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We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already.
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gerald Kelel on

      You claim you have answered pages of answers and aren't obligated to re-re answer questions. It is pretty telling that you must be doing something really wrong to be asked to re-re answer for your some pretty damning behavior. That said I have seen nothing in regards to the questions I've asked being answered, let alone sufficiently. Saying you've answered something doesn't make it true. And even if you had I'm sure some smart engineers like yourselves are familiar with a the ability to copy and paste. From what I've read so far that appears to be your entire development model.

    2. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Ng Yan Duan on

      Even though what you said might be the truth, you got to understand there is no evidence to back that up. From backers' POV, the whole project is really not transparent since there's only one party telling the story.

      If a simple request such as asking for an official statement from Intel to clarify the timeline of suspension and termination of the IA project is so difficult, personally I really doubt how close you have worked with Intel before this.

      If this is the best you can do, I am sorry to say that it is not enough to clear our doubts.

    4. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Ng - We can't speak for partners, sorry. We can understand why other companies may not want to step into such a contentious issue...

      ...but we are confident that any statements that our partners have made, or will make, will not dispute what we have said. Because, frankly, it's the truth - and, because we share updates with our partners routinely, before posting them publicly.

    5. Ng Yan Duan on

      The agreements were made with you and Intel, according to you. However, no one can verify that except the 2 parties. Can we have an official statement from Intel that what you claimed is true?

      This will truly help in making the project more transparent. I guess with the close relationship you had with Intel (at least this is what I think, after reading all your previous posts and updates), this statement is not difficult to be shared right?

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Ng - We were prohibited by non disclosure agreements from sharing that information until Intel had solidified its future for Android-IA. We were again, informed of those final decisions in January, 2015.

    7. Ng Yan Duan on

      @creator correct me if I'm wrong. You did not tell us that Intel is going to suspend the development (during the suspension, not the discontinuation) at that time right?

      You could have informed us that time and ask us if we are going to continue or not during the hardware voting.

    8. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - The only thing we were told three days after our Kickstarter had ended, was that Android-IA development for Core processors was temporarily suspended.

      You can read our updates in the Updates tab for a full timeline. We were not informed that Android-IA for PC was discontinued until January 2015.

      Much like the false claim you just made in regards to that point, the rest of your claims lack merit.

      We are hoping to post new updates over the weekend, and we remain committed to Console OS.

    9. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    10. Beau Steward on

      I check back here from time to time because ConsoleOS is really bad at explaining their delays and I keep hoping my $50 is going towards SOMETHING. The thing is, I haven't even gotten my T-Shirt. I've gotten nothing from ConsoleOS except nonsense. And as much as I want to believe them that my funds did not go into the development of their iConsole crap, I know what hardware development costs and I find it hard to believe they're not using these funds for that.

      I seriously doubt I'll ever see a product or a refund on this. Such is the risk of giving someone money for the HOPE of getting something in return.

      Fortunately for others that use Kickstarter, this has not deterred me from funding other projects. This has been the only project where I felt ripped off. I would love to see my funds returned for failing to deliver under suspicious circumstances, but I suspect this might start getting into trying to squeeze blood from a stone as the funds get spent elsewhere.

    11. Missing avatar

      tim on

      Don't get me wrong, I have always supported your goal. I do actually believe you are still trying that's why I haven't joined in with the dissenters. But I do get their frustration as well and I feel it as well.
      I can empathize with the path your project has taken, but I don't feel full transparency of the actual project status was shared at the beginning, and there is now an element of distrust.
      As for my personal wants from this project, they were minor and I don't feel this project will ever be able to deliver what I was expecting.
      All I ever wanted to have was the ability to run Androids version of HBOGO and DishAnywhere w/Transfers. The windows version of both of these programs via a web browser is crap. So I decided to buy an ipad a while back for stability reasons. My next android device will most likely be the NVidia x1 shield. i'm still hopeful you or remix or google will provide a solution to my "2 apps" dilemma. Like I said my use case is small and petty.

