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We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

Why We’re Forking Android-x86 - And Avoiding a Shakedown

Posted by Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone, merry Christmas. We wanted to update you on how our staging of Console OS on GitHub is going, what we have left to do, and some recent controversy that has come up in the community.

A Brief History

Shortly after our Kickstarter ended, Intel suspended development of Android-IA for Intel Core processors. Later it extended this to all PC tablets as well. You will notice that Android-IA on Intel’s web site today only supports Minnowboard MAX - an IoT innovation board.

Some, in the past week, have accused us of being aware that this change was coming, while we were raising funds. Those detractors have accused us of fraud, raising money knowing we could not deliver Console OS going forward. This is not true.

To set the record straight, we sent several status updates, and engaged with Intel throughout our Kickstarter campaign. Before, during, and after. There were designated contacts, on both marketing and engineering, that coordinated with us throughout the campaign. Those contacts did not inform us of major revisions to Intel’s support, until after the Kickstarter campaign had ended.

It’s important to note what happens after a Kickstarter ends. We can’t refund people at that point. Kickstarter and Amazon Payments have taken their cuts, and our only path forward - is to deliver. Which, we still are determined to do so, even in the wake of Android-IA for PC hardware being halted.

To Intel’s credit, they have maintained their assistance with us, providing support where they could within the confines of changes to Android-IA, that came from the management level at Intel. We dialogued with them in-depth on how to move forward.

Our relationship with Intel remains strong, too. As we will outline at the end of this article, we are continuing to implement our vision, in spite of these upstream changes.

Ultimately, we decided to ship the final Android-IA base engine that we had been seeded with KitKat, and follow Hardware Voting surveys from our backers, which pushed us to get to Lollipop. This comprised the initial release that we made at the end of 2014, delivering Console OS KitKat to most target devices from the campaign.

A Year of Lollipop Logjams

For the past year, we have tried to jump start Android-IA for Lollipop, on PC hardware. We’ve open sourced dozens of kernel patches and tried time and time again to make Android-IA 5.0 work with PC hardware.

In short, we couldn’t. We wouldn’t say we failed, because Android-IA 5.0 never formally/publicly supported PC hardware (including PC tablets) to begin with. We did at brief periods, get it up and running. We even shipped a technical preview based on it. Feedback was negative, and we realized by around July of this year - that Android-IA was simply not sustainable today. Over time, support was getting worse for PC hardware, not better with each open-source release.

Unfortunately, this is coming at the very same time that Google is moving Android towards the PC, slated for around a year from now.

We hope this move will get Android-IA back on the track for PCs, Ultrabooks, and 2-in-1’s. But we cannot keep on waiting for the world to change. We started looking at other options. Frankly, giving up was a real possibility.

An Unreasonable Demand

By August, we realized that our best path forward, was to fork the project, and make significant design changes. It had made success with Linux kernel 4.0 in supporting modern Intel and AMD platforms with PC hardware.

We reached out to Chih-Wei Huang, the sole administrator of, who has been very critical of both Intel and Console in the past. We attempted to work with him, and even proposed a project to improve the boot loaders for all three Android/x86 distributions today.

Mr. Huang, unfortunately, demanded we pay him $50,000 in order to contribute and cooperate (PDF) with the project. This is an underhanded effort with the undercurrent of a threat. What happens if we didn’t pay him? We respectfully declined, and decided to move ahead.

The freedom to fork, is one that should not be infringed upon. Demanding money to collaborate on open-source contributions, or to even review code commits for inclusion, is absurd. It has driven us to a fork in the road, literally.

Chin-Wei Huang has, and still appears to, work for ASUS. We have a high level of respect for ASUS. But we cannot believe that an employee of ASUS would make such a demand, even in his own private open-source projects.

Unfortunately, in the wake of not paying what we consider to be grossly unreasonable, Chih-Wei Huang has unleashed a broad and ranting campaign against Console OS, and myself personally. It’s unfortunate and it’s a disgrace to open-source.

This is not how projects should interact. We have clearly extended every olive brach, even offered to connect Mr. Huang with Intel employees - to affirm our story and where we stand. He has refused, and we feel, because we weren’t willing to pay his bribery.

Chin-Wei Huang has said he will ban any supportive discussion of Console OS from the discussion groups. As such, we aren’t able to share our side of the story there.

Looking at it from the converse, had we paid Chih-Wei Huang the $50,000 that he sought from us… would he be posting these angry, divisive, and false rants today? We don’t think so.

