanks for reaching out to us! Please apply for a warranty for your Ticwatch here: If the issue is that your charger is experiencing rusting issues then we can send you a replacement charger. If the issue is that there is rusting on your Ticwatch that is preventing it from charging, then we can send you a replacement for the watch once you are approved. Thank you for your support!

    16. Missing avatar

      Pavel Baron on

      I have ticwatch e.
      My screen got burn efect. Many connection problem via bluetooth and wifi.
      No real support.

    17. Michael Sram on

      I liked my Ticwathc very well - unfortunatelly its already broken... very poor quality. doesnt able to power on my watch anymore....

      i was awaiting a little bit more quality - even by a cheap product like this. :/

    18. Missing avatar

      Jessica Maree on

      Oh dear. That battery life- less than a day sometimes, maybe 24 hours other times. Don't worry about a refund- I gave up sorry :/ I sold it for NZ$40 :/

    19. Missing avatar

      Cariolo Daniel on

      I would like to make a positive comment on the Mobvoi warranty service. I had a problem with my Ticwatch, bought on a kickstarter, it was not recharged anymore. I wrote an email to the customer service, I filled out a short questionnaire to explain the problem and I was sent an email with a voucher to send the watch at no cost. Once this was done, after 4/5 days, I was given the tracking number of a package sent by Mobvoi from China and after 10 days a new Ticwatch arrived. Thank you very much very satisfied

    20. Seb on

      A bit cheeky you guys launched a watch very similar to the S&E but with everything else we asked for. Will you make payments available on the S&E soon given that it was already available in the Asia version??

    21. Missing avatar

      Carmen Chan on

      Hello I received my watch for few months, it is a good watch and battttery life is just satisfied.
      But now I found the charging poles and magnets are getting rusty which make my watch difficult to get charged. Please advise any way to solve this problem. Thank you.

    22. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Peter Tosi, Thanks for reaching out to us! We are hopeful that the following solutions will provide a fix to the charing issues you have been experiencing:
      1. Ensure that the watch firmware version is up to date (under Settings -> System -> About -> System updates).
      2. Did you leave the watch unused for a long period of time? If so, there may appear to be battery life fluctuations initially when it is switched back on. We suggest that you charge the watch for half an hour and leave it as it is. After half an hour of charging (or once it is fully charged), restart the watch. Then battery life should display normally again.
      3. If the problem persists, please apply for a warranty via this link

    23. Peter Tosi on

      My ticwatch stopped charrging reliably. I tried the second charge cable, same result. I dug out my old casio eco drive (solar powered) but I miss the on wrist notifications. So I dug out my old pebble, it still had 40% charge after sittig in my drawer (switched off) for months and synced and started charging right away. I wish pebble hadn't sold out to fitbit.

    24. Quinton Banfield

      Not bad watch. But the step counter is very wrong.

    25. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Manuel Rodríguez García, @White Fox, Please send us a message at and we can help you with this request from there.

    26. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Thomas Dillon, We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing connection issues with your Ticwatch S! Please first make sure that your phone is up to date, then try switching off your phone's bluetooth and turning on Airplane mode on your watch for a few seconds. After switching your phones bluetooth back and and disabling Airplane mode on your watch, try to connect your phone and watch again. You can also find additional tips for connectivity issues here:…

    27. White Fox

      Dear @Creator,

      may I please have an invoice sent to me for my original purchase?
      It will help with my warranty claim.

      Many thanks!

    28. Manuel Rodríguez García on

      I need the invoice to use de warranty. My kickstarter account is not valid to enter in I need a solution. Is possible to send me the invoice to my email?

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Dillon

      Hey all... Don't believe I am doing anything wrong, but how the hell do you get the watch to sync/connect with the iPhone. I have had the "S" several months and it has always been a PITA to connect, but now it is nearly impossible. Is there some special trick or sequence to get this thing to connect and STAY connected to the iPhone. Any assistance or direction to a site tutorial would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    30. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Patricio You can submit a warranty ticket on the page to get your faulty device replaced with a new one.