    12. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Tim - It is unfortunate that Android-IA for PC, which we depended on, was discontinued shortly after we began releasing. Had our Kickstarter not happened, nobody would have even fought to keep those components alive... Components that we are still working to reintegrate into the Android-x86 kernel.

      These acts will benefit the whole Android on PC community. Even Remix OS, which is funding/supporting the venom from, can fork our code.

      That is the goal of Kickstarter. People should not back a Kickstarter expecting more than a team that does their best to deliver. We have made Android on PC better, and we will continue to.

      We think - and have privately received - massive support from most backer that get that their $10 on average is going to that goal, and the people that write in to us have one clear message; keep going.

      To those people, we thank you.

      Now as to Console OS, we remain committed to it. But OEMs simply are not willing to embrace it until they see what Google is going to do to the landscape, later this year.

      As such, we will keep building Console OS - while announcing some new products in the near future.

    13. Missing avatar

      tim on

      I'm still on the fence on this one... I too feel I was mislead by the original campaign. It was written in a way that had indicated they put in 18 months of effort and were on the door steps of releasing a quality product. That being said, all the pro features feel like a nice wish list that given time they felt they could do. As for refunds, I feel kickstarter is a risk, and that's why I only risked $10 dollars... and I'm pretty sure the 5700 other people who took a chance with the project will be less likely to back other projects. I'm surprised kickstarter hasn't stepped in to protect their over all product and to make backers feel more protected. I know I will never support another kickstarter project because of this. The risks are too high. I would rather wait for the finished product, read a review and then decide to purchase. That being said, I will continue to wait for a release however it feels they may be moving on to another project since they feel google is bringing android to the desktop.

    14. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - You've made your opinion clear, we've gone in depth to dispute it. Please stop endlessly reposting, it accomplishes nothing, and is a Community Guidelines violation.

    16. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    17. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - We have answered each topic you have raised in-depth already. We disagree. We are not going to refund you, we intend to continue developing Console OS despite encountering the stated risks, and mitigating them.

      We welcome productive alternatives, but we have spent your funds on building Console OS, it's live for Kickstarter backers to download in Lollipop, and we're already staging Marshmallow for GitHub.

      So once again, no, we aren't going to refund you.

    18. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    19. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hello all, as you may have noticed, Android N was officially announced for the first time today.

      As we've noted several times in the past, Google doesn't share the Android roadmap with us. Companies we work with may be aware of it, but even they aren't allowed to talk to us about it.

      Some features we knew would be there, like multi-window support. Others were a surprise. We are battle testing the Android N developer preview releases, but please keep in mind that Google has not issued source code for these releases. As such, we may know what is coming with Android N, but our best efforts will be focused on Marshmallow for the time being.

    20. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - You backed a Kickstarter, you did not purchase an existing product. We made clear in our Risks statement and in our what-to-expect disclosures that Console OS was not finished, and was in active development.

      Unfortunately, Intel decided to discontinue key components after a point at which we could not refund people completely. We set a new path forward, consistent with the terms of the mid-2014 Kickstarter TOS. We're proud to still be working with our partners like Intel on that new path forward.

      But again, we are not going to refund you.

    21. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      Please refund my payment!

      All the features you said were ready I paid for with my purchase of Console OS PRO in 2014.
      You have delivered exactly nothing! None of the things you said would happen did. I purchased Console OS PRO (for me and a friend!) which was claimed to be "finished", and the features were said to be "ready to go".

      Those are reasons I purchased a product from you.

      It really seems like you're trying to tell me I funded your lies and other backer refunds.

      I disagree.

      Please refund me.

    22. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We apologize for some of the delays over the past week in getting updates out. We're juggling a patch release to v0.4.96 that will at least add a couple of features. One of those features is draining considerable time right now in completing.

      At the same time we are handling a couple of other tasks involving a future product. Considering that Google has inferred that Android is headed to PCs, we have to focus on other products simultaneously to keep Console viable.

