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We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

Console Developer Rewards - The Details... Followed by Lollipop!

Posted by Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. (Creator)

First, Lollipop!

Hi all, if you've been following the Kickstarter comment wall, we've placed Console OS Lollipop builds up for download... for backers. We've already gotten great feedback from a few very-early-adopters. We expect Console OS Lollipop to be made available more broadly in the next week or two.

A second, backer-only update will roll out over the next 24 hours. If you don't want to wait, just log in to Console Accounts as a backer - and download away! Again, for everyone else, we expect public availability of Console OS Lollipop in about a week or two at the most.

We're updating the Wiki with essential support documents, release notes, etc. As we'll elaborate in our next update to follow for backers, this is a comeback release for us - we intend to continue updating and maintaining Lollipop, even as Marshmallow development is already under way.

Console Developer Rewards - All the Details

As we promised, we'd post by the end of February all the details on Console Developer Rewards. Kickstarter's on the east coast, so it may say March 1. We're cutting it close, but for good reason. Our first cycle for Console Developer Rewards will roll out publicly from March 2 to 31. When it does go live (on the 2nd), it will be available at

So, without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Console Developer Rewards!

Console Developer Rewards - Rewarding indie developers for contributing to open-source projects we build atop.

What is Console Developer Rewards?

Console Developer Rewards is a new experiment in rewarding indie developers. You get rewarded for submitting code, particularly to projects other than ours. The goal is to encourage indie developers to build for Android on x86.

Indie developers work hard, and don’t get paid for their FOSS contributions. We think there should be a rewards system, for those who don’t work in the Android sector - but still contribute code.

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible; you submit code to the projects below. We assess your contributions, and issue you points. The people with the most points, get the gear we’re giving away.

Projects Initially Supported on Console Developer Rewards:

* Console OS with Android [Wiki | GitHub]
* Android-IA at [Homepage | GitHub]
* [Homepage | SourceForge]
* Android UEFI Installer for Windows [HomepageGitHub]
* Android contributions to x86 drivers in Mesa3D [Homepage |]

What can I get from Console Developer Rewards?

Our goal is to offer thousands in gear per month. We may not even come close sometimes, and sometimes we may offer way too much. As we say at the top (and bottom) of this - this is an experiment for us.

We aren't going to use Kickstarter dollars to cover the gap, so if we fall short - we fall short. We'll redouble our efforts to get contributions from device makers and the industry when that happens.

How are points awarded?

Typically one point for each line of code changed or improved. Obviously, people can abuse this, and some people pack a lot into each line of code. We have to judge each commit to prevent people from abusing this - but we’ve consulted with a lot of engineers, and this is the most impartial way we could craft to make it happen.

We may reject your patch (for points) if there’s a good reason. Posting a hundred lines of code that do nothing, will get you zero points. If your patch doesn’t work, that’s another reason. If it’s trivial, or does nothing actually useful (even if it isn’t junk code) would be another reason. Also, we have to understand what it does - so documentation can help (but documentation doesn’t earn points).

And yes, your patch has to build cleanly. We’re developers, it’s pretty easy for us to check that.

What are the periods for Console Developer Rewards?

Our goal is one cycle per month. The first cycle will run March 2 to March 31, for 30 days total. Specific rewards will be announced then, but include workstations, netbooks, laptops, and more!

Rewards will be tiered. You have to meet enough points to compete for the tier. Our goal is to start low at 5-10 points - and we may add more rewards during a cycle if things take off. If multiple people are at a top tier, the highest contributor wins that reward, and contributor below them gets the next lower tier reward.

After a rewards period, we’ll get some info from you to ship your goods, and to verify you’re actually an indie developer. Then we’ll ship!

We really want everyone who participates in substance, to get something - so we’ll work with partners to keep adding stuff (as much as we can).

Console Developer Rewards is an experiment for us. We’ll review at the end of each month, tweak, and decide what to do the next month.

Who is not eligible?

Developers who get a paycheck from an Android device maker, or an Android OS vendor. Examples include ASUS Corp, Google Inc, Console, Inc, Intel Corp, etc.

Basically, you aren’t eligible if you work for a company that is involved in making Android devices or the Android Open Source Project. This is a program to reward indie developers to dive head-first into Android on x86 development.

If you volunteer for a company (Console, Cyanogen, etc) as, for example, a device maintainer, moderator, or something similar... you are still eligible, so long as you are not paid to be a volunteer on a regular (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, contract, etc) basis. If you win a reward from a similar program to Console Developer Rewards, you still qualify.

Likewise, if you run/moderate/admin an indie development project that is listed above - and are not employed by one of the employers listed above, you also qualify.

