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We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already.
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dave McAlister on April 18, 2016

      And just in case MMV try to further suggest that they cannot issue refunds:… (point 5) states:

      [Creators] can refund individual pledges if [they] want. After [their] project has been funded, [they] can cancel and refund a backer’s pledge at any time. If [they] do, [they] have no further obligation to that specific backer, and no agreement exists between you.

    2. Dave McAlister on April 18, 2016

      Yes, Kickstarters can run into problems but every other one I've backed has dealt with any problems with professionalism. MMV isn't being professional--as displayed when Kickstarter staff remove their posts!

      As for MMV's comment about being unable to refund backers--that is a complete lie! Not only can they do so, they already have for a number of backers on this very campaign!


    3. Kek on April 14, 2016

      There's, like, so much hate in the Comments section of this project.

      Kickstarter projects are expected to have problems, but usually the creators overcome the issues. It just takes longer.

      I still have faith in you @MMV.

      As long as it's eventually delivered.

    4. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 14, 2016

      @Bibek - Kickstarter affirmed to us that we did not violate any rules outlined explicitly in Community Guidelines. The discussion was shut down at the request of Kickstarter. We have prepared a statement and shared it with Kickstarter, which they did not object to.

      At the moment we are waiting for Kickstarter to close one open issue.

      Meanwhile, work continues on the next update outlined in our last campaign update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bibek Barahi on April 14, 2016

      lol .. I came back in here after 15 days and same old s*** .. but really funny to see MMV comments being removed by Kickstarter. Keep it up .. \m/ .. will be back soon.

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 14, 2016

      @Richard - Intel has decided not to issue a statement on the matter. Releases for Android-IA for PC stopped one month after we began shipping Console OS.

      You can confirm this here:

      Note that the first release after we shipped Console OS KitKat dropped all PC support.

      We're not happy about it, but there's nothing we can do. Intel has informed us they have no plans to resume support. We're making the best of a bad situation that occurred long after the refund window closed, and responding to a stated risk.

      We will keep improving Console OS and have positioned it as the commercial FOSS platform that is both stable, and yet totally open.

    7. Richard Yiu on April 14, 2016

      @Raphael I have the same feeling as well. I regret backing this project

    8. Richard Yiu on April 14, 2016

      Can you point out where does Intel say they discontinue Android-IA? I can't find any info about this anywhere in the web.

    9. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 9, 2016

      @Harry - Frankly, it has been the stated goal of the cyberstalking trolls to attempt to bury our comments. Bury comments where we have echoed much of what you are seeking. We have said time and time again that nobody is more upset about the loss of Android-IA for PC, and its impact on Console OS, than us.

      We could have walked away from the project at that point. We ran that topic by multiple attorneys. We didn't feel it was the ethical thing to just quit, at that juncture.

      Console OS has delivered. Our unique Console OS Express install is the easiest-to-install distribution of Android for PC. Easier than Remix OS, and easier than Just copy a few files to a flash drive, and boot from it.

      Unfortunately, there is a concerted effort by about a dozen people, to silence us. We are preparing a new wave of press and attention on Console OS, alongside the releases we highlighted in our last update, to push back against this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Harry Elliott on April 9, 2016

      @MMV, I get al the issues and challenges you have faced, however, and I certainly understood the risks of kickstarter. However, the vast majority of your backers wanted one simple thing, an easy to use dual boot Andriod OS on windows platforms. To date, the vast majorty of your backers do not have that. It would be nice if you could show at least a tiny bit of humitly and recognige that most people who backed this campaign have not received what they expected. You have been fair to good at providing us the reasons why we do not have what we want, but a simple appology and recognition of the fact that we still, to this day, do not have what we were expecting would be greatly appreciated. Something like "Hey, I know you all wanted a simple, easy to use version of Andriod OS that could be dual booted on most Windows tablets, but for countless reasons that have been explained, we failed to deliver. We are truly sorry that we have not delivered what you had hoped for but we will continue to move forward and create great things." Try saying something like that.

    11. Missing avatar

      Angjelko Miloshevski on April 8, 2016

      Nevermind my mistake

    12. Missing avatar

      Angjelko Miloshevski on April 8, 2016

      Why my comment was removed?

    13. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 7, 2016

      @Raphael - We regret that Android-IA was discontinued long after our campaign ended. It wasn't our call. We met with executives at Intel to try and get the decision reversed. Most of the funds for this campaign was spent licensing, and building against that kernel.

      Certain features like multi-window, and InstaSwitch, were tied to code that we licensed - but cannot share - that was tied to that kernel.

      We cannot refund backers. Despite the claims to the contrary below, from inflammatory backers, we have only worked with Kickstarter to drop 16 backers.

