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Your pledge makes you a founding member of the new Maine Museum of Photographic Arts. Photo: Irvin Serrano
94 backers pledged $18,195 to help bring this project to life.

MMPA's Museum by Mail brings art into schools!

We've already received donated prints for our Museum by Mail educational program. We're thrilled at the idea of sending small, original prints (protected & insured, of course!) into classrooms all over the state. The students will be able to see the artworks firsthand, the teacher will have a lesson plan in hand and they will be able to interface with our virtual museum website.

All this hinges on reaching our Kickstarter goal! We still have a ways to go. If we don't reach goal we don't get your pledge either so help us! It's all or nothing with Kickstarter.


    1. Creator Margo Lk Harrington on June 10, 2010

      I'd love to bring this to the schools of Cumberland & North Yarmouth (MSAD51). Let me know how to learn more about this, and help make it happen.

      Margo Harrington
      MSAD51 Arts Alliance