      We hope to be current with everything at some point this week, but realistically, normal operations may not get back on track until this weekend.

    23. Paul Steffen on

      "We simply are willing to put more effort into that, than to paying a bribe to a disgraced developer..."

      I assume this "disagraced" developer you are referring to is Chih-Wei Huang, founder of the x86 project that you .

      This guy:


      Huang graduated from National Taiwan University(NTU) in 1993, with a bachelor's degree in physics, and a master's degree in the electrical engineering department of NTU in 2000. He worked as a director in Top Technology Inc., the CTO of Citron Network Inc., and a project manager of Tecom Inc. Huang currently works as a senior researcher of Core Technology Center in ASUSTeK Computer Inc. He is one of the start members of Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT), and the first[2] and second[3] members of the SLAT Council.

      Chih-Wei Huang is the founder and coordinator of Chinese Linux Documentation Project (CLDP)

      He wrote the Linux Chinese HOWTO, and translate HOWTO Index, Linux META-FAQ, Serial HOWTO, DNS HOWTO, Linux Information SHEET, Java-CGI HOWTO, IP Masquerade mini-HOWTO and so on. He developed a utility named SGMLtools Chinese Kits to solve the Chinese processing issues of SGML.[4]

      He is also the second coordinator of Chinese Linux Extensions (CLE).:He was a developer of CLE since v0.7, and became the coordinator[5] of CLE v0.9. He pushed the Chinese localization for KDE, GNOME, Abiword. He co-worked with Yuan-Chung Cheng, Tung-Han Hsieh to push ARPHIC Inc. to release four Chinese truetype fonts for the free software community under Arphic Public License. He also wrote a book for CLE with others.[6]

      As Core Developer of GNU Gatekeeper (from 2001 to 2003), he developed new features like thread-safed runtime tables, neighbors and authentication modules, full H.323 proxy and the Citron's NAT technology. He wrote the first version of English and Chinese manual for GnuGK.[7] He won the first prize of Open Source Contest Taiwan in 2003.[8]

      He serves as The committer of KDE、GNOME,[9] and helps to translate the .po files and fixes bugs related to Chinese. He is the contributor of pyDict、OpenH323、Asterisk、GStreamer etc. He works on a way to leverage the ASUS Eee PC with the power of the free software community.,[10] and aims to provide a complete solution for Android at x86 platform. Eee PC、VirtualBox、QEMU are tested OK.[11]

      Chih-Wei Huang and Yi Sun originated the Android-x86 Open Source Project which aims to bring Android to the x86 platforms since 2009.


      Just so we are clear, that is the developer and founder of android-x86 that you are referring to as.."disgraced?"

      You need help.

    24. Missing avatar

      Duane Davison on

      Heyy MMV... want another $10? They say laughter is the best medicine, and I bet I was healed, just reading through all these posts. I am thinking of pointing my parents towards all this negativity, and saying "see,... you did a damn fine job". Takes all kinds though, I've heard. I guess the joys of life would not taste so sweet, if we banned disgruntledness. Keep up the good work, my T100 patiently waits... and hasn't whined one bit.

    25. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - We are back in the office after having to take some unrelated leaves last week. We have an update on Console OS drafted that will give more insight onto our roadmap. As we said in a past update, we merged Standard and Pro versions of Console OS into one build.

      That build is available for you to download at - exclusively for Kickstarter backers currently.

      The mid-2014 Kickstarter TOS, and our risk statements, allow us to do this in reaction to a stated risk. That risk is the loss of Android-IA for PC, which at the time was part of the Android Open Source Project. We reacted to that risk by merging Console OS Standard and Pro, and going open-source on GitHub.

      Your money has been spent on the project. We only refunded 14 people as part of a joint resolution with Kickstarter that avoided costly legal action. We aren't going to refund you, instead, we're going to keep delivering.

    26. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      Console Os PRO. Where is it?

      If you can't deliver a working version of the thing i paid you for, I want a refund.