      Work on Console OS continues, and you can read our latest update here: - where we are working to implement Remix OS's improvements into the open-source kernel... which can then be taken upstream by Android-x86 and others. That's the benefit of the GPL.

      We have shared with Kickstarter a community update, addressing the inflammatory backer below, and they did not raise any objections. We hope to share it either tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

    14. Missing avatar

      Raphael on April 7, 2016

      Please refund me.

      I have backed this project more than 2 years ago after looking at Christopher Price's videos and presentation on what seemed like a working prototype of Console OS on a laptop and after trying to install Console OS which did not work on my Dell Venue 11 Pro that I was forced to wait since then and I am frankly tired of seeing this kind of "progress" and felt cheated out of my money when I initially backed this project thinking it would become a finished product with all the pro features promised and it was a remasted android on PC with "InstaSwitch, WindowFlinger, Hundreds of Features" but none of this features showed on the first released as it didnt even work.

      However I am severely disappointed and let down that it just switched to an open source project with no real progress made unlike Remix OS and Android x86 which you can download for free without having to back them (they are the ones that need real support).

      I should've researched more on Christopher's credentials (and lack thereof) and more information about how Intel would inevitably drop their support, but it was foolish of me not to do so and I deeply regretted this.

      This was my first ever backed kickstarter project and it will be my last. I am let down by christopher price and mobile media vultures, and also by kickstarter for allowing this in the first place.

      I dont want to support this project anymore so please just refund me and take me off the backers list so I am ineligible to download any "updates" or releases as I would rather support open source projects like Android x86 that truly deserves it.

    15. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 5, 2016


      Will Console OS PRO work on an ASUS t300 chi?

      A Lifetime PRO License holder

    16. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 5, 2016

      Hi all, we are implementing some changes to tonight, including enabling encryption. As a result, they may go offline temporarily.

      We still cannot respond to certain comments on this wall. We're waiting for a reply from Kickstarter. We can't comment further until they respond. We're not happy about it, and we're not happy about being asked to refrain from replying to people like the poster below - but we hope to resolve it by week's end.

    17. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 5, 2016

      Are the Console OS PRO release notes available to be posted right here on this wall yet?

    18. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 5, 2016

      @Ripton - Hundreds of thousands have downloaded Console OS, and we're excited to see it continue growing!

      Unfortunately, some inflammatory backers have created problems on our comment wall, and Kickstarter felt it was appropriate to freeze comments on the matter while we negotiate a resolution. Kickstarter has not said our comment violated any specific guideline, but we are pressing them to provide an open and transparent explanation.

      The vast majority of backers have been very supportive, and we look forward to resolving the (literally) few outliers with Kickstarter that continue to harass us on a daily basis.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ripton on April 5, 2016

      I came here to see how this project is going but after I saw that Kickstarter removed the MMV comments I almost died laughing... :D It is crystal clear how MMV is interacting with its backers so I guess this project is as dead as a doornail...

    20. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 5, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    21. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 5, 2016

      Where do I request my refund?

      I purchased Console OS PRO almost two years ago, when it was still relevant.

      You did not deliver. Anything. Ever. That works.

      Not even a t.shirt!

    22. Missing avatar

      WANG Jing on April 5, 2016

      Your github is almost empty, during 2 years, only these commits?
      Besides, most of them is copy from cwhuang.

    23. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 5, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    24. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 5, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    25. David Walkner on April 5, 2016

      Thank you for the update

    26. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 5, 2016

      @David - We offered people refunds for the Spotify Premium awhile back. Spotify offered a better premium deal, and we offered to refund people the equal amount that they were asking ($2 for 2 months if memory serves at this late hour). We emailed you the details of that in a prior update.

      As we noted in our last update, we resumed laptop skins and related perks as soon as Lollipop shipped. Our Risk mitigation plan called for suspending physical perks until we were sure we could continue shipping Console OS, once Android-IA for PC was aborted. We just gave you the latest status of that at the tail end of our update; TL;DR we're going to ship each and every one of them.

      We're sorry that we were caught off-guard by the discontinuation of Android-IA for PC, but we noted that Android ecosystem changes could impact our timetable - at the time you backed us.

      Nobody is more upset about the past "two years" as you put it, of our careers, than our team (it actually is ~21 months since we debuted on Kickstarter, we keep count). We're not giving up because of the tumult that is the Android ecosystem, on the contrary, we're preparing new products that aim to clean that up.

    27. David Walkner on April 5, 2016

      It's been 2 years

      Where is my

      * One month of Spotify Premium
      * A signed pre-launch flier
      * A custom Console OS laptop skin

      Thank you

    28. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 4, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 4, 2016


      Why won't you answer any of my questions?
      Where are the proper release notes?

      If you can't deliver:
      Console OS PRO (I'm a lifetime supporter - err is is sucker?. lol),
      any of the "perks" you said you would
      Any working piece of software created by you or your "team".

