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We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already.
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Tommy - We are not going to refund you, we are sorry that you feel that way however.

    2. Tommy de Neef on

      It's too late already for me to get convinced at all that this is still a viable product..
      Already gone through my x86 tablets lifespan and still haven't got anything from this kickstarter for it.

      Please refund..

    3. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for reporting. To the former, we have a simple workaround and hope to post tomorrow. To the latter, stay tuned.

      Please discuss technicals on so the answers can be shared and built on. Here they just get buried into oblivion.

    4. Константин Филиппов on

      failed therminal. not installed google play

    5. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, quick update. We are jumbling our schedule a bit. The forum anti spam controls we put in flopped... Miserably. Tomorrow we'll try another option. Campaign update should roll out after that.

      We don't want to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, but forum spam is just as onerous as Kickstarter spam. We hope to have a good balance there tomorrow.

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @arul - Kickstarter staff is working to fix your specific isolated issue. We are not issuing refunds at this time beyond what we agreed with Kickstarter that only impacted around a dozen backers. Please see the email we sent you for the latest status.

    7. Missing avatar

      Arul Jayanth Muthukumar on


      I have setup an account but still facing the same problem in refunding amount, can u send me the link again.

      Best regards,

    8. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We are not refunding people that ask for a refund. We have only refunded around a dozen people who have been an extreme burden on this project, and with our replies, account for half our comment wall... and we did so as a one-time courtesy - specifically so we could focus on our Lollipop release free from distraction.

    9. RiceFryer on

      You just issue refunds to asking refund guys. Maybe peoples who requesting refund is less than 10%.

    10. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      While we're providing general technical support on - We do want to chime in on the Wi-Fi issue.

      If you are having Wi-Fi issues with the 64-bit build of Console OS, please try the 32-bit build. For various reasons, the 32-bit builds of Console OS are better with Wi-Fi on many devices. We're working on improving this in future versions.

      If the 32-bit build does not resolve it, post in the forums. We want to collect this information to better target the devices that need the most attention. Thanks!

    11. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We are only doing backer support here. Open a thread on for support topics. We're happy to help there, and your feedback there will help us improve Console OS.

      Console OS Express was specifically built to allow you to test on devices, and provide that feedback without modifying anything on your PC.

    12. ACH on

      Cool story, but you should scroll down and read the comment from the backer stating he had no network connectivity.

      I also had non-working Wifi on a "launch" device.

    13. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - We worked hard with kernel porting to provide the best Wi-Fi support of any Android on PC distribution out there. We support Realtek, Broadcom, and Intel Wi-Fi with some Qualcomm Atheros support as well.

      Please stop spamming the same link with each post. We will ask Kickstarter to limit your ability to post here, if you continue doing so. It is a Community Guidelines violation.

    14. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We're sorry you're having issues Mat, but we need more info to help. Please start a thread at so we can look into the issue with you're NUC, and help others at the same time.

    16. Mat Oldaker on

      Console OS lollipop both 32 & 64 bit fails to boot on my NUC bot freeze at the CON OS boot screen.

      My reason for backing this project was these statements..

      Team iConsole has worked for the past 18 months to make sure everything from (optional) multi-touch to Miracast™ works great.

      Out of the gates, we will support (over!) 25 iconic Laptops, PCs, x86 tablets and convertible devices with Console OS. And, here they are:


      Intel: Next Unit of Computing (all NUC models except for Celeron 847)


      These claims were false as the DP 1 failed to fully support this device as functionality was limited, and it was nothing more than the freely available Android-IA image downloadable from intel. Even without the "Pro" features and future development of this project, your claims of my device being fully supported from the outset were misleading and fraudulent. This latest release is not what I funded, I can download Android-x86 or Remix and have it booting on my Nuc in a matter of minutes, CON OS fails to even boot. There was no mention in the Campaign notes or RISKS about this project being based on Android-IA or that its closure would impact on Console os, you touted this as a fully working OS for the initial 25 supported devices, As your claims have been made fraudulently, Please refund my pledge. This project is dead.

    17. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      Anyone get a refund in the last couple days?

      There are rumors that more people have been refunded in the past two days.

    18. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    19. Ruthaniel van den Naar on

      Ok, it booted on my Lenovo e130 netbook (as booting Android-x86, RemixOS and Phoenix OS), sound is working, resolution and mouse are working, wifi - broadcom one isnt working - dont find any network, probably isnt even detected by kernel.

      From users perspective it looks like classic android-x86 image with Console OS logo and grub menu, i didnt notice any specific ConsoleOS thing in OS gui, what is sad even basic apps as Gallery and Terminal emulator are crashing right after start.

      As i already wrote, we really need some release notes to prove that ConsoleOS is viable project..

    20. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We are working on updating Wiki and other support content. It's a complete project reboot for us, but we hope to get the first wave up very shortly.

      On a development note, some of our Mesa back porting has gotten the HP Stream 7 to boot. However there are still some nagging kernel timing issues that are making it not quite usable yet.

    21. Ruthaniel van den Naar on

      At least download = mega redirect is working for me, but i would like to see some release notes or something about features.. There is some release notes, but they are for DR1 version - what is if im not wrong, year and half old version..

    22. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Please don't feed the trolls folks, thanks. We are working on fixing the bug, we did not cast blame on it. Frankly, we don't know who caused the password reset bug. We're working on fixing it.

    23. ACH on

      @Lee Kimrey: Thanks for the feedback, but it's someone else's fault.

    24. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Lee - Yes, we've been testing an SSL cert and that wasn't supposed to go live. For most functions, it wasn't impacted. It's a bug related to how the password reset link is formed.

      Thanks for the feedback though!

    25. Lee Kimrey on

      Re: Password reset problem...

