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We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already.
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dave Constant on

      Good morning.
      I've not posted publicly as the developers were keeping in regular contact when I had questions.
      My most recent message has gone unanswered and the console os web forums are nothing but spam.
      I understand taking a risk when backing a project, and that many people will not worry about the loss of $10 USD.
      For the three of use who pledged over $1,000 USD we are paying attention, and desire results for everyone,
      Do you wish to comment on the status of your web forums?
      Do you wish to comment on the possibility of refunds for all backers?
      We look forward to you public reply.
      Dave C

    2. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, as you have noticed, portions of our site have gone on lockdown. This is because we have pushed the final text for our next wave of announcements, and they're significant enough for us to take the prior pages down in the mean time.

      @Chamil - Please check your spam filter as everyone else has gotten multiple releases from us. You can confirm this by logging in and tabbing over to the updates tab, and scrolling.

      @Oliver - We're sorry you feel that way. We have announced new devices with Intel processors. It's unfortunate that Intel chose to discontinue Android support for traditional PC hardware, but that was confirmed by them long ago.

      We're moving ahead despite that, and we have been very open with backers about what we're working on - it was a stated risk that we depended on that technology.

    3. Yu Cheng on

      Woah it's been 3 years since I lost my 10 bucks.

    4. Chamil Kulasekera on

      I haven't received any link to download software all this time? How to get the software and use it?

    5. Oliver Max on

      What a scam. No updates still. They blame everything on Intel.

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @dan02743 - We are not simply rebranding Teclast tablets. We've posted in-depth what we're doing with Teclast, including modifying antennas, Wi-Fi radios, and most importantly, the firmware, to be US-certified and perform better in the United States. Your claims about what we're building, are just incorrect.

      We hope to make ConsoleTab a success, but no major company is funding this work, so your patience is appreciated...

    7. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jeff Bristow - We disagree and we're sorry you feel that way. Intel pulled the plug on Android support for PCs. That's darn clear, and it's darn simple. We have rolled with those punches, and we're proud of what we're doing today.

    8. Missing avatar

      dan02743 on

      @Jeff, I don't think they will fail to deliver their hardware. What they will be delivering, however, will surely be overpriced telcast tablets rebranded under their own moniker. Which is fine as they claim they have an agreement in place to do that. This ConsoleOS nonsense they pedaled with passing Android-x86 off as their own work is just shameful and their claims that they have delivered because they have downloads to that is shadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and dishonest. Unsatisfied backers should really be refunded. It shouldn't be an "option" only if the hardware is successful (how would we even know if they are successful?). Nobody can trust this "company"

    9. Jeff Bristow on

      MMV - If you move into hardware and then get backers who drop significant amounts of money, not just $10 you will find yourself battling a lot of people in court when you don't deliver. Most of us simply don't care that we lost $10 on this venture. At this point I don't care about the reasons why this project has been a failure but I certainly know that nobody that is familiar with your company will back any future projects of yours.

    10. Missing avatar

      dan02743 on

      So instead of refunding your backers, you have chosen to rebrand and pivot to hardware? Seems rather fruitless when y'all couldn't manage to deliver on anything promised in your campaign. A better, and I'd say smarter PR move would have been to save some face and refund those who put money down to support your venture rather than to simply shift the blame on Intel. Just my 2 cents... (not that you deserve to get another penny from me)

    11. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Andrew - Intel pulled the plug on Android. Not us. It was a stated risk that Android could change upstream. It was a shared risk, for us and for backers.

      Despite this, we're working to offer alternate options, and if possible, courtesy refunds to people with our upcoming products.

    12. Missing avatar

      andrew on

      So does changing your company name absolve you of delivering console.os?

      Sure seems like you spend more time on ridiculous PR hype then delivering anything..

    13. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, our New Year's Day update has been posted:

    14. Missing avatar

      kisamesama on

      ok I never complained about the situation.. but no update for a while now... what is going on???