      Then @mmv. I want a refund. Not more empty promise repLIES (the only thing you seem to have created so far).

    30. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 4, 2016

      Hi all, as we posted on Twitter and Facebook earlier today, we have begun preliminary filming and promo work for our next major product, one we really (really) hope to announce later this month.

      We apologize for some of the delays that this is causing, but as noted in our last update, it's necessary to keep Console OS going. We have to bring in revenue, and as the last update goes in-depth on, it won't be from Console OS for awhile (as Google sorts out Android N, and its formal PC debut).

      We do hope to tie up some loose ends later this week.

    31. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 3, 2016

      @Jason - We aren't going to continue to engage with you, sorry. We do have a new update that will focus on what we will be implementing over the next two weeks. It will be posted as soon as it is ready.

      We listened to the constructive feedback from backers after our last update - both on Kickstarter and on social media (as well as on ), and it has been helpful in adapting our strategy to the interests of backers.

    32. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 3, 2016

      You think Kickstarter is going to ban me for asking you for a refund?

      Well, how about this?

      Is it true you refunded certain backers?

      Did you use backer funds to refund only select backers?

      Where is Console OS Pro.? With all those features you wrote?

      Have you or anyone on "team" ever beeneed banned from any Android x-86 communities?

    33. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 3, 2016

      Way to continue lashing out at backers , mmv.

      Maybe you should read my comment.

      Did you know it's against Kickstarter rules, spirit, and policies to rip off backers?

      Why you continue to treat with vitriol those of us who gave you so much mone, I'll never understand.

    34. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on April 2, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    35. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on April 2, 2016

      Your last comment here indicates a real update was forthcoming. You said Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, on Friday...

      Instead, you punk us with an April fools joke.


      Where is Console OS PRO? I purchased Console OS PRO from you in 2014 because you said it was ready. With "hundreds of features you wrote"!

      You've not offered anything that actually works, ever. A tablet without wifi is useless. Still. Always has been. No play store. Yeah. Oh that's right Console OS was to have anot app store, lol.

      Not even a t.shirt.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Oh. You are. That's why you're lashing out at us here in this very wall which has become all there is to show after giving you nealry 80 thousand dollars for products.

      Why don't you take a shot at answering some of the valid questions about this project for a change?

    36. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 29, 2016

      @Bibek - Actually, we're on our fourth release or so. But as we said last week we were making some decisions this week on how much we would build out on Lollipop vs move forward with Marshmallow. We invited people to provide feedback. We didn't hear any from you on that subject, but these things do matter. We have to decide where we put efforts in.

      There are new features, contrary to what you claim... starting with Console OS Express being worlds easier to setup and deploy onto a USB flash drive (literally, just copy some files and reboot).

      So, we are still working on it. As we posted on Twitter and Facebook, we expect to post an update either Tuesday or Wednesday covering our next steps. We also encourage you to read our last update (on the Updates tab) which chronicled what we are working on at the moment.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bibek Barahi on March 28, 2016

      Hey MMV .. are you doing something more on this or that's it from your side. One release of the Console OS which works partially with no new features as promised. Hope there's more to it. Thanks

    38. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 25, 2016

      @Gerard - None of these 'points' are true. We encourage others to read our last few updates in the Updates tab.

      We aren't going to continue to waste time re-arguing daily with one or two backers.

    39. Gerald Kelel on March 25, 2016

      I also think you need the definition of the word addressed. It means: to think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem).

    40. Gerald Kelel on March 25, 2016

      Still haven't addressed any of the points from my post, so here they are again.

      Please respond to the following allegations with more then calling them lies:

      1. No one else except Christopher Price works for MMV/Console Inc. Since day one of this project, he has refused to answer the simple question of the number of employees in his company. However, he claimed earlier in the Kickstarter comments section to have "engineers", which is plural meaning at least two other employees besides himself. However, he now refrains from referring to his departments at all by quantifiable nouns, instead resorting to using terms such as "engineering" to describe areas of his company. When asked on multiple occasions for the number of employees in his company, he pretended to have been asked for names, not numbers.

      Exhibit A: Search the comments section (current as of 2-4-2016, 12:01 AM MST) with the terms "engineer", "employ" and "number" for the numerous noted examples: Viewable here:

      2. He falsely claimed to have already delivered Console OS Pro. He has said in the Kickstarter comments section that he already delivered "Console OS Pro" to backers. Currently, Console OS still lacks Pro features. The Pro version, by definition, would have Pro features.