      Think of how demanding you CEO becomes when he pays for something, and it's not delivered.

      Yet, your company has no problem taking nearly 80 thousand dollars from his own customers.

      We were told Console OS PRO was "ready to go" , "built from the groumd up" 100 exclusiv efeatures. Most are "ready to go". All of this before Android L even had a name!

      The apparent lies, dishonesty, attempts to trick backers and rip off other developers.. it's just too much.

      I no longer wish to fund or support the apparent underhanded efforts od the console os (mmv) "team".

      Please refund my pledge.

      Other people have received refunds.
      Your latest update was not for backers. It was a job posting. It lools lile you're still tryumg to attract developer talent. That make sense, it would seem clear bow that the existing "team" is only capable of copying other people's work, and tricking us with a logo change so some will believe you actually wrote some code.

      I want a refund of my pledge.

      You've already indicated you spent [some of our] backer money to refund some backers in what lools like a lame attempt to deflect legal actiin agsinst you.

    27. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Paul - As we have said, no Kickstarter funds will be used for Console Developer Rewards. Our goal is for all rewards to come from the industry.

      We simply are willing to put more effort into that, than to paying a bribe to a disgraced developer... one others in the industry seem quite willing to buy off, unfortunately.

    28. Paul Steffen on

      So in summary, you will not refund me the $10 I contributed to your project, but you will pay me if I contribute work to your project. One statement seems to cancel the other out.

      Honesty is hard in the short run but rewards over a lifetime. It isn't too late to give us the truth.

    29. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Paul - We don't have anything new to share on the subject. We stand by every word in our reply:

      We would rather donate $50,000 with the industry, via Console Developer Rewards (which we're in the process of rolling out), than pay highway robbery. We didn't kill Android-IA for PC, and forking Android-x86 kept our project alive. We stand by the call, we're proud of it, and we aren't going to refund you.

    30. Paul Steffen on

      This is the second time asking for a refund of my $10.

      "We didn't pay Android-x86's shakedown demands."

      I'd say their "demands" were generous to you. They do all the work. You hand them 2/3 and keep the 1/3 for yourself to spend on whatever you spend on........

      Let's get this straight: a shakedown is $78,497 that 5,695 backers of this Kickstarter gave based on promises and claims of work already completed. This is not a charity Kickstarter for one man and his many multiple personalities collectively referred to as "we" and "us".

    31. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Gerald - We have posted pages of answers to questions in the past week. We expect normal operations to resume early next week when the team gets off the simultaneous and unexpected travel and leave.

      We are not obligated to re-re-answer questions persistently. Contrary to the belief of some, Kickstarter does not obligate us to answer any questions here... we spend hours each week doing so, because we think it's the right thing to do. We have limited resources and tackle as many questions as we can on a regular basis.

    32. Gerald Kelel on

      Is that why legitimate questions below continue to go unaddressed?

    33. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Ruthaniel. The GitHub logs that others have gone through clearly dispute that.

      Unfortunately our CEO had to go on emergency family medical leave, the same week others on the team are on travel. We're a small team and we regret the delays.

    34. Ruthaniel van den Naar on

      Release notes are still missing, so it seems that only improvement which MMV did is logo change..

    35. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @WANG - Our focus has been on using Intel's more advanced GPU drivers that are more difficult to integrate. We are still using Mesa because of a known issue there. Our Mesa is 11.2 at the moment and there's a bug with our K4.0 blocking DV8P and a few other BYT-T systems.

      In short, we know. We are working on fixing it.

    36. Missing avatar

      WANG Jing on

      Still about MiiX 8.
      I've already installed RemixOS and PhoenixOS, both work well...
      So basically, there is no pb bewteen intel and android x86, right?

    37. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Ng - It's a worthy question. Unfortunately, we can't give you excellent answers. There are several unknown factors.

      First, Google builds Chrome OS out in the open. They do not with Android. Google freezes everyone out of what the next version of Android will have. We hit that problem with Lollipop. Intel couldn't tell us that major components we relied on, would be pulled from Lollipop, until after Google made it available.

