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Because everyone loves a food truck, and everyone deserves healthy, affordable food... no matter where they live.
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227 backers pledged $15,735 to help bring this project to life.

We're half way there...

This just in: moments ago we passed the half way mark for our funding goal! Woo hoo! But that means we still need to raise the other half in the next 23 days. So that's... let's see... that's $327 per day that we need to raise. That's not impossible.

Or let me frame things another way. If 300 more people give $25, we'll have it!

What can $25 buy these days, anyway? Tickets for two and a large popcorn at the movies? Not even a soda to go wash it down! (Not that you're a big soda drinker or anything.) My point is this: most anyone should be able to shake out a few pockets and come up with $25. This is not to discourage other larger (or smaller) donations, mind you.

If you're reading this, you have probably already donated to our mobile market. But maybe not. Maybe you've been holding out to see if you can be the final donor that puts us over our goal. If you are in this latter category, please donate now. My heart can't take all of this nervous excitement. And please spread the word. Every dollar, every bit of support, helps. :)


    1. Creator Dean Littlestar on March 30, 2011

      You are doing really well and keep up the good job. Grams