Let’s be clear. Chih-Wei Huang is an excellent and talented engineer. The entire community owes him a technical debt of gratitude. And there have been some claims that we believe may have merit. We are hopeful, however, that we never have to test those merits. But we will not stand for his actions in relating to others in the community. It’s one thing to be a great engineer, it’s another to be a respectful community member.

We are willing to put this controversy in the past. We want the community to grow and continue going. Our efforts to fork it are not meant at attacking that community. We expect that code commits will be swapped back and forth between Console OS with Android, and, for the foreseeable future.

What We’re Doing Going Forward

Rebasing as a fork of allows us to stand out. We’ve started to build per-device, effectively serving as the CyanogenMod to their AOSP. We're working hard with Intel to enable new drivers, too.

These moves also allow us to ensure Console OS will always be free, via GitHub. When we sell Console OS, we plan to commit most revenue right back into open-source development. And sales of Console OS will not be in place of our GitHub distribution - it will be right alongside them.

We still have a lot of work to do. Our GitHub does not yet have our curated, finely tuned app assortment. It doesn’t have dozens of per-device build targets that we have been articulating. It still lacks Windows support. But we aren’t going to rush that, based on outside influences. In fact, we’re unfortunately going to move slower in staging, as a result.

Claims we haven’t been open and transparent with you, our backers, should be laid to rest with this update. While this painful process has further delayed us - it will not deter us.

Our vision is simple: You power up your PC, you choose Android, and it works easily, and it works great. By infusing Android-IA drivers into Console OS with Android, along with Windows integration, and making it a great open-source platform, we think we can still make that happen.

To that end, we have relaunched the Console OS Forums with full source code discussion areas and contribution sections. We’ll be participating in them and welcoming (productive) discussion of open-source builds, alongside our user builds. Our Wiki is being updated with build guides and each device page will be updated over the next couple of weeks to focus on Lollipop.

This is a new start for us. On the downside, it means some features we planned to implement, won’t happen any time soon. Some we will still be able to implement rapidly in the coming weeks and months. Others we will change based on the rapidly-moving Android ecosystem. For example, with the rise of HERE Maps and other solutions, we probably don't need our own mapping app anymore. Running multiple apps simultaneously is a task that Google has now taken on. We'll build atop these solutions, and make them more integrated with the PC.

But on the upside, it means we can start committing code on a weekly basis, and gestate per-device builds for dozens of devices right away. We have the infrastructure, and the resources, to start making meaningful contributions.

Rather than pay baseless demands, we’re going to put thousands of your Kickstarter dollars back into the community, rewarding others to contribute to Console OS in open-source, right alongside us on GitHub - and to other projects, too.

We’ll post the first details of our initiative to reward other developers in the AOSP-on-x86 space next week. Overall, we are glad we’re still in the fight - starting anew but sticking to our original goals… we may have been dealt a unpredictable hand of upstream defeats (which we did note was possible in the Risks section of our Kickstarter), but we’re still fighting to deliver.

We feel it’s a fight we can stand to win, and even ship Console OS with Android into your hands licensed with Google Play. We have checked off all the boxes on our end to that goal, including applying to the Open Handset Alliance. While we’re still waiting to hear back from Google, we won’t let that slow us down - we’re going to take Google at their word that things like the rules of the road for Android, will be applied equally. And we’ll let you know if they aren’t.

Finally, to our backers most of all... We certainly regret these delays. But once staging on GitHub has completed, we will begin regular and consistent updates of Console OS Lollipop to you - alongside shipping remaining perks. It has been a lost year for us, in the wake of losing Android-IA for the PC. But we aren't going to let that stop us. We thank those of you that have stuck with us, and stood up for us, in the face of this tumult and chaos - both in the community, and in Android itself.


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    1. MMV=$78K Payday! Backers got NOTHING! on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      The information on that site is biased and mostly incorrect. We have been open and transparent with backers, addressing stated risks, and we're excited to be preparing to ship Console OS Lollipop, aside with all remaining physical perks.

    3. Hifihedgehog on

      Then let the shakedown begin. Here is the real story of your abuse and interference towards the Android-x86 project. This began back months before the Console OS fundraiser ended, so there is clear evidence of a pattern of corruption since the very beginning:…

    4. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - That is his right, just as it is our right to fork Android-x86. We consider the matter resolved, though our door remains open to resolve differences with Chih-Wei Huang.

      If he continues to insist discussing that matter publicly, he is welcomed to do so on our forum - and we are just as willing to discuss it on the Android-x86 forum, if he chooses to engage such dialogue over there.