Anything else I should know?

This is an experimental project, so we ask that people bear with us as we test this stuff out. As far as we know, nobody has tried this before. We have no idea if this is going to work, but we’re daring to try.

Also, if you get more than $600 in rewards, we’ll have to send you a 1099 if you are a US citizen. You can thank the IRS.

Finally, Console Developer Rewards is not using any Kickstarter funds. We’re working hard to ship remaining physical perks - your money is not being used for this program. We’re working with the industry to source rewards - they’re the ones that benefit the most from your hard work.

How do I qualify for Console Developer Rewards?

Two different ways:

1) Start a thread, and post a patch on the Console Developer Rewards forum (which will go live before the 2nd). Then submit it to the project for consideration, and post a link to the submission. Even if it is not accepted, we’ll test and review it for points - if it works (and is unique), we’ll award points even if it is rejected by the upstream projects.

Note: For contributions to Console OS on GitHub, we prefer if you submit patches directly to our GitHub. It’s just easier for us that way.

2) Alternatively, within 48 hours of submitting your patch publicly, post a link in your own thread on the Console Developer Rewards forum. It just has to be within 48 hours of your patch going public.

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    1. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, we apologize for the delay in posting the second update. Launching Console Developer Rewards has taken more time than we thought it would. We still expect to get the first cycle going later today, but the release notes and Wiki updates are going to have to wait until that's done.

      We are really excited about Console Developer Rewards - we think it will be a force for good in the Android ecosystem. We've already fielded several questions from interested developers.

    2. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We addressed most of these topics as they were cross posted on the comment wall. The notion that we over promised is mitigated by the undeniable fact that Intel aborted components we depended on. We regret that, but we noted as a risk that we depended on Android and that it may change. At the time these Android-IA components were a joint effort and part of the AOSP umbrella.

      We are hardly "going down with the ship" and a few people work on Console OS regularly. With Lollipop we have the easiest to deploy Android on PC distribution to date. We're proud of it.

    3. Missing avatar

      André Ferreira on

      @Scott, try to reset your account password through the recovery option. It works for me and I can see the download links (just 4 ISOs hosted on Mega).
      @Matt I really can't say if it is a scam or just bad business. However due to the nature of Git, they can have a private repository with more patches and choose to not push them to GitHub.
      For me that would be a red flag anyway. You don't get the open source community involved by building walls.
      My speculation is someone with good intentions but not enough experience, started a business that he did not know well enough which much fanfare but no content, thinking that KS would bring the money and that everyone would love them and help.
      In reality ConsoleOS was mostly ignored by the industry, lost the hype... disappointed a lot of people and couldn't deliver. Now instead of quitting, the founder is going down with the ship doing what he can to keep it floating acting proud and ignoring all the naysayers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Kuban on

      Likely the reason you've had so few early adopters is that the download link and accounts section of the console OS website hasn't worked FOR WEEKS. I have left countless requests for support without resolution.

      There has been a WIDE DISPARITY between what you claim is happening in these updates and what is actually occurring in reality. I've backed 35 projects in my 6 years on kickstarter and this is by far the WORST project I've been involved in.

    5. TriOptimum on

      Also, don't accuse me of spamming, I've never heard of the issue before and only I'm asking you to explain what's happening between you and the android x86 project you linked to (if you hadn't linked to it, I never would have seen his statement). If you reply rudely or try to censor me you will look guilty (you tell people in the general comments that kickstarter will remove their posts because you don't like them and consider them trolling, but they never did, because they don't violate ToS).

    6. TriOptimum on

      One of the links you posted in this message, Android x86, accuses you of being a scam and stealing code from Android X86 on their front page (from the author of that project):!msg/android-x86/qkWG2TwVBqs/tW1Rm9u9DAAJ

      Hi all,
      [CC this to Android-IA list since the guy continues
      lying on Android-IA list]

      Honestly speaking, I really have no time to check what
      Christopher Price and his crappy Console OS did recently.
      But I'm getting more and more private requests to ask me
      to stop him from stealing the Android-x86 effort.
      So as the project leader of the Android-x86 project,
      I think I need to do something.

      As a background for new comers who haven't heard
      the story of Console OS, here is a brief:

      Christopher Price started a project called Console OS
      at Kickstart in the middle 2014. He promised
      "We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system
      for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features
      built-in already..."

      Christopher also announced his Kickstart campaign
      on the android-x86 list to seek for support.
      He claimed Console OS will be shipped at the end of 2014.
      Finally he succeeded to collect $78,497 for the project.

      However, without any real demo and detailed explanation
      how he could achieve his goal, the android-x86 community
      quickly exposed this is just a scam and banned this guy forever.