      Exhibit A: "We aren't rewriting history, we did deliver Console OS Pro exclusively to backers in the timeframe stated." Viewable here:

      3. He still has not shipped any of the physical rewards to backers.

      Exhibit A: As indicated by Price's following post, as of February 1st, 2016, physical rewards still have not been shipped to backers. Viewable here:

      4. He tested thousands of paid Play Store apps without prior backer consent, either using thousands of dollars of Kickstarter funds to purchase them or engaging in pirating to obtain them. He claimed online that he had tested thousands of paid Play Store apps on Console OS. This would mean he had either spent thousands of dollars to purchase them or he had obtained them illegitimately by pirating them.

      Exhibit A: "We've successfully imported and tested thousands of paid play store apps, right in our own labs."
      Price never responded back explaining how he acquired those apps. Viewable here:

      5. He falsely claimed to have already built a prototype with over 100 features already built-in before the project campaign. He has been unwilling and unable to produce the original prototype that he already "built" prior to the project. Likewise, he has been unwilling and unable to provide verifiable visual evidence, either through prerecorded video or live screencast, which showed said prototype had "over new 100 features already built-in."

      Exhibit A: "We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already." Viewable here:

      6. He fraudulently obtained backer funds by purposely withholding information about Android-IA for Core's suspension until the refund window had past. He withheld the information that Android-IA for Core's development had been suspended, of which he was informed three days after the campaign had ended. He did not let backers know Android-IA for Core was crucial for Console OS's on-going development. He even made it appear in campaign materials that it was a direct competitor, not the basis for Console OS's code. Somehow, the rest of the industry understood Android-IA for Core's suspension to be indefinite but not Price. He did not inform backers of its suspension until backer funds could no longer be refunded, almost six months later. Per Kickstarter policy, all project creators can fully refund their backers through Amazon Payments up to 60 days after a campaign has ended.

      Exhibit A: "@Dave - We're still determined to make that happen, despite pullback from partners. Had Intel called us up during our Kickstarter campaign and said 'hey, heads up, yes we can confirm we're suspending Android development for Core processors' - then we would have posted that.
      We didn't get confirmation of that until three days (72 hours) after our Kickstarter campaign ended... it was a punch in the gut, frankly we're even surprised we got this far in the wake of that."
      Viewable here:

    41. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 25, 2016

      @Jason - We've addressed each and every topic you've raised in the past few updates, the most recent update a mere 10 days ago even provided direct, specific updates to the topics raised.

      You persist in re-posting daily. We aren't going to continue to consume time re-answering you.

    42. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on March 24, 2016


      Using other [real] open source projects is great. Trying to hide the truth from people you took money from, is another (dishonest) thing altogether. No?

      In this case, it would appear you have run afoul of the real developer of the thing you're trying to pass off as your own work.

      In fact, it would appear to be the very behaviour of selling someone else's open source project (without any of your own meaningful contributiins) that angered at least some of the real developers.

      You made some nice glossy marketing materials for something you claimed you had already finished in 2014. When it became clear it was never real, and you took nearly 80 thousand dollars from us, it made some backers and some non-backers and even some eventually un-backers quite unhappy.

      You had so, so many chances to come clean. You refused. You offered us signed copies of thoder glossy marketing materials. For something that still doesn't work. Two. Years. Later.

      When will I get my copy of Console OS PRO (which I purchased a lifetime license from you for myself and a friend waaay back in 2014). ?

      When will you ship the other thing last you promised in the Kickstarter campaign?

      May I please just get my money back?

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 24, 2016

      @Jason - FOSS means standing on the shoulders of giants. We are unapologetic about taking other people's open source stacks into our open source stack.

      Such criticism might be valid if we went closed source. But we didn't. Every bit of Console OS is open and fully attributed on GitHub.

    44. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on March 24, 2016

      Don't you mean.. just as soon as x86 adds support, you'll be sure to copy it?

    45. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 24, 2016

      Good morning all, we've pushed out dozens more page revisions to the Console Wiki... and even created a couple new pages.

      Only somewhat depressingly, we see we have more work to do. We'll keep at it until the Wiki catches back up with the release. We hope to be back on schedule this weekend.

    46. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 23, 2016

      @Ernie - Try the 32 bit build. It has better Broadcom support due to Broadcom's closed source driver (don't blame us!)

      We have pushed dozens of Wiki updates today, but this will get added to the release notes shortly too!

    47. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on March 23, 2016

      @Harry - Supporting new Intel silicon is coming but it takes time. Traditional Linux distros struggle with Cherry Trail today, and Android adds another massive layer of complexity.

      Intel's production Android tablets have a very specifically tuned kernel that just won't work today with PC hardware (like Surface 3). We appreciate your patience!

    48. Missing avatar

      Ernie on March 23, 2016

      Quick question, will there be any support for the Broadcom BCM4324 in Lollipop?
      Reason for this question is that with Console OS Express v0.4.96 (32-bit) wireless is not working :(
      If yes any indications when this will be?
      Thanks for any feedback

    49. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on March 23, 2016

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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