    5. allanin on

      @MMV The community didn`t offer you money. Don`t know why are telling us that story?

      Mr. Huangs involvement is not off-topic, because it shows that he is okay with using Android-x86 for commercial uses. The opposite of your statement in your update.

      He just didn`t want to work with you, because he thinks you are dishonest.

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - We have no idea about Android-x86's involvement in those projects. Frankly, they are off-topic. We will not respond to demands, but we did address why we have no interest in Mr. Huang's offer several times already.

      We are not interested in taking more money from the community until we ship our Lollipop releases, and move on to Marshmallow.

    7. allanin on

      Well, this campaign update is only one piece of the story:

      Mr. Huang offered Mr. Price $ 50000 if he could show only 10 of the already build-in features.

      Mr. Huang is very positive about RemixOS and PhoenixOS, which use both Android-X86.!msg/android-x86/DQJSgyqyrUg/Ou2llRPnEAAJ

    8. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Paul - We're sorry you feel that way, but it is frankly misplaced. We've been very open about what CPUs we can support, and which CPUs we hope to support.

      There are some entanglements such as GPUs that are non-trivial in the Android space. We made releases with Intel's kernel, and we'll continue to do so with our new kernel.

      While it's not assured, using a community-based kernel will actually increase the odds of us targeting and supporting older CPUs and devices - though admittedly, this will be in part up to community device maintainers.

      We don't want you to feel upset at us over something that may be trivial. What CPU does your Samsung notebook have?

    9. Paul Mackel on

      Well I can only say I'm pleased I only donated $10 to the console project. I have been made aware it doesn't and won't support my CPU in my Samsung notebook. Apparently it's too old... Oh well, not much lost for nothing gained. What a SCAM! I've learned the hard way and now give up on seeing anything fruitful coming out of this project. Goodbye you bunch of thieves.....

    10. Paul Mackel on

      Well I can only say I'm pleased I only donated $10 to the console project. I have been made aware it doesn't and won't support my CPU in my Samsung notebook. Apparently it's too old... Oh well, not much lost for nothing gained.

    11. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Mario - That's exactly what we're doing. We're starting on a new path by forking Android-x86, in the wake of Android-IA from Intel for PC hardware being discontinued.

      Had Intel informed us this would happen right when our Kickstarter campaign had ended (and not months later), we would have cancelled the project and issued refunds. Unfortunately, Intel did not discontinue supporting PC hardware in their kernel until later in 2015.

    12. Mario Barretta on

      This is a bad news and at the same time a bad service for the crowdfounding system taht will have surely less supporters after these problems.

      This project has been "suspect" from the begin after a lot of promises and wrong communications :(

      I've founded a loto of services with kickstarter or indiegogo and others and they have very often gone to the end ( f.e. MYO or OUYA or GAMESTICK or MOOV or Leap motion or Airtame etc etc ).

      When someone had some problems they have ever refunded or founded other ways to satisfy their backers that at the moment are not satisfied

    13. allanin on

      @MMV Why do you not let the community, your backers, decide if it is approriate?

      At all other occursions you used the backers as an argument that you had to do something.

      I know here a lot of people who would like to be refunded in order to spend the money to Android-x86.

      Frankly, lets do a vote and find out!

    14. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Bibek - The moment a Kickstarter ends, both Amazon Payments and Kickstarter take their cuts of the funds. The amount of money we receive, is actually considerably less than what you sent.

      At the time, Intel had told us that Android-IA on Core was suspended, and that PC tablet support would continue. Considering we had a stable build of KitKat for Core, we continued development on the basis that Core support would likely resume, and that we could take on that work ourselves.

      Unfortunately by January, Intel decided to terminate Android-IA for PC Tablets as well. At that point, we had spent considerable funds licensing and developing Console OS. And we still are. But we cannot refund people at this point - the money just isn't there, as it was first taken by Amazon/Kickstarter, and then we used further funds to continue development.

      The good news is, we feel we're back on track - moving forward as a fork of As mentioned, next week we're going to do two things: Unveil a rewards program for developers to contribute code alongside us, as well as begin differentiating our fork of Android-x86 further.