      It looks like you don't have HTTPS correctly setup/forwarded...

      Incorrect Password reset Link:

      Correct Password reset Link:…

    26. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - You can log in to and download Console OS Lollipop right now. The Kickstarter was to make Console OS happen, and we are continuing to deliver on that commitment. We will not refund you.

    27. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      Did you receive a refund notification? what was the date on that?

      I paid for Console OS Pro (for me and a friend).

      Nothing delivered.

      please refund my pledge.

    28. ACH on

      "We made the decision to combine the two editions of Console OS temporarily"

      Wouldn't you actually need to have had a Pro version to do this?

      "We are not refunding people"

      This is objectively false; you have refunded at least 13 people.

    29. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Jason - We made the decision to combine the two editions of Console OS temporarily, to keep the project alive. We are not refunding people. We stated that this was the first OS Kickstarter, ever, and that the feature set may have to change. It did.

      We are not refunding people because of that, and we will not. We would encourage those filing complaints, to review the Mid-2014 Kickstarter TOS, which allows us to take these actions.

    30. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    31. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, we are looking into the password reset issue.

      The bandwidth issues we reported last night should be resolved this hour.

      And with that, we're getting back to work on fixing the password reset problem.

    32. Missing avatar

      AC on

      You're are exercising your right (in kickstarter rules) about who you chose to refund, how about our (backers) rights? You refunded 13 backers why you can't refund us, the rest. You can ban me I don't care just give me my money back. It's only a few dollars but if you just admit that you give up (instead of keep promising something that is not true), I will consider a donation to someone that try his best but failed and just forget about the money.

    33. ACH on

      Even though I'd rather relieve myself on one of my devices than install Console OS, I'm curious just how this went for those brave enough to install it.

      Also for everyone else keeping track, you can now add Mega onto the PMLOB (Price Master List of Others to Blame).

    34. xconwayx on

      I have tried to reset my password to the here and there for a couple days. I get the email just fine. When I get the link to change it I get and Error Connection Timed Out message. Is there anyway around this?

    35. Missing avatar

      Arul Jayanth Muthukumar on


      I tried to claim my refund using the link u send me in email but it only redirects to a PayPal login and after logging in no further action happens. The amount does not get adds up. My account is verified.

      Can you please help me claim my refund?

    36. \_/ Refunded 04.06.16. Hush $$? \=/ on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    37. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, evening wrap (we do sleep... somewhat).

      We have a small bandwidth issue. We are testing Mega as our CDN, and we bought several terabytes worth of bandwidth. Unfortunately, it's not showing up on our account... we've opened a ticket (yes, a new day, a new support ticket).

      The good news is that the downloads haven't been frozen out. But, we're a bit hesitant to send out a Kickstarter update, that could overload things until our accounts refresh.

      Our current plan is to let the folks in UK/NZ update things on their end, and hopefully we can push out the update to everyone else.

      Please do keep posting a comment (sans any identifiable info) if you cannot log in to and download Lollipop. We'll pick up with those tickets first thing tomorrow.

      Thanks everyone - this release is not about delivering our full vision. It's about getting back on track - with the easiest-to-install distribution of Android on PC today. We think we've done that today. We think this was a good day.

    38. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Shiv - We checked your account. The email you have with Kickstarter is set up with backer benefits locked in. Double check that you are logging in with the Kickstarter email address in your Kickstarter profile for us. If that doesn't solve it, reply back.

    39. Shiv Manas on

      @MMV: Thank you for the reply. When I try to register, it says the email account is already is in use, but I've never registered at that site. So I clicked on "forgot password", and got a password reset link via email, but that page never loads and Chrome times out with "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".

      PS: It's not urgent, I just don't want to miss out on the release, thanks. :)

    40. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Please post a comment if your account says you have a Standard account. Right here. What we'll do is check those accounts in our backend, and fix them manually.

      Most backers that log in to should have Kickstarter credentials - provided you are using the same email as your Kickstarter account.

    41. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We'll check your account later tonight. Most backers should have access.

    42. Shiv Manas on

      @MMV: Just to clarify, the download that'll be released to backers is different from the link you've just posted, right? Because when I go to the link, it says the account type is "Console OS Standard Account Free". Can you please clarify if the full/proper release will be sent to all backers via email, or will it be posted here?

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Hi all, for those that cannot wait, we have posted the download files at

      We are still doing testing and have not posted everything yet - but it seems some want access right-this-minute. As promised, if Kickstarter didn't act to clean up the comment wall as promised, we'd ship anyways. We're making good on that.

      Later tonight and tomorrow, we'll set up additional forums (just for you backers) where we can group Kickstarter-related answers. Then we'll send out an update for everyone signed up via email.

    44. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Gary - We can subjectively chose to take the best options that we feel are in the interest of all backers. When someone is willing to spend significant portions of their life, demanding hourly replies from us - or posting incorrect information we are compelled to respond to - on our own comment wall, we have to act.

      That is our right under the Kickstarter TOS from mid-2014, and we stand by the call. All other backers are going to keep getting Console OS, hopefully later today too.

    45. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      "We are not refunding people. We chose to ban 13 backers that have caused a huge drain on our resources"

      Legally you are refunding people. Whether you subjectively see it as a "ban" is irrelevant.

      Please also give me a refund. Thanks.

    46. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      An update will be posted soon with details on downloading.

    47. xconwayx on

      Creator Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. 1 day ago
      We expect our Lollipop builds to be available later today. We'll keep you posted.

      Where can I get the Lollipop build? I can't seem to find a link.

    48. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @AC - See our replies below, we just addressed this request. We're excited to be shipping Lollipop, on the road to Marshmallow. Thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      AC on

      Hi, I would like to get a refund too.

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