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We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

Why Lollipop is Such a Pain to Get Working (And, our rollout this week)

Posted by Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. (Creator)

Hello everyone, this is a busy week for us.

We’re going to be rolling out a lot of stuff… including our first Lollipop builds to backers. They’re being uploaded right now, and will be available over the next day or two. Another Kickstarter update will follow. Unlike KitKat, which we are also expanding access to this week, these will be backer-only for now.

We want to set the expectations right, so please note that these initial Lollipop builds are purely a technology preview, and not ready for general use. Device support will expand over the next month – so don’t be disappointed as we focused support on only a couple of configurations… we’re hoping to ship many more this month.

Why release a preview build? So you can see that we are moving forward with Lollipop.

While we are improving our Lollipop builds, we are going to continue to push and promote KitKat, Android on Core processors, and Android for 2-in-1's... while also refreshing our Wiki support documents with additional tips, tricks, and workarounds.

While we are improving our Lollipop builds, we are going to continue to push and promote KitKat, while also refreshing our Wiki support documents with additional tips, tricks, and workarounds. Our forums and the KitKat public rollout will arrive this week.

Many are asking why Lollipop has been such a pain. This is not a startup or Kickstarter-level-funding issue… it’s affecting every Android platform developer; giant and tiny.

The Technical Details

Both HTC and Motorola Mobility have recently come out saying the same thing - getting Lollipop to work has been much tougher than expected. No Intel-based Android device - other than Google’s own Nexus Player - is running Lollipop just yet. It’s no surprise then that over 99% of Android users (on the ARM or x86 sides of the aisle) are still running KitKat (or earlier).

At the same time, to grow Console OS, we have to push forward with Lollipop. In the future, supporting and sustaining KitKat would mean investing in code that Android/AOSP no longer supports. We’ve realized that it would be a losing game.

Just a mere two weeks ago, we were finally able to get access to all the private drivers and bits of code needed to support the same Intel Atom devices that we had targeted with our original release plans, now with Lollipop-capable drivers. We couldn’t affirm that we had the code… until we had it.

What we’ve found over the past six weeks (including, in particular, the last two weeks), is that Lollipop rewrites a lot of the fundamental code that gets Android up and running. That is why everyone is struggling with it.

Specifically, the AOSP 5.0 kernel lacks formal support for Intel Core processors, and the UEFI fastboot stack knocks down most of our existing bootloader support. Now that we have all the right tools, we can work on tackling these upstream issues.

On the bright side, Google & Co made these platform-level decisions so that major components would not have the rug pulled out from under them down the road. For example, UEFI devices on Android will now act identically to other Android devices - enabling us to push out firmware updates over-the-air with ease. But it will take time for us to rebuild the entire Console OS platform.

Two Big Things Coming Soon

Making good use of our time, behind the scenes, what we've been doing is building one reference platform that we can then branch out and support a broad range of devices.

We will be introducing that new reference device at Mobile World Congress, at Intel’s booth. We can’t share more on that topic just yet, obviously… so hang in there until the first week in March. It will show we haven’t been idle all this time, despite a laggard access to the bits of code we needed.

Opening Up Console OS

Finally, while Lollipop is quite painful, it has opened the door to us taking Console OS open source. The same changes that make Lollipop such a technical challenge, also give us the potential to finally open up Console OS.

We realize there are other Android on x86 solutions out there that are open source. There really are two - One that is not meant for end-users, and the other we have lost confidence in delivering commercial success. We think Console OS can deliver a new balance in this equation, and we look forward to taking it open source over the next few months. We can't do it just yet, but we are working hard on it.

We promise that when we do, we will put your Kickstarter money to work encouraging open-source developers to contribute improvements. Improvements that everyone in the Android world will benefit from.

While Lollipop has been a swift kick in the rear in terms of our development timetable, it has opened the door to us doing what we’ve wanted to do - make it so that anyone can build, and more importantly, contribute, to Console OS. And that is going to be our mandate for the first half of this year. In the mean time, we are going to open up Console OS DR1 with KitKat to everyone for free download, starting over the next week.