      We will ship any remaining perks after Lollipop ships - and we don't think it's appropriate to consider refunding people today. As noted in our Risks section, upstream changes to Android could impact our project. While it's unfortunate that they did, we're still here, still working to make it happen.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bibek Barahi on

      Oh!! We have an update.
      So far I have backed 2 kickstarter projects. One Console"whatever" and another "Firestick". Waited for Firestick for a year after Kickstarter campaign but they never delivered and at last after 14 months they stopped development and were able to refund backers money via amazon payments. Now, have been said that, I do not understand why MMV says that refund is not possible. It is possible, if you want to do it.

      But if you guys can deliver atleast a working version of Android to the listed devices owners, you'll make few people content (not happy).

    16. allanin on

      @ET3D: They are no longer called Mobile Media Ventures. They changed recently their name ;-)

      You may also have a look here:…

    17. ET3D on

      Mobile Media Ventures, I wish you a successful 2016. Keep up the work and don't be discouraged.

    18. Dennis S. on

      @MMV Like you said, the more speed cOS picks up the more AMD will be inclined to start supporting this and others better. It will get there, just keep doing what you are doing. As some have said, I pitched in $10 to this and that means I will be there when it happens. Should I get around to rebuilding my machine and go Intel, then that is just gravy and will be waiting for me. Thanks for trying either way.

    19. allanin on

      @Dave: The sentence of the community is almost worth the $10 we invested ;-)…

    20. Dave McAlister on

      Whatever mate. You've taken our money and, in exchange, just provided worthless excuses that blame everyone else for your failure. I'm glad I only wasted $10!

    21. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Good morning all,

      We've finished our updates to (hence the updated domain name).

      In case you're wondering why we're doing that web work this weekend - it's because we're staging SSL certificates to further enhance the security. is getting similar treatment later today.

      The SSL certs are expected in the coming week - these are the moves to consolidate around a single certificate of authority. It also improves SEO, but that's a secondary benefit for us right now.

      Again, Console OS will always be free via GitHub. But for our maintained, weekly builds - we'll now have an account management system that is secured end-to-end between you and us.

    22. allanin on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Cykit - Our GitHub is pretty concrete. Despite some claims to the contrary, it has differentiation from Android-x86 already. There's a lot more to come. We've said to you, personally, the changes thus far, and what we're preparing to push.

      Continuing to make the same negative commentary day after day, is not productive - and frankly, it violates community guidelines. You and @aias have both said your part, several times, across the past week.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cykit on

      Hey Mr. MMV, quick advise: posting propaganda does not work for your backers. All these empty words could not cover the truth that you delivered nothing. Let me pick these big words: shared paths, policies, not quit, moving forward, so on ad so forth, is there anything concrete? Zero. And a legal team? You may really need one soon I guess. Not the imaginary friend type of legal team though....oh, BTW, it's not only @aias, or me, or so many backers here are frustrated. Your story is all over the internet now in case you did not notice. The consensus of the community may not entertain you though. Good luck. Remember, codes don't lie.

    25. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - You've said your part. We've explained why Android-IA for PC being discontinued has affected our project. We shared our path going forward. We shared this update with Intel, prior to posting.

      Just because Android-IA for the PC was halted, does not mean we should shut down, or cry in the corner. We haven't taken a dime of additional funding from the community - and we're not going to until we ship a polished and differentiated series of Lollipop builds. If and when we do take more money, we'll have policies in place that send it right back into the community.

      We are not here to assign guilt, and we're not going to quit. We're moving forward, and there's little point to belittling us about it. It doesn't change our direction, and continuing to post the same points over and over again... doesn't help anyone.

    26. allanin on

      Frankly, there is nothing new in this update.

      Let me summarize it:

      - Mr. Price and MechaWorks, MVV, Console Inc. is not guilty of not delivering, but all other are.

      - We are getting no release date, but they say they will work after this holiday weekend for several weeks until they are able to release something. -> Lets guess end of February, maybe March 2016 (that would be 2 years in total)

      - They tell us again something about legal stuff so they can`t tell us how much money is left.

      I am wondering if Mr. Price would be able to keep his Intel Black Belt for great community work if Intel would actually read or maybe just care ;-)

    27. Miguel Angel Martinez II on

      Sucks to hear that happened..

      I would be interested in the whole email history lol but unnecessary really, I don't care that much.

      Glad to see you guys decided to fork the repo and have everything on github! That's awesome! I'll be sure to follow there ^^

      Thanks for all the hard work and the continued updates here, much appreciated! <3

    28. jorlinn on Linux on

      Thank you for the update and I wish you (and all of my fellow backers) the best.

      I can't chastise you for committing to an Android project by the main manufacturer of PC CPU's, Intel, only to see it cancelled by Intel itself, possibly in reaction to the plans expressed by Google.

