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We've rebuilt Android™ to be a primary operating system for your PC, 2-in-1 or PC Tablet. Over 100 new features built-in already.
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
We started as the first commercial effort to bring Android to the PC. We're still at it, now on GitHub rebuilding - combining the best of the open-source world, with cutting-edge commercial drivers, licensed from Intel. (
5,695 backers pledged $78,497 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. ACH on

      @Lee Pretty good summary. One important thing that is missing is the admission that the project goal is to "commercialize Android-IA" -- unfortunately because of the need to click "Show Older Comments" repeatedly it's difficult to go back and find Price's comment, but I believe there was also a statement on his Twitter saying the same.

    2. allanin on

      @Lee Without emotions or twisting words your facts are right.

      Additional Mr. Price won`t give any dates or schedule when the promised and pledged 100 features will be released.

    3. Lee Kimrey on

      TL;DR Critical facts (please correct me if I'm wrong!) for those like me that don't want to devote an evening reading the entire comment wall:

      1. Project publicly stated releasing one alpha quality release a year ago that ran on a fraction of the targeted devices constitutes fulfillment.
      2. Project accused Chih-Wei Huang (the main developer of the Androidx86 project) of extorting $50k.
      3. Chih-Wei Huang responded by offering $50k in return for showing actual code relating to the features promised by the project on their official Kickstarter site. This was ignored by the ConsoleOS developers.
      4. Project forked Chih-Wei Huang's Androidx86 code base, while legal, is against the wishes of the primary developer and now does not have any working relationship, or chance of one. Even causing the developer to stop developing on the specific forked code ("lollipop-x86 branch") to stop Console Inc from continuing to benefit from their work in bad faith.
      5. There is no evidence of any actual team members other than Christopher Price.
      6. There is no evidence of any actual non-nda code from developers of this project relating to the "101 features" or major architectural code from the official Kickstarter site.
      7. Intel has not publicly given any indication they are involved with ConsoleOS in any way since the project started.
      8. Android has not publicly given any indication they are involved with ConsoleOS in any way since the project started.
      9. There have been no receipts, PO's, or any other legitimate data explaining how the Kickstarter raised funds have been used.
      10. Project publicly stated they are in full compliance with the TOS of Kickstarter.

      I've tried to stay factual and without emotion with these as a simple summary of the project's current (not promised) status as of January 19th 2016. All attempts to "Be respectful and considerate" and not violate the Kickstarter TOS have been made.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian R on

      if you don't want to "regurgitate" past answers why don't you update the project FAQ?

    5. ACH on

      The problem is, you aren't actually answering the questions we are asking you. You just want to control the flow of information through a medium that you can freely censor. Nobody is buying it, Price.

    6. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Christopher - We will still maintain a presence on the wall, at least until after we have shipped Console OS Lollipop, and all physical perks. But we will primarily link to our new Q&A system to streamline postings. This will avoid constant rewriting/reposting of the same answers constantly.

    7. Christoper Rogers on

      I for one think leaving the comment wall on Kickstarter is somewhat disconcerting. It takes the focus away from the most obvious place to check.

    8. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      That all said, folks, don't lose faith over Kickstarter because of this one bad apple. Unlike apples, one bad apple of a project does not spoil the barrel of limitless possibilities here. Though I have not supported them personally, I have seen hundreds of marvelous products, such as media players (Pono player!), video games (OUYA!), books (Augie and the Green Knight!), and fan conventions (Sonic the Comic Con!), even a project by a college friend, become a reality. Don't let this one bump in the road ruin your whole experience with the creativity and diversity that you can so readily tap into. This just happens to be one of those rarities, those one-in-ten or one-in-one-hundred corner cases, if not even lower in probability. We just have to deal with this sorry fellow Christopher Price until (a) he breaks down and mournfully admits his infractions against us backers (less likely), or (b) out of the blue, he turns up missing one day with a forwarding address to the Cayman Islands (most likely). Until then, keep a stiff upper lip and don't let this charlatan go unquestioned whenever he fills this comments section with pretentious fluff.

    9. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - Unfortunately the comment wall does not allow for threaded Q&As. We cannot link to past answers. This is draining. Our new system won't be.