    15. Carsan Yee on

      Haven't checked in a long while. Will anything be delivered for my pledge?

    16. Missing avatar

      Philip Chan on

      Been disappointed, I requested a refund nearly 1 year ago and still haven't received it

    17. Ruthaniel van den Naar on

      How to get my 10 bucks get, need i spam and be rude? I invested lots of time to monitoring ConsoleOS very small progress and i received nothing in comparision with Android-X86 and Remix, which are 100% free.

    18. Wesley Verdin on

      I think it's time for refunds... Although I'm sure I'll never see that money again. You've spent it all while selling us bullshit.

    19. RiceFryer on

      I want to get refund .

    20. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Alejandro - Four months after our Kickstarter ended, Intel pulled promised support. While we've been trying to deliver since, we have had to pivot to hardware. Please tab over to Updates to see the crossgrade and courtesy refund options we will be rolling out later this year.

      With Google poised to move Android away from the Linux kernel, we don't think it's a good time to return to developing Console OS. We think people in that space, now that Google has announced this move, are throwing bad money after good at this point. We have to see what Andromeda, and its impact to Android will be, before revisiting that space at all.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alejandro C on

      Hello, is there any news for Dell Venue 8 Pro? Just checked your wiki and it states it's still not supported. Been waiting a long time...

    22. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      One quick ConsoleTab update - as mentioned on Twitter, we have begun intaking redesigned keyboard samples for final validation and testing:

      We apologize for the delay, but as mentioned in our keyboard update, this redesigned keyboard (sans second battery) will both lower the cost of ConsoleTab, and allow us to quickly ship ConsoleTab without further delays to the keyboard.

    23. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Devon - First, we began shipping Console OS builds in the timeframes stated, right up until Intel discontinued CPU support for Android on PC. Claims we haven't delivered on-time are false.

      We have addressed the libelous claims by Chih-Wei Huang in a past update, we won't rehash that matter again.

      Finally, we have worked with our manufacturing partners to ensure that nobody will have to pay for ConsoleTab until it is ready to be built, and delivery would then be backed by the manufacturer (Teclast). So, we have addressed that concern as well.

    24. Missing avatar

      Devon Hall on

      A person like Christopher Price who has not delivered a promise on his backers but intends for people to preorder Consoletabs is ultimately highly suspicious. If you seriously in your right damn mind need to do that in order for your kickstarter project to survive, you either have no clue how to do business or you are an absolute liar just scamming people. Back in February, according to some articles, you were caught by Chi Wei Huang before of what you have done especially giving false hopes to every backers (including me) by failure to deliver everything as promised. And still to this day, you continue to give out false news without doing exactly everything as you were told to do so. I have no hopes for this project any longer and I seriously regret backing this project in the beginning.

    25. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Tal - The latest information is in our last update on the topic:

      We're still hoping to get that process under way by the end of the year. As we noted in our last updates on the Console Blog, we have completed the final round of necessary retooling to ConsoleTab and hope to have it up for pre-order shortly.

    26. Tal Tabakman on

      This has been a very disappointing process. I'd like a refund please.

    27. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Seth - That's not true. We licensed a totally different kernel from Intel called Android-IA for PC. Unfortunately 4-5 months after our campaign ended, Intel abruptly halted the joint effort. We made an attempt to revive things with Android-x86, but between bugs in that kernel, and Andromeda inbound... we aren't regretting out decision to pivot to hardware.

    28. Seth Jones on

      I want to know why, you weren't coding your own stuff and relying on Intel for the code. You forked Android x86 and didn't contribute anything to the code except changing the copyright items.

    29. Missing avatar

      Philip Chan on

      Can I have a refund please.

    30. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, a quick Friday update. We're getting settled in to our new office. Paperwork is still flying on that front, but we finally got a solid data line in there.

      Our shopping cart tests over the past week, yielded some issues with fees being charged during the pre-order signup process for residents in California. While these aren't final until the pre-orders are confirmed, we do want to make sure that stuff is accurate from day-one, so we're going to work through the weekend to fix that.