      So, we have no idea what Android N will have, beyond what Google has insinuated. Hence, we have no idea yet what it will take to get into Android N.

      In general, and this is very general, we usually hit our stride with an Android version once its first maintenance release ships (MR1). For Lollipop that was Android 5.1. For Marshmallow, Google deemed 6.0.1 as the MR1 release. Why? Hard to say. 6.0.1 was less major than 5.1. But, we do have Marshmallow up and running.

      The good news is that Marshmallow is far less revolutionary than Lollipop. In many ways, it's much more like Windows 7 vs Vista, than Windows 7 vs Windows 8. What we're doing with Lollipop today, is carrying over to Marshmallow.

      You asked "when" - and now you know why it's hard for us to answer that totally. It would not be hard to fathom Marshmallow builds for Kickstarter backers some time in April. We have to shore up Lollipop and ship a truly public release.

      Finally, we have another product in the pipeline as well - one that will hopefully actually make us some money. We haven't shared it with very many people, but it has been our most rapid prototyping of anything we've done to date. The people we've shared it with immediately have said we have to sell it. And no, we aren't planning on crowdfunding it.

      Finally, on OEMs. Let's be clear. The moment Google said they were merging Chrome and Android - the OEMs pretty much were told to wait for Google. We seriously doubt OEMs are going to ship any Android-on-PC solution until Google leads there.

      Our hope, is that the Chromium team carries over the developmental tenants of Chrome OS - building new versions out in the open, rather than in a closed-release state, so that we can all contribute, stabilize, and differentiate into our own niches that better the Android ecosystem.

    38. Ng Yan Duan on

      Speaking of what the OEMS want, When can you reach Marshmallow? Before Android N (or whatever version coming out this year) ? Right now you are delivering Lollipop around half year into Marshmallow's age. Based on the track record, I wouldn't be confident on your stuff if I'm one of the OEMs.

      My question is when. Just give us a rough estimation will do and I don't need to know anything else.

    39. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sravan - We just don't see it that way. By not breaking Android APIs, we can get to Marshmallow faster, and be on a level playing field with where the OEMs are wanting us to be. It will also give us comparative advantage.

      We appreciate the feedback, but we feel that sticking with Marshmallow's multitasking APIs and multi-app support is a better path, and will make it easier to implement our original vision. It may be a rougher road initially, but we stand by the call.

    40. Sravan Reddy on

      The marketing game says that the one to enter the market first is the winner and in this case its the remix os from Jide. If you want people to adopt Console OS, then it should be better than remix os. But from where it stands today, Console OS would take forever to reach where remix os is today. Also i think you should cut down on being jack of all trades i.e. Marshmellow and concentrate on giving your backer Console Os Pro with the 100 features that you promised on the Lollipop.

    41. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Trần - You can download Console OS Lollipop right now at

      We are not refunding, sorry. Our focus is on continuing to develop Console OS.

    42. Trần Chí Thanh on

      chó đẻ, refund now!!!!

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sravan - There's no question that Jide has been "supporting" Android-x86 for awhile now, and we intend to pursue the appearances of impropriety there more aggressively. We'll say this: We didn't pay Android-x86's shakedown demands. We can't say the same about other projects with any level of certainty. We may have paid a social media cost for that, but we don't regret it.

      As to Console OS today, there's no question starting from scratch delayed us. We're now an open-source project. We're focused on making pure Android great on the PC. We aren't deterred by that, at all.

      @WANG - We know, but not all BayTrail-T graphics integrations are alike. There are considerable Video BIOS differences and other errata. This is why Console OS works great on the T100 today, but has issues on the Dell Venue 8 Pro, ones we and Intel are still working to resolve.