    10. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      You and I and everyone else here know full well that the proprietary code that Intel et al. has provided to you so far cannot be publicly posted. What we would like to see is all of the other NON-SENSITIVE code you developed over the course of the last 1.5 to 2 years--proof that you have been doing something productive with your time in exchange for our joint money we have entrusted you with. If there is nothing that you have coded, say so and stop beating around the bush and acting like willy nilly and mealy mouthed about it. If you giving a clear answer is defined as monotonous regurgitating, then someone desperately needs to perform a virtual Heimlich maneuver on you to restore the free flow of information on this very point that seems so painfully hard for you to wrap your head around.

    11. allanin on

      @mmv you already have the possibilty to use a QA system with your updates within kickstarter. there is no need to build another system.

      you failed to explain the reasons why certain features are under nda, you never mentioned that foreign code is used and there is a big risk that you may not use that code.

      explain us why you didn't told us in the beginning!

    12. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @That Headphones Guy - We will present a full status update on each of those feature targets after our next release. We cannot offer the code you requested, for reasons we have already explained to you. This is why we are working on a new Q&A system, we cannot regurgitate past answers to you repeatedly.

    13. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      *"InstaSwitch – Building a new hypervisor to instantly toggle between native Android and native Windows"
      Correction: Excluding InstaSwitch, which is most definitely hardware dependent.

    14. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      "working during last year to resume Andorid-IA for PC hardware."

      Then show us code with commits and then we will believe you. You must have a paper trail and some sort of code that we can see. Otherwise, we have your copypasta job on Github that leads us to believe you did nothing except idle away. Even if it is broken code, you must upload it.

      You failed to mention the other features that are architecture agnostic. What about those? They are:
      InstaSwitch – Building a new hypervisor to instantly toggle between native Android and native Windows
      Console Remote Access -> Remotely access your Console OS device from any old Android
      Additional codecs and media playback support
      Native DVR support (planned ATSC, DVB, QAM/CableCARD, & DTCP-IP)
      Built-in media serving (UPnP and DLNA)
      Console Files – A new file manager we’re building in to the desktop

    15. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @That Headphones Guy - Unfortunately, your logic leaves out the assumption that we were not working during last year to resume Andorid-IA for PC hardware. That was our best chance at success. We outlined this in our update.

      Several of the Pro features depended on Android-IA components that were in a state of development - such as multi-window, that Intel discontinued after our Kickstarter ended.

      Other features like Console Maps became redundant with the launch of HERE Maps.

      The remainder of the feature set we still plan to implement, particularly now that we have our new path laid in and are implementing it.

      A Kickstarter is not a suicide pact. The TOS you and we both agreed to gives us the authority to put things on hold when a Risk hits. We regret it took several months to address the loss of Android-IA for PC hardware, but it was not discontinued in just one move - those changes took place in several phases over 2015.

      We are focused on implementing the original feature set - but it cannot be overstated how devastating the loss of Android-IA for PC hardware was, or the amount of resources the team took to try and right those rudders.

    16. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      Let's be clear: it was your promise from the onset to make every reasonable effort to develop the Pro features in tandem with the main OS. Now, there is no absolutely room for excuse to state Intel has left you holding the bag because while you waited all this time and willfully remained idle, you could have been developing the Console OS Pro features independent from the OS. In fact, if you put to good use the coding skills MMV prides itself in, you could have sold the Pro features as separate apps on the Play Store and Amazon Appstore and netted a profit from their sales. Indeed, one risk factor you neglected to explicitly list was indolence.

    17. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Cykit - If you were not comfortable with the risks, you should not have backed.

      We are committed to making Console OS happen, and progressively implement the features listed, in our new path forward. After our next release checkpoint, we'll update you on our feature set.

    18. Missing avatar

      Cykit on

      @MMV do you understand that it is your backers, not intel, pays for the project? What we demand is not a statement, but the pro product you promised, with all the features promised. The "I cannot share", "I can not promise" puts more shame to your name and your project

    19. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @ACH - Unfortunately we can't share those discussions which would provide clarity on the subject.

      We are working with Intel to offer a joint statement, but this takes time, and we cannot promise one will be issued. Certainly Intel is not disputing our status updates, that we shared with them prior to posting.

      Our focus is on our new path, shipping Console OS as an open-source project, and slowly, progressively implementing these features.

      We aren't happy that is the path we have been forced to take, but we encourage critics to offer productive alternatives, rather than idle griping.

