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Your pledge makes you a founding member of the new Maine Museum of Photographic Arts. Photo: Irvin Serrano

Our Kickstarter campaign will give us the money to create a virtual museum website for the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts.

The website is the first permanent step in exhibiting and travelling the photographic arts created here in Maine at such places as the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Bakery Photographic Collective, Maine Media Workshops, Maine College of Art, College of the Atlantic, by the hundreds of independents working in the commercial field or teaching at our elite liberal arts colleges.

Maine photographers and film makers are creating cutting-edge work. In some ways it mimics what was going on in Maine in the realm of painting 100 years ago. The astounding creative output of Maine’s historic art colonies and great artists has long been recognized and revered.

We are poised to do the same for Maine’s contemporary photographers and filmmakers.

Embracing new technology (and the new realities of fundraising for the arts), we will make the museum's collection—and its extensive educational archives and resources—available digitally online.

Money raised from Kickstarter is vital to create the virtual museum website featuring 200 artists with five examples of each of their work. We will also have interviews with artists accessible via podcast from the site. Students and collectors will be able to gain a better understand of the artist's vision and influences.

We will also organize a “Museum By Mail” program allowing K-12 classrooms to request the loan of prints, film and video.

About the Founders

Independent gallery owner Elizabeth Moss, MA, organized A PICTURE’S WORTH only to discover it exceeded even her own expectations. Determined to channel the critical praise and artistic energy the show created, she reached out to University of New England Art Gallery Director Anne Zill and photographer Denise Froehlich, MFA, to establish a museum dedicated to contemporary photography and film with roots in Maine.


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    Our sincere thank you and the realization that you helped found MMPA.

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    Get your student Grades 6th - 12th and undergrads involved by submitting their funniest Photobooth or jpeg photograph judged by Maine's own comedian Bob Marley! Show us your LOL moments! Winner gets new iPod Shuffle + iTunes in hot pink or turquoise!

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    Limited edition child's size MMPA t-shirt by a Maine artist.

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    An MMPA limited edition t-shirt for an adult! MMPA is depicted as seen through a viewfinder of a twin lens reflex camera. This is truly a one of a kind design by Jared DeSimio of Dappermonkey for us.

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    A limited edition fine art screen saver image! Choose from one of three images. They are signed and sought after!

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    A pinhole camera that's fantastic!

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    A medium format HOLGA camera and four rolls of film (to get you started) !

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    An original medium format, 11 x 14 black and white silver print by MMPA co- founder Denise Froehlich.

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    The naming rights to grace one of the three galleries of MMPA's salon style museum. This could be your name, a business or trust.

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