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Debut album of  intricate, innovative new guitar music written for and performed by Mobius Trio.
Debut album of intricate, innovative new guitar music written for and performed by Mobius Trio.
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Okay - so we've debuted the album (check it out on the Radio, for those of you who missed it live -, done the tour, and eaten the turkey. NOW it is time to finally reward all of you, our extremely generous Kickstarter supporters. We just spent all day signing toy guitars, writing poems, drawing cards, and buying shipping supplies. Now we just need your address - watch out for the incoming surveys so you can give it to us!

We love you.

Mobius Trio

Hi Folks

So, it's been forever since you've heard from us. We're quite sorry about that, but we HAVE spent the month working on getting all of you the best possible version of Last Light that we can. We've done some great work, and we've had a couple of scary setbacks, but FINGERS CROSSED, the album is currently on the way to being printed, and will be available at our launch party on November 16th.

What's that? OH YEAH! We're throwing a party to launch the album on the 16th of November, here in "sunny" San Francisco. It will be held at the John D. MacMullen house at 827 Guerrero, will include ample free beverages, and will include a FREE performance of some of the new material on Last Light. Please RSVP via email to or to our Facebook event

Now that the album is "done" KNOCK ON WOOD, we will be creating and sending out our wonderful Kickstarter rewards ASAP. So be on the lookout for those!

Mobius Trio will also be playing a couple of shows and giving a couple of masterclasses up in the Seattle/Western Washington area next week (joined by our good buddies, The Living Earth Show). We'll be playing at Cornish College of the Arts on Tuesday, November 13th at 8pm, and at Western Washington University on Wednesday, November 14th, also at 8pm. Email for ticketing info.



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Mobius Kickstarter Episode IV - A New Goal


We are so grateful for your amazing generosity - your support got us all the way to our goal in 5 days. We were worried about making our goal at all, so we're totally blown away that we've made it with more than 3 weeks to spare.


Just because we've hit the goal we set with Kickstarter doesn't mean we're done!

We've got our 2013 season coming up, which is absolutely filled with mind-blowing new music. We've commissioned a group of brilliant composers - including Samuel Carl Adams, Frank Wallace, Adrian Knight, and Kevin Villalta - and the music they're writing is poised to push the boundaries of what classical guitar can do even further (including some extensive use of amplification and electronics!).

Of course, working with wonderful and well-known composers isn't cheap; these guys need to be fairly compensated for their fabulous work, and we're going to need a bunch of new gear (mics, pick-ups, amps) to play these pieces. We've been planning all along to pay both the commission fees and for the gear out of pocket, since that's what we've always done, but after seeing our backers' generosity shoot us past 100% in less than a week, we thought it would be stupid to stop now.


We're setting a NEW goal for ourselves; let's call it a "new goal" for short. This "new goal" will be $7,500, and everything between $5,500 (our old goal), and $7,500 (our "new goal") will go towards paying a portion of Sam, Adrian, Kevin, and Frank's commission fees.

IF we hit our $7,500 "new goal", we'll set "another goal" for the new gear we'll need to realize these crazy pieces.

Please, please, please check out everybody's website below. The greatness of the pieces you heard in the video above is obvious, but these guys have written so much awesome music, and they've made a ton of it available via their sites and Youtube. We were pretty sad we didn't get to include more music in the video, but chopping up all of that beautiful music was very painful, and we couldn't do anymore.

Thanks for reading!


Samuel Carl Adams -

Frank Wallace -

Adrian Knight -

Kevin Villalta -

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