    20. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      I am considering reaching out to Intel via some contacts at my university. One of my university's honored alumni was a leading developer on the Pentium project from decades ago and a somewhat recent graduate heads up hiring for part of the Core technology's development team, so there's that. Perhaps, after some digging and some investigation, we will find out just how close of a relationship MMV had with Intel, or if all the code MMV obtained was really what any maker or average Joe could have gotten had he emailed Intel via the correct channels. I will keep everyone posted.

    21. ACH on

      "@ACH - We shared a detailed project plan with Intel, one that noted dependence on Android-IA. Intel raised no objections to the plan... before, or during, our Kickstarter campaign."

      I could send an e-mail to Intel right now telling them that I'm starting a project based off Intel-IA and they wouldn't "raise an objection". That is starkly different from an affirmation, which is what you originally said. You better get your story straight.

      Your entire "relationship" with Intel is hearsay, as you've provided no proof that you have actually worked/communicated with them on any meaningful level. No wonder "we have shared", "we made clear", and "nobody has objected to" are staples of your vocabulary.

    22. Hifihedgehog (AKA "That Headphones Guy") on

      I like Sean's comment. To recap it, Price said during the Kickstarter campaign that MMV was up to the task of recoding the low-level OS bits if the need arose. Well, that went well. As we have all painfully discovered over the last two years, Price was not even remotely capable of doing that. At best, MMV is the master of copypasta coding as the Android-x86 incident has shown.

      Is it too hard to say, yes, I claimed far too much and for that I deeply apologize, and I will get hard at work starting where we stand now, beginning with this portion of the Pro features and these kernel bugs? Unfortunately, the time for making amends has long since past. What I don't like is Price's incessant practice of swerving around the issue and not taking ownership for the problems at hand. Had he only just listened... Pride goeth before the fall. Being all pie in the sky about things while not thinking about where he was and what he was doing was this project's downfall.

      What a pity, too. Price never even tried to code up the Pro features the last two years, which would have been a good use of his time instead of standing idle while waiting for the needed code from Intel. As I said before, Price could have concurrently developed the Pro features as apps in expectation of the time when Intel finally did deliver... but he didn't. Geesh. Seriously, Price should have gone into politics or used car sales and left the technology sector alone. lol

    23. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @ACH - We shared a detailed project plan with Intel, one that noted dependence on Android-IA. Intel raised no objections to the plan... before, or during, our Kickstarter campaign.

      It was not until after the campaign ended, and Intel began pulling back Android-IA for PC, that they began to raise these concerns with us.

      We aren't speaking for Intel, but it is without question that they are continuing to work with us because they share in the commitments that were made to the community regarding this project.

    24. ACH on

      "@ACH - We made clear to Intel that our project depended on Android-IA for PC, and they acknowledged this to us before we debuted on Kickstarter."

      Your wording is very vague. What exactly did they acknowledge? What is the "this" in your statement?

    25. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @ACH - We made clear to Intel that our project depended on Android-IA for PC, and they acknowledged this to us before we debuted on Kickstarter.

      At any time, had Intel told us that PC hardware support was going to be dropped, we would have ended the campaign. As we said in our update, we were not informed that Core processor support had formally been dropped until after the campaign had ended. And full PC support was not dropped until the March, 2015 release... four months after we began shipping Console OS.

      Unfortunately, we cannot share our communications with Intel. We have asked them to prepare a statement, but we cannot force anyone external to us to comment.

    26. ACH on

      You say "shared with Intel", but did you actually receive a response from Intel affirming that your project would not be in jeopardy (since it is HEAVILY reliant on Android-IA)? Perhaps you can share the response from Intel backing you up, or the contact so that we can verify ourselves.

    27. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sean - Few dispute that had Intel discontinued upstream kernel support for Android on PC, that we would not at least be likely on-track with our project plan... one we shared with Intel prior to going to Kickstarter.

      To answer your last question - no, we had no idea that Intel was going to discontinue support for Android on PC hardware. We noted upstream Android changes as a risk. Intel's support for Android on PC hardware stretches back to 2011.

      We will not speak for Intel on this subject. We are continuing to work with them under our new plan, one that cannot be impacted by outside influences or pressures.

    28. MMV=$78K Payday! Backers got NOTHING! on

      @Creator - You rebuilt Android from the ground up! Remember when you took my money! During one of those all night engineering sessions?
      "At 4 AM, I'm sitting here in our headquarters (a tiny little office) for what was supposed to be a late all-nighter of pressing on, engineering."…

      Not one Kickstarter Console OS backer contracted with Intel's Android kernel for PC or Android-IA. Not one. It's all you, @Creator

      Upstream progress and plan? Let's consider that:

      From the Risks and Challenges :
      "More generally, however, major changes to Android may cause us to have to rewrite portions of our code. We're ready for that.…

      Sounded like you weren't ready for it?