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    1. MMV=$78K Payday! Backers got NOTHING! on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. MMV=$78K Payday! Backers got NOTHING! on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. blazingwolf on

      I know it's been a week since you requested help with the website but I was able to get in and change my password with no issues. :)

    4. David Trasviña on

      First I would like to say that I currently love what you guys are doing with console os, every bit of it. Now the reason I backed the project is because I can't find a single good manga reading app on the windows 8 store, searching for weeks theres some that come close to what I want but not close to what I use on an android, so what I want to ask now is that, is there a dev kit thats good enough to run manga apps like "Manga Rock" and have reading mode enabled? my tablet has an "Asus Reading Mode" i love when i open reading apps

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Riemersma on

      Gotta love the password craziness.

      Of course I can't get anywhere, it says I'm registered but i have no clue what the password should be and maybe I'm blind but I can't find any "password-reset tool" anywhere either.

    6. Robert Hoppe on

      Thank you. It is working now.

    7. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, we could use your help testing something. We think we're ready to go... but we need some web services beta testing.

      If you are a Kickstarter backer, go to and reset your password. Your email address is the login - reset your password using the password-reset tool so that you have a unique one.

      We think we have all the bugs out of the system, we don't want to roll out Lollipop until we put it under a little stress after the Amazon situation yesterday.

    8. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Robert - Ouch. Send an email to with your old Facebook email and the new email you want us to use. Let us know if you don't hear back for some reason.

    9. Robert Hoppe on

      Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to even get these software and updates. I made the mistake of creating a Kickstarter account using my Facebook account which does not seem to work with the login information you sent ages ago. I tried using the e-mail address used in Facebook which does not work and you've yet to respond to my polite e-mails asking for assistance. I'm starting to feel like a backer that is being left out in the cold here.

    10. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Mark - Thanks, it was always our intent to take Console OS open-source, but we were blocked due to too many proprietary components in KitKat.

      @Sebastian - We're beating around the bush here a bit. Our goal is to get Console OS in a stable and easy-to-access state for both end-users and OEMs. We wouldn't be targeting existing devices if we a pure OEM strategy.

      At the same time, when it comes to operating systems, very few people actually install a second OS. Geeks do, but are not the average user. That is why Valve is building Steam Machines and why we're building iConsole hardware... alongside making Console OS stable enough for OEM use too.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      @MMV: I disagree.
      If you sell to OEMs, your product may reach end-users, but you have to be more concerned with getting OEMs interested in your product. And OEMs look for different things than end-users. OEMs love to control platforms, add their branding, add ad-ware (to get some money from other companies) etc. Nothing of this is in my interest as an end-user.
      Yes, it's true that most people get their software through OEMs, but you're lying to yourself and to us if you say that making Console OS interesting for OEMs is the same as targeting end-user.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      I have two comments. First, thank you for the update and keeping us backers in the loop of what's been going on, especially through your challenges. I understand the problems you're experiencing with the new platform (Lollipop) thanks to these communications and we all knew that delays were a risk, which is why you put it to us to vote on Lollipop support. I'm glad you're taking the action that you are.

      My second comment is actually more important in my opinion. I applaud you making the decision to open source Console OS. While I'm not sure what that does to our backer reward tiers since I'm assuming no license purchases will be required for personal use, I am a STRONG supporter of open source projects and am extremely pleased that I was able to contribute to Console OS as an open source project. Frankly I was surprised it was going to be closed source to begin with so I am glad to see the change and very happy with your decision. Thank you for giving back to the community and for the courage to share your technology with everyone.

      Keep up the good work.

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schoonover on

      I'm still hopeful, but I am disappointed that there is nothing yet for me to play with on my Dell Venue 8 Pro.

    14. P. Vandeyar on

      Appreciate the update. I'm a bit antsy because every time I get an update I'm hoping its for my Asus T100TA.
      Keep plodding away guys(gender neutral), I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    15. blazingwolf on

      I have been hoping for a build for the ASUS T100. While I'm disappointed that it still hasn't come, I'm hopeful that you guys will be able to get it soon . :)

      As for the haters, I would just ignore them. They are going to hate no matter what you do.

      Haters and whiners go away. Your boring. :P

    16. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sebastian - Obviously to target end-users, you go through OEMs. That is how the vast majority of people obtain a new operating system, with the purchase of a new PC.