      We're not saying things will open up next week, but we're hopeful. If things change, we'll keep you posted.

    31. De on

      So how do I get a refund?

    32. Seth Jones on

      I'd like a refund please.

    33. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Scott72 - We don't want to commit to a final number just yet as we're in the middle of our office move:

      We apologize for the delay, the double-whammy of having to redesign the Docking Keyboard, combined with issues sourcing our enhanced, USA-friendly Wi-Fi radio, cost us that launch window. Our lease is up, and we have to move this weekend.

      As soon as we get settled in to our new office in - and that may take a few days - we'll set a new date for pre-ordering and give pricing guidance. No further spec changes are planned beyond the good news in the link above - ConsoleTab is headed to certification right now.

    34. Scott72 on

      Ok, I'll bite - I upped my pledge way back to the $25 and its not much cash, but its principle - Never received the extra perks - so with the discount on a ConsoleTab - any idea what the tab will be priced at? If its a $300 tablet that makes no sense... The 8" Asus is a rockin' Tab with Marshmallow for $120...

    35. Hal Motley on

      I too want to go down the refund option. I know Kickstarter NEVER absolutely guarantees a satisfactory final product but I am uninterested in yet another tablet.

      Maybe one day you will pull off a true Android platform on the x86_64 platform, but in the meantime I'll have to search elsewhere. *sigh*

    36. Константин Филиппов on

      я уже потерял надежду, на то что выйдет нормальная стабильная версия.

    37. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Ng - The ConsoleTab discounts will be available immediately when pre orders begin. A separate update will detail how to redeem.

      Once we close pre orders, we'll then offer those that didn't opt in a separate update with instructions on how to request a refund.

      Refunds are being offered as a courtesy, and will be dependent on ConsoleTab shipping. Hope that clears things up! Feel free to ask any follow up questions.

    38. Ng Yan Duan on

      "Kickstarter backers, we haven’t forgotten you. For backers of our previous Kickstarter, you’ll get 2x your backer amount (up to $100 off) or a cash refund, your choice. Details coming soon."

      How soon is soon? Can't wait to get my money back after so many years.

    39. Missing avatar

      Laurent on

      Could i get refund.

    40. Tommy de Neef on

      Well my tablet officially died which i also intended to buy to install ConsoleOS on, thanks for ruining the whole promise and develivering jackshit to us. If you still refund people now is a good time to do so.

    41. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Horst - Again, target devices were planned to be supported. As we noted, after our Kickstarter ended, Intel discontinued key components that we needed.

      When it came to the Dell Venue 8 Pro, there were serious BIOS issues that took Dell over a year to fix. It was not until after Lollipop was released, in February 2015, that Dell finally fixed the last of these nagging issues. We hope to support DV8P with our Marshmallow release.

      Details about other options for backers will be posted in the near future.

    42. Missing avatar

      Horst Müller on

      I lost track. Is it possible through your work to get Android (4.4, 5.0 doesn't matter) on my Dell Venue 8 Pro NOW or not?
      If not, how do i get my 10$ back?

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Tony - We're sorry you feel that way. We didn't pull the plug on silicon support for most x86 processors. That happened after our Kickstarter ended. We will not be shouted down with disrespect.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @P.J. - That is one option we plan to provide, yes.

    46. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Nigel - Please be respectful and do not misrepresent our work. We do not reply to posts that insult or violate Community Guidelines, other than to call them out for such behavior.

    47. Missing avatar

      Duane Davison on

      Is it possible to donate another ten measly dollars to help quiet the dissenters? I would happily do so, if it would calm some of them down. The comments around here seem like the nightly news, sadly.

    48. Mikael Draca Wedlund on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    49. P.j. Russell on

      Hello. Am I right to think you have said in previous emails that you are going to offer a discount on your hardware release to backers of the campaign? Will this apply to the products you plan to show in a few weeks?

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