      People, please realise that Mobile Media Ventures can't look into the future. None of us can.

      I'm not a lawyer, but as far as I have understood the Apache 2.0 License (which is the license that Android-X86 currently falls under), it is not required to pay compensation in order to be able to contribute to that project.
      It does state that any derivatives should also be published under the Apache 2.0 license.

    29. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - We would like to support AMD, but only very recently has AMD begun to express interest in Android on PC hardware. Unfortunately their open-source driver (Mesa) really hasn't checked off all the boxes for OpenGL ES support. They keep working on it, and now we can invite them to work with us to do it. The more traction a managed, commercial solution like Console OS gets... the more rational there is for AMD to spend the effort needed to get their Mesa GPU driver in ship-shape condition.

      NVIDIA, to their credit, has committed to doing such in 2016 with their Kepler driver and Nouveau. We're excited about that, and look forward to NVIDIA, Vulkan, and Console OS with Android delivering better-than-Xbox-quality graphics in tandem.

    30. allanin on

      @Dennis AMD is not supported by ConsoleOS. Only some Intel Chipsets...

    31. Dennis S. on

      As I backed this more as a curiosity then a need, I'd rather wait longer and have something that works out of the box for me instead of like my last OS decision which has been patch after patch that adds more problems then solutions. Just PLEASE deliver something that will actually work. Ultimately all I'm looking for is to run my media apps on my AMD PC natively rather then thru an emulator. I have faith in you.

    32. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - We feel there is certainly enough to ship backer perks after we get Lollipop done. Our legal team has advised us not to comment on that as we are a private company, and it could impact raising funds in the future to share financial data publicly. While crowdfunding was made legal lately, there are still some legal ambiguities about what we can and can't share.

      We'd rather air on the side of caution and deliver remaining perks after Console OS Lollipop ships formally, then move forward.

    33. allanin on

      how much money is left after1,5 years?

    34. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jonathan - Responding to claims like this has been a major challenge. We had to meet with technical partners, and ask them what we could - and could not share - about topics like Android-IA. Even with multiple people working on it, it has been very time consuming.

      However, we hope that this update is comprehensive, and gives the community the full view - so that we can get back to pushing code to GitHub without distraction. We hope to resume that after the holiday weekend.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonathan De Leon on

      Can you tell exactly why moving to GitHub is slow? How has this malicious campaign affected that? Care to provide an ETA and this time try to actually meet the deadline?

    36. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Karol - RemixOS today is built to specific hardware. We'd be willing to have more conversations, but with our latest pivot - we're focused on doing that stuff in open-source now. It will be slower, but that way, there won't be any licensing required. We'd rather fund the community to work with us, and implement that vision in open-source today.

      @Jonathan - We really dislike posting private emails. We made a rare exception because we felt it was important for people to see what was the cause of the current disinformation campaign against us. The only subsequent reply we did not post, was the one from us echoing what we said in the Kickstarter post - respectfully declining to pay money that Mr. Huang sought.

      If Mr. Huang disputes this fact, we'll post it too.

    37. Karol Putra on

      @MMV I can only say this:
      1. Android-x86 already works perfectly on f.e. Asus T100TA and actually... many other ConsoleOS devices. Because of that, I think you should focus on finally developing the ConsoleOS features... In the current pace you will never release anything you said you would...
      2. Try to partner up with RemixOS/Remix Mini team - Jide. Introduce them to your idea, to Android-x86 source and make RemixOS a PC OS - maybe even with your features, but frankly and maybe disrespectfully - I don't believe you could code those features.

      I hope that at least Jide would try and release more of RemixOS-x86 (there are some baytrail-T builds already).

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonathan De Leon on

      Tell you what, publish the entire mail chain and not just a piece and let us draw our own conclusions.

      Let's hope a year from now we don't look back at this and see that again, nothing has been delivered.

      Can you tell exactly why moving to GitHub is slow? How has this malicious campaign affected that? Care to provide an ETA and this time try to actually meet the deadline?

      I do hope you make substantial contributions to the open source project but only time will tell.

    39. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Kieran - We received dozens of requests for an explanation of what happened with Android-IA for the PC. When we don't post updates, we're attacked. When we post updates, people complain we're posting too much detail. Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn't let us gradient updates based on backer preferences (for more or fewer updates). Perhaps you should disable updates from Kickstarter, and wait for the release email for Lollipop from us.