      In Dec 2014 Christopher released a first test build of Kitkat
      called DR1 to his backers only. However, according to
      the comments of some backers, this is just a copy of
      android-ia image without any promised features.
      Most devices he promised to support cannot install
      or even boot the DR1.

      While most of his backers are waiting for an update of Kitkat DR2,
      Christopher claimed he was moving the development
      of Console OS to Android 5.x (Lollipop) since most backers
      voted to do so. However,
      he is unable to deliver any Lollipop build one year later.
      He made many excuses like the most devices have
      32-bit UEFI (which is never an issue of android-x86),
      Intel didn't support Core processors
      (which are supported by android-x86) anymore, and
      the Lollipop Logjam (I really have no idea what it is).

      Two months ago after the android-x86 5.1-rc1 released,
      Christopher claimed he will "open source" the code of
      Console OS soon to speed up the development.
      Several days ago I was informed the
      "Console OS source code" finally appears in github:

      Guess what it is?
      It's just a copy and forked of Android-x86 5.1-rc1
      by renaming Android-x86 to ConsoleOS:

      Android-x86 -> ConsoleOS

      Update generic makefiles for ConsoleOS needs

      The code can't lie.
      Except the two commits listed above you
      couldn't find any commit made by the Console OS.
      There is no any feature developed by them.

      According the announcement in the Console OS Facebook
      (my comments for each item below)

      "What is on GitHub, right now?

      * The Android-x86 Core, with some of our improvements

      ==> at least he is honest that he uses android-x86 code,
      but what's the improvements??

      * Device-specific build targets for BayTrail-T

      ==> well, just renaming

      * A new home screen, Trebuchet (from CyanogenMod)

      ==> how could you called it an improvement by just
      adding a launcher from another open source project?
      besides, where is the source?

      * Intel drivers (though many are not active yet)

      ==> actually all of them are not active

      Strictly speaking, this guy is legally to fork android-x86
      and sell it because this project is open source licensed
      (via Apache License, GNU GPL or BSD-like licenses
      depends on the components you use).
      At first I hope I can just ignored what this guy did
      and continue our development,
      But after reading more evidences including the
      comments of his backers and others,
      I think I could endure it no longer.

      Christopher Price continues cheating his backers
      and all others that "his team" is developing an OS which
      is much better than other competitors (including android-x86):

      However, one year and a half later,
      the guy just copied and renamed android-x86
      and then claimed this is his amazing OS!

      All the developers of android-x86 including me
      have spent many sleepless nights to code,
      test and debug android-x86 to make it better,
      but this guy just copied it to deceive his backers.
      The dishonest actions do hurt the android-x86
      community very much.

      I have to clarify I'm not against the business.
      Using android-x86 to do some business is totally fine.

      If at the time his Kickstart campaign began,
      he honestly described he will use and ship
      a unmodified (just renamed) android-x86 product,
      and the backers still support it. I'm fine with it.

      If he does make some improvements based
      on the android-x86 code, I'm glad to see so.

      However, cheating the world that he is developing
      something amazing on Kickstart in 2014
      but finally just copied an open source project that
      he degraded at first (see the competitive chart on his site)
      is very immoral.

      When Kickstart campaign began in 2014, he promised
      you "A" (a much better stuff) and accept your money,
      but now he just deliver you "B" (a totally different stuff).
      If you are a backer, can you accept?
      If this is not a scam, what is a scam?

      IMO, Christopher Price and his Console OS is
      *a cancer* that lives by the nutrient of android-x86.
      If we can't cut it immediately, he will continue
      absorbing the effort of android-x86 and finally
      choke this project.

      So if you still cherish the small achievements
      we have done so far, please help me to
      stop this guy from hurting the community.
      I beg for your assistance including

      * If you know some media reporters,
      tell them the truth about Console OS.
      Ask your friends to publish some news
      about the failed story of Console OS.
      Forward letter to anyone who heard the
      Console OS and tell them the truth.
      * If you are a backer, tell Kickstart and other backers
      the facts. Question Kickstart why they allow
      such a scam existing on its platform.
      Consider to take legal action to stop the scam.
      * I believe some developers from the community
      are helping Christopher Price to make the fraud.
      I ask you stop doing so since you're playing with fire.

      Let us know if you have any other idea to stop this guy.

      Please keep the discussion rational in this thread.
      Avoid words that may result in flaming war.
      Also avoid simply reply like "I agree" or "I support you".
      Please express your support by doing the above items
      or any useful thing you think.

      Finally, if you still believe Christopher Price and his vaporware,
      just go away since you are not welcome.

      Android-x86 project