    31. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Avinash Rugoobur Dear backer, we've found that you have not provided your shipping information and the color of choice by responding the survey. Please kindly login your kickstarter account with your computer then complete the survey so we can proceed the shipment of your kickstarter order asap.

    32. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Enrique Garza Dear backer, we've found that you have not provided your shipping information and the color of choice by responding the survey. Please kindly login your kickstarter account with your computer then complete the survey so we can proceed the shipment of your kickstarter order asap.

    33. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Mo Wing Chung Dear backer, please kindly send an inquiry to for an update of your repair status.

    34. Mobvoi 2-time creator on

      @Erich Pfeiffer Dear backer, please kindly send your inquiry to so we can further check fo you.

    35. Manuel Rodríguez García on

      I need the purchase invoice. Can you send me to my email?


    36. Missing avatar

      Sandipan Saha on

      My watch got the wear os update 🤩

    37. Missing avatar

      Miguel on


      Last night as I was sleeping, my watch (Ticwatch S) went into a boot loop.
      It will turn on, display the TICWATCH logo and vibrate violently for 1 second and turn off, then it will do it all over again.
      I put it on the stand to charge and it continued doing that all night, it was very annoying to have the watch buzzing every 5 seconds. I have tried holding the button down in an attempt to make it stop but I have been unsuccessful. Every once in a while it will randomly flash a BRIGHT yellow screen before displaying the Ticwatch logo as it tries to boot and fails!
      I am very unhappy about this. How does this even happen?

      I was quite happy with it until this happened!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Erich Pfeiffer on

      I never received my watches!!!!!

    39. Mo Wing Chung on

      I have sent my ticwatch S back to the maintenance center in HongKonh for 6 months ago because of the screen problem. But I still have no response from Mobvoi and How can I get my watch back?!

    40. Missing avatar


      Hi Team,
      My ticwatch has just died. Screen went blank. And no matter how long I recharge, it wont restart. Obviously only had for a couple of months.
      Can you please advise solution.

    41. Kendra Johnson on

      hey mobvoi, i am just wondering if yall are going to have the ticpods for sale on here instead of just indiegogo?

      indiegogo is trash and i hope i can get the ticpods for $79 on kickstarter

    42. Missing avatar

      Maurice van Trijffel on

      3 weeks ago my ticwatch E screen got crazy: lines and partly unreadable. send a dm to mobvoi on their Facebook messenger, got a response in hours to do a warranty request on their website. Did that, 3 days later I've got 2 emails: 1 that the warranty was approved and one with a shipping label. didn't expect that because of some of the negative posts here. So I've sent my watch with the free shipping label and yesterday (so within 21 days after the first dm) I received a brand new ticwatch! thanks for this excellent service mobvoi, that's really brilliant :D

    43. kyril1217

      Hehehe 🐶🐵🐱

    44. kyril1217

      Where is the watch?

    45. Mo Wing Chung on

      I want my watch back!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jari Seilo on

      Still no refund for my watch, that i cancelled because customs...

    47. tripp on

      So these guys have been spamming us about their new wireless airpod things. I would like to know why one of the list that spammed me is "Remix IO" which is a product by a company called Jide software that was on kickstarter but had to refund everyone when they pulled out of making the remix IO. I would like to know how and why Mobvoi got this mailing list and what information the 2 companies are sharing about their customer base.

    48. DLC on

      The Ticwatch S & E Oreo update has been delayed twice. The Tilt to wake gesture is really slow and doesn't work half the time. I'm sorry but I cannot see myself supporting any new products from you guys when you don't bother to properly support your Kickstarter backers.

    49. White Fox


      Your forum use USELESS. Nobody answers questions.

      My watch died within DAYS.
      No response from the “company”.

    50. Yves Grethen

      4 mails in 2 days? Stop spamming please... use that time to improve battery life on your future watches!

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