      We are on GitHub - that is neither a delay nor an excuse. We have explained why GitHub staging has been slow, and it is in part due to a malicious campaign - due to our unwillingness to pay a shakedown-grade request.

    40. allanin on

      and the next lie in your reply.

      he wanted that you donate the money to the android-x86 and not which are you implying that you pay the money to him.

      that is cleary stated in his mail!

      do you even read before you try to answer?

    41. Kieran Lane on

      Can you not just leave us alone without the bullshit excuses - its Christmas! Every update is... Excuse, Feature Promised won't happen/will take longer, Excuse... Though the joke that KitKat was delivered as promised is always hilarious, trh running it and using it daily... It's a pile of rubbish. Think we've all given up on this, you took money and either wasted it and failed or succeeded in your scam.

    42. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - We feel that is a distinction without a difference. See our update for why.

      Clearly the response from Mr. Huang in the wake of not paying him the money that he sought, has been quite clear. Had we paid him the money he sought, he would not be making false and inflammatory attacks today.

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jonathan - That statement from Chih-Wei Huang at the top of your post, is incorrect. We believe it was likely intentional and misleading, due to our refusal to pay his demand money.

      We have established per-device build targets, added Intel-built enhanced graphics drivers, and have more to come.

      We have dozens more per-device build targets staged, Windows support, more apps, more revisions, and per-device improvements to add still, and that's what is just being staged right now.

      When we decide to rebase on Marshmallow will be based on the availability of drivers from Intel, and the stability of our own target device trees... not due to threats from others.

    44. allanin on

      such a big lie in your update...
      "Mr. Huang, unfortunately, demanded we pay him $50,000 in order to contribute and cooperate"

      in his mail it is clearly stated "Donate $50.000 to Android-X86..."

      shame on you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathan De Leon on

      "Since the "code of Console OS" is just a copy
      of Android-x86 lollipop-x86 branch.
      To disillusion the scam quicker,
      I decide to STOP development of lollipop-x86 entirely.
      We will focus on the marshmallow-x86 branch
      to make it stable as soon as possible."

      Well I guess for the 10 bucks I payed at least I'm getting some good internet drama to entertain myself.

      It will be interesting to see if you "copy" them again and move as well to marshmallow.

      IF the email asking for money is real, I would guess based on what I read, that it was simply meant to give the money you received from this campaing into Android-x86, given you just took the entire code, that would mean you got money for basically just giving their work and even though it is open source, it doesn't change the fact that it is NOT what you promised.

      Again, I will just wait and see if you actually delivered something as amazing as what the project was originally, although I'm not holding my breath.

      In case you were just actually an underqualified and inexperienced team of people who got in way over their heads and fail miserably, keep trying, no hardfeelings from me.

    46. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Cykit - We respectfully disagree. We won't pay hush money, we won't respond to demands in that way. We may have to move slower as a result - but we delivered Console OS KitKat as outlined, and we'll deliver on our commitment with Console OS Lollipop.

      GitHub is the first in a long-coming wave of those deliveries. Our rewards program for independent developers, which we'll start unveiling next week, will be the next step.

    47. Missing avatar

      Cykit on

      Well, Mr. Price, to a backer there is a fundamental difference between you and Chih-Wei Huang: He delivers, you don't. Further, he delivers for free, you never deliver after one and a half years, with our money. It is not a matter of ASUS, your communications, people who attacked your forum, or the weather, El Nino. It is you, carrying money raised from your backers, promised again and again, but always fail to deliver, and then blaming whatever you could blame to get excused. How do you call people like that? I would like to know.

    48. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sebastian - At the time, we were not using Android-x86 as our base kernel. That is changing, and we're explaining why it has changed recently.

      The releases of Console OS available at are still based on Android-IA. Future releases of Console OS Lollipop will be a fork of Android-x86 with components from Android-IA integrated, as well as an upgrade to our overlay of Console OS KitKat - plus, with per-device build targets that are finely tuned per-device.

      We are not here to cast blame. We are explaining why Android-IA for the PC is not viable for us as a base kernel going forward, and why we are not simply contributing to the project - due to the vile demands that we pay, to do so.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      Ok, let me get this straigt.For months people have been saying that Console OS is basically Android-x86, and you where rebuking them and said it isn't so. And no you admit that yes, Console OS is a fork of Android-x86 (with some additions by you).
      First you denied the truth, and now you are trying to sell your admission as transparency?
      And you are still, of course, blaming everybody for all the problems this project has been facing. But god forbid you ever assume responsibility yourself...