    29. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @Sean - We didn't pull the plug on Intel's Android kernel for PC. We stated in the risks that upstream changes to Android could impact our progress and plan. They did. We aren't happy about it, but rehashing the topic is not productive for anyone.

      It changes nothing, and only impedes our progress to remind you of the facts.

    30. MMV=$78K Payday! Backers got NOTHING! on


      Remember the Rewards you contracted to receive (timeframe yet to be revealed)! Don't settle for cheap imitations.

      "Console OS Pro, more specifically, is set to include the following:
      WindowFlinger – A true window manager for Android – run Android apps in windows (Console OS - standard version - will run two apps side-by-side)
      InstaSwitch – Building a new hypervisor to instantly toggle between native Android and native Windows
      Console Remote Access -> Remotely access your Console OS device from any old Android
      Additional codecs and media playback support
      Native DVR support (planned ATSC, DVB, QAM/CableCARD, & DTCP-IP)
      Built-in media serving (UPnP and DLNA)
      Console Files – A new file manager we’re building in to the desktop
      Console Maps Pro – Premium Maps with Enhanced Turn-by-Turn"…

      Remember, you PAID to be PRO! :)

    31. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      We added a brief section to the build guide on increasing CCache quotas. We are considering making this the default for Console OS, but it could cause people with small SSDs to have issues.

      Apologizes to those that were finding Console OS took 2+ hours to build after the first go at it. This should resolve that.

    32. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @KIHWAN - We have no plans to issue refunds, we are committed to continuing to develop and ship Console OS. Our next campaign update will address physical perk shipments remaining.

    33. Missing avatar

      KIHWAN JIN on

      Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!Issue refunds!!

    34. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @nem4ik - It is stable on T100, but we are still adding features. Our new path, in the wake of Intel discontinuing Android-IA for PC, has us pushing features progressively in open-source.

      Some features are going up later this week, others will take months, some may not arrive until Marshmallow and beyond. We're not happy about that, but the only other path was to shut down.

      We do expect releases late this month, with additional install options. Using the live boot from USB is best for now.

      @Christopher - Intel has not given us an ETA on fixing the driver issues noted on the Wiki. We asked last week, we'll ask again this week. We will test again on DV8P to see if some of our Mesa patches fixed it. We are testing Mesa 11.0.8 and 11.1 RC1, but neither are stable enough yet to commit to GitHub.

    35. Missing avatar

      nem4ik on

      Can anyone tell me where is fully working Console OS for my Asus T100? With all features?

    36. Christoper Rogers on

      So can I build a mostly functional image for the Del Venue 8 Pro yet or not? The wiki notes issues but no word of fixes.

    37. allanin on

      @arul you may create an account at

      @Chris Pike Why doesn't Kickstarter write a single comment here that they agree with you and say you are right?

    38. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      Late yesterday we completed our build guide, you can view it here:

      As noted in the guide, we've written it to support all major Android on PC distributions, as well as AOSP. It supports Console OS with Android, Android-IA, and

      If you are fickle, we encourage you to wait for our first release - as we are continuing to post code onto GitHub that will differentiate us from other renditions of Android. But this step gives us best-in-class documentation.

      If you have technical issues with the build guide, including with versions of Android other than Console OS, let us know.

    39. allanin on

      @Chris Pike And the next lie. Only one comment was removed by Kickstarter over a month ago.

      Proof your claims Mr. Price.

      You will not succeed to shutdown this comment wall, because no one will accept a platform which will be missused by you to censor backers questions.

      You should deliver what we pledged for instead wasting time for things we didn't pay for.

    40. Missing avatar

      Arul Jayanth Muthukumar on

      @aias- is there any other way to contact you other than througj Kickstarter?

    41. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - We are not required to answer your questions on this comment wall. Particularly when a user repeatedly has their comments removed by Kickstarter.

      Our new Q&A system will fully comply with the version of the Kickstarter TOS we are bound to, and we also expect it will comply with the newer TOS as well.

    42. allanin on

      @MMV Bypassing will not work.

      You are not assigned to speak for Kickstarter nor has Kickstarter made any comments that your procedure is okay.