      @Stewart - I'm not sure 'hari-kari' is a word we've used around the Skype chats, but we hear you - Lollipop has been up there. Still, in a few months, we invite you to take a look at some of our open-source initiatives where we'll be offering incentives for open contributions.

      @Tyler - We're hard at work on it. We had to get Lollipop and Bay Trail 64-bit working together. Now we're stepping down to 32-bit / UEFI32. So, hopefully it will now be measured in weeks, not months. Still, we just got all the needed tools two weeks ago, but we'll keep you posted.

    17. Missing avatar

      ZV on

      I am sure most everyone has given up on this. I have. Money wasted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      Do you see the irony of MMV smack-talking other Intel ports of Android, while everything they say does apply to Console OS as well?
      'One that is not meant for end-users, and the other we have lost confidence in delivering commercial success' -- There is currently no Console OS for end-users, DR1 was buggy and ony ran on some devices, barely. And MMV said more than once that they are aiming at OEMs to include Console OS. So even going forward end-users are only an afterthougth.
      And considering how little MMV has to show right now, any confidence in them seems to be misplaced.

    19. Casey A. on

      Having participated in a process to convert kernel code from Arm to Intel I am happy to hear that you all haven't committed hari-kari by now.. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to being able to run lolipop on my Alienware laptop someday.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bledsoe on

      While I appreciate that this is groundbreaking work and that takes time, is there currently any sort of expected ETA on the Asus T100TA support? As some have stated, this was expected to be one of the first devices to have support so I was disappointed to find it not included in the initial release. Not gonna fuss like others have done; just hoping for any more info you can give! :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephen Taylor on

      I rarely post, but victors post was inspirational.

      Thanks for the update. There are always unkown unkowns in development, and anyone with enough braincells to rub together appreciates that. Really appreciate the openness and honesty, you've been doing a stellar job. Looking forward to KitKat - you guys rock!

      And Victor, you are, in all niceness, a complete twat.

    22. Karol Putra on

      I'm very happy to read this update.
      I don't care much about when you'll roll out fully functionaly Lollipop for my Asus T100.I just hate the huge spaced Windows which is simply way worse then Android. I wish you good luck and less painful developing process.

      You definitely know this, but maybe some of your backers don't, but you are changing the world of PC here.
      It's so weird to me that people critise me because I think Android is better than Windows. They'll all see how much better Android will be. So few RAM needed to work with blazing fast performance, really great UX and the best personalization ever plus richness of features while using so few disk space.

      By the way. ConsoleOS team, is setting a SSD drive as the main, os drive, going to mean that Android will work even faster then ever? (sounds logical to me).

    23. Grant Stolk on

      Sounds good. I know mostly only the whiners are posting, so just wanted to say I appreciate the hard work you're putting into this project and keeping us informed. I look forward to when I can install ConsoleOS on my Atom x86 Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130. Keep up the great work guys! Some of us have some patience.

    24. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      First we apologize to everyone for the paragraph repeat above... ever since Kickstarter's data breach, the tools to post updates prevent us from doing that as a team, so it's a bit cumbersome to say the least.

      @Victor - We couldn't disagree more. As we noted, AOSP 5.0 lacks formal support for Intel Core processors.

      We have to show that the industry (that means users like you) want Android to be awesome on high-performance 2-in-1 devices... and we have to demonstrate it right now, or it simply won't happen for years to come.

      While processors like Snapdragon 810 and Tegra X1 are bilstering fast, PCs they are not.

      We have to show that people with XPS 12's, Yoga 2 13's, Tap 11's... that they want native Android. Shipping Console OS KitKat to everyone will give us active users and put that kind of high-performance experience into everyone's hands quickly.

      At the same time, you Kickstarter backers will get exclusive access to our very first Lollipop builds, and watch as we reach out and support device-by-device.

      We clearly have said that we now have the tools to deliver Android for devices like your ASUS T100. We also clearly said we only got access to all the needed tools a couple of weeks ago. We're working hard on it, but insults are neither helpful nor productive.

    25. Missing avatar

      Victor Macavero on

      Blah, blah blah. Still waiting for a T100 release (was promised as a reference months ago).
      And what about opening to all ?
      This is D I S R I S P E C T F U L.
      Good luck folks. Fool me once...