    44. Sravan Reddy on

      Remix Os from jide is everything that Console Os should have been. Easy installation , works with UEFI and Non Uefi devices. Touchscreen , wifi, audio , video , android games work without crashes or hitch. Proudly displays the android x-86 logo which it uses as a base. Best implementation of android for PC so far

    45. Missing avatar

      WANG Jing on

      Miix 2 8 use atom z3740, bay trail same as Asus T100

    46. Gerald Kelel on

      Please respond to the following allegations with more then calling them lies:

      1. No one else except Christopher Price works for MMV/Console Inc. Since day one of this project, he has refused to answer the simple question of the number of employees in his company. However, he claimed earlier in the Kickstarter comments section to have "engineers", which is plural meaning at least two other employees besides himself. However, he now refrains from referring to his departments at all by quantifiable nouns, instead resorting to using terms such as "engineering" to describe areas of his company. When asked on multiple occasions for the number of employees in his company, he pretended to have been asked for names, not numbers.

      Exhibit A: Search the comments section (current as of 2-4-2016, 12:01 AM MST) with the terms "engineer", "employ" and "number" for the numerous noted examples: Viewable here:

      2. He falsely claimed to have already delivered Console OS Pro. He has said in the Kickstarter comments section that he already delivered "Console OS Pro" to backers. Currently, Console OS still lacks Pro features. The Pro version, by definition, would have Pro features.

      Exhibit A: "We aren't rewriting history, we did deliver Console OS Pro exclusively to backers in the timeframe stated." Viewable here:

      3. He still has not shipped any of the physical rewards to backers.

      Exhibit A: As indicated by Price's following post, as of February 1st, 2016, physical rewards still have not been shipped to backers. Viewable here:

      4. He tested thousands of paid Play Store apps without prior backer consent, either using thousands of dollars of Kickstarter funds to purchase them or engaging in pirating to obtain them. He claimed online that he had tested thousands of paid Play Store apps on Console OS. This would mean he had either spent thousands of dollars to purchase them or he had obtained them illegitimately by pirating them.

      Exhibit A: "We've successfully imported and tested thousands of paid play store apps, right in our own labs."
      Price never responded back explaining how he acquired those apps. Viewable here:

      5. He falsely claimed to have already built a prototype with over 100 features already built-in before the project campaign. He has been unwilling and unable to produce the original prototype that he already "built" prior to the project. Likewise, he has been unwilling and unable to provide verifiable visual evidence, either through prerecorded video or live screencast, which showed said prototype had "over new 100 features already built-in."

      Exhibit A: "We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already." Viewable here:

      6. He fraudulently obtained backer funds by purposely withholding information about Android-IA for Core's suspension until the refund window had past. He withheld the information that Android-IA for Core's development had been suspended, of which he was informed three days after the campaign had ended. He did not let backers know Android-IA for Core was crucial for Console OS's on-going development. He even made it appear in campaign materials that it was a direct competitor, not the basis for Console OS's code. Somehow, the rest of the industry understood Android-IA for Core's suspension to be indefinite but not Price. He did not inform backers of its suspension until backer funds could no longer be refunded, almost six months later. Per Kickstarter policy, all project creators can fully refund their backers through Amazon Payments up to 60 days after a campaign has ended.

      Exhibit A: "@Dave - We're still determined to make that happen, despite pullback from partners. Had Intel called us up during our Kickstarter campaign and said 'hey, heads up, yes we can confirm we're suspending Android development for Core processors' - then we would have posted that.
      We didn't get confirmation of that until three days (72 hours) after our Kickstarter campaign ended... it was a punch in the gut, frankly we're even surprised we got this far in the wake of that."
      Viewable here:

    47. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Correction: Miix 2 8. The original Miix uses Clover Trail which we cannot support unfortunately, due to its PowerVR GPU.

    48. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Wang - The teammate that has our Miix 8 just let us know that he's traveling this week abroad and will test next week.

    49. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Wang - We will check with the teammate that has one and update shortly.

      If you can copy Console OS Express to a flash drive, you can check yourself - we got the install down to copying a few files to a flash drive, disabling secure boot, and booting from the flash drive.

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