    43. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      As we have stated previously, we are in compliance with Apache. We have discussed this topic in the past. If the team has any issues with our attribution, they are free to contact us. We have addressed any direct concerns they have raised.

      Once again, Apache 2.0 only requires files modified to be noted, and even then the necessity is tenuous. We have bent over backwards to comply with Apache 2.0, including attributing each and every code commit from contributors previous to forking, on our GitHub.

      We are not going to address the rest, as we have been asked and answered each topic several times. It is a tactic of trolls to drain resources re-asking the same questions repeatedly, knowing most people won't scroll down deep enough to read the answers.

      Our new Q&A system will be online shortly to bypass that.

    44. allanin on

      @Arul Thank you for your post. Actually you should be careful with words in your comments which Mr. Price would describe as vulgar.

      He flags a lot of comments so that Kickstarter shall remove it. In my opinion a form censorship.

      Actually Mr. Price dodges every single question we asked him.

      We got just claims without proof. We are attacked and offended as trolls by Mr. Price as you can see...

      That is really sad indeed...

    45. Missing avatar

      Arul Jayanth Muthukumar on

      @MMV - Are you nuts? Do you actually think and write your comment? What "aias" has been saying and asking you and what are you replying?

      As per my Research in Kickstarter, Projects(Medium Budget projects, not high budget projects) which have more comments in comments section is indeed a scam. (Ex: Control VR, Learn iPhone App Development, YuFu, etc)

    46. allanin on

      @Christopher Price It feel sorry for you that you did not read your backers comment.

      I am nice so repost the comment from the Headphone Guy:

      "[Christopher Price] himself has not fully followed the Apache License 2.0 and has not 'cause[d] any modified files to carry prominent notices stating that [he] changed the files' ,( ) meaning that he must explicitly put it in writing in the code that he has modified it from its Android-x86 source for his own commercial use."
      This means changing the code to carry your own brandinh and then just leaving attributes as-is isn't enough. You must put in easily discernible comments in the code of each file that Console OS is a modification of Android-x86. Full stop. Mr. Huang is giving you a pass on this part of Android-x86's licensing. If I were you, I would go back and fix it before he also brings this to your attention because you are stealing until you fully follow the license terms. How hard is this to understand?"

      I feel you should say sorry for your harsh critic.

    47. Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. Creator on

      @aias - If you feel we've violated any license, please take the claim elsewhere. Such claims are ridiculous, the freedom to fork Android is implicit.

      If you have some legitimate corrective change due to the Apache license, either say it explicitly, or withdraw it. Claiming we've violated a license without any proof, is misleading at best, libel at worst.

    48. allanin on

      @MMV Additional to Headphone Guys help to understand the Apache license, which you obviously violated here is another question, Mr. Price.

      Imagine there is a person, lets say it is me, who promises you that you will get in the near future Android Marshmallow.

      I will tell you that I have taken apart Android and put it together to work perfectly for PC.

      I will tell you that I have working in stealth the past 18 months to ensure everything works.

      I will tell you that I have built in over 100 hundred unique features and provide a info-graphic, which clearly shows how superior my product is.

      I will tell you of course if Google changes something in Android that I may have problems in delivering.

      So, would you not have the impression that the product is almost ready -> 18 months working in stealth, videos on my Campaign showing devices with lolipop wallpapers, e.g.

      Would you not be upset that you only got a tech preview which I call DR1 (which does not include my promised 100 features) and a Lollipop preview which hardly works?

      Would you not be upset that you have been waiting over 1.5 years and you still get not your rewards and your Console OS Pro with all the fancy things?

      Would you not be upset that I tell you I have a NDA so I can not describe which features are on my 100 feature list?

      Would you not be upset that every deadline Mr. aias proposed where not met?

      Would you not be upset that Mr. aias dodged every single question?

      Would not be upset that Mr. aias attacked the backers and called them trolls, took someone else code and attacked him with very bad statements so Mr. aias looks like a saviour?

      Would you not have a bad feeling that Mr. aias says his team and he work below the poverty line? How can a man have such a attidute / moral to convince his team to work below poverty line?

      So, Mr. Price and Ms. Mobilia:

      How would you feel?
      How would you react?
      How would think about me?

      Would you ever trust Mr. aias again?

    49. RiceFryer on

      Hey hey, we are not troll. Troll is you and MMV
      You can vote all of backer to this project is succesful or not. Last 2years, we backers did not take anything.
      Issue refunds.

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