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Making Music Praying Twice's NEW Christmas Album!'s video poster

A special album for children that keeps it real: real music education, real players and singers, and the real meaning of Christmas. Read more

Basking Ridge, NJ Music
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This project was successfully funded on March 29, 2013.

A special album for children that keeps it real: real music education, real players and singers, and the real meaning of Christmas.

Basking Ridge, NJ Music
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About this project

Bonus Reward for all Backers:
Chaplet of Divine Mercy Download sent to ALL our backers on Good Friday.


New Funding Goal:  $9,850

We have made our goal and we still have a week to go!  Our backers have been amazing!  The thing is, this album is only one piece of a bigger 18-album 18-book project.  Since we've come this far, maybe we could fund the book that goes along with this CD!  We’re taking a leap of faith.  We can do it with your support.

Of course, we need to offer more rewards for everybody, right?  If we get to this next goal, we are going to add a pdf download of the coordinating children's songbooks for all the backers from $10 and up.  We are also going to add coloring page downloads from the book for the $50 and up backers.  Finally, you'll see a couple of new high-level rewards!  Check out the UPDATES for more details on the book and the extra rewards!

Who are we?

My husband and I started Making Music Praying Twice (MMP2) to fill a need for our own children.  We loved the quality early childhood music education program our young daughter enjoyed.  I even became a teacher for the program.  I was introduced to Dr. Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory which employed clinical research to develop the most effective ways of teaching music to young children.  I was changed forever. 

But, there was a hole in the music.  God wasn’t there and God is a big part of music for us.  My background is in Theology, music and education, John’s is in music and accounting.  Yes, accounting.  Don’t worry, he’s a musician at heart and now you know we know what we’re doing with your money!  With these skills behind us, we moved forward with our dream.  And so, Making Music Praying Twice develops early childhood music education products and helps Catholic churches and schools run quality programs that include awesome music meant to glorify God, like Gregorian chant, African American spirituals, hymns, and Christmas carols along with lots of fun traditional folk music, world music, original songs and more.

What is the project?

Parishes across the country are now using the 5-season curriculum we released in 2010.  Some of them have been using it a long time now and I’ve been using it a really long time.  It's time for something new.  Recording CDs isn’t something we can just whip out.  Big companies whip out lame kiddie music every day using synthesizers and belting tots.  Our music takes time, real musicians with expertise in various areas of world music, and real children singing the way children are supposed to without a lot of machines “fixing” their voices.  Music Learning Theory requires a well-planned balance of tonalities and meters to which most of us have had little exposure.  Every song is chosen with care and purpose for quality of art and education.  Everything is acoustic and real and 95% of the music is as enjoyable for parents as for kids.  We want tons of improvements in this new curriculum which will walk with a family for 3 years and encompass 18 CDs!

But we can only do one CD at a time and so we’re asking you to be a part of one of the most special, the first Christmas CD!

Each of our albums is more than a musical experience.  It is a music education curriculum which meets important criteria.  We ensure that the songs support various educational activities in the classroom and home.  Some songs are fun and playful while others promote prayerfulness or introduce little ears to music and language from other cultures.  Some work well with instrument play, others for dancing and free movement, and others for cuddly songs with mom or dad. 

The Songs on the Christmas Album are unique.  We are covering all our usual bases and trying to build a repertoire of Christmas Carols for each student.  This is just one part of a three-year curriculum.  Our little students will learn many more carols, traditional, historical, and from around the world.  Think about the feeling inside you when you hear Silent Night.  The real meaning of Christmas comes out through this unique music genre, the carol.  In this album we plan to feature:

  • Good Day – a tradition on every MMP2 album
  • O Come O Come Emmanuel – the quintessential Advent chant
  • The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns – beautiful Advent hymn with Russian roots
  • Joy To The World  – done as a fun medley in different musical styles
  • O Come All Ye Faithful/Adestes Fideles – both languages with Renaissance-style accompaniment
  • Stille Nacht – English and original German with simple strings
  • What Child Is This?  – Celtic tune encourages graceful dancing and introduces the Dorian tonality
  • Go!  Tell it on the Mountain – Children can play instruments, sing and dance to this African-American classic
  • Up on the Housetop – Fun American Christmas song, click click click!
  • Good this Year – An original spoken rhyme in an unusual meter – Santa’s coming!
  • Gaudete Christus Est Natus! – an old Swedish tune in a Phrygian tonality sung in Latin that you can drum and dance to!  Yes, for real.
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas – This one isn’t fully arranged yet; we’re thinking brass and parachute play
  • Corelli Christmas – a simple song based on 17th century composer, Arcangelo Corelli’s Christmas Concerto
  • Los Peces en el Rio – danceable Spanish Carol with traditional accompaniment
  • Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine – lovely old German carol in which Mary asks Joseph to help her with the baby
  • Three Great Kings – a traditional spoken rhyme about, well, you can guess.
  • God Bless – how we end every CD and every music class!

This all may seem pretty intense for children five and under.  Yes, even little babies come to our classes, and yes, it really does make a difference in their music aptitude.  There is actually never a greater opportunity to make a difference in a child's aptitude.  That little brain is growing faster than it ever will again.  Don't let the intensity and sophistication of some of the selections fool you.  The music is fun and engaging and the children really do love it and identify with it.  Ask our parents:

Here's a link with testimonials from families and reviews of our program.

A nice feature about us in the National Catholic Register

Now you might be thinking, “I love little kids.  I love music.  I love Jesus.  I’d love to be part of this, but do I get anything out of it?”

That’s what’s so cool about Kickstarter.  We are offering many levels of rewards which are all either highly exclusive like having you or your child’s name featured in one of the songs, or of a retail value way beyond your pledge amount.  I want to add that everyone who donates will be credited as a backer on our website.  Everyone will be put on our prayer list.  This makes you a part of our mission and our family.

Also, and this is important: Our rewards include copies of the CD.  This is NOT a product which will be released to the general public.  Unlike the 2010 curriculum, these CDs are part of the education program, and only students in the Making Music Praying Twice classes at a parish or school will get them.  So if you aren’t enrolled or planning to enroll in these classes, this is your only chance to get this CD.

Check out our website to learn more about the classes and our program.

Where does the money go?

You might wonder where this number of $6,250 came from and where your money goes.  Remember John is a CPA so I have details, but I won’t bore you with too much.  We own our own studio (StJ Studios) and equipment.  We do our own engineering, some vocals, and all our own percussion.  (CPAs make rockin' drummers.  But, no, actually, he really is good!)

The main expense is paying fine musicians reasonable fees for their work.  These are artists who have worked for years to hone their craft, sometimes with years of higher education, and are excellent at what they do.  They do it because their souls compel them to, not because they are going to make a million bucks.  It is important to us that our musicians are compensated appropriately for their studio work.  We have guitars, and cellos, and dulcimers, and vocalists, and mandolin, and accordion, and oud, and flute, and violin, and fiddle, and piano, and pipes, etc, etc.

Lesser expenses include the mastering process and physical production of the CD, itself.


Go and claim a reward and become a part of something that makes a lifetime of impact in a child's mind, because we actually do train a child's growing brain for higher music aptitude.  More importantly, prayerful music makes an eternal impact on a child's soul.  Please join us and God bless you! 

Check out the UPDATE!  We have new special rewards for all our backers!

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Hmmm. This will be the seventh CD we’ve recorded. As long as we have funds with which to pay musicians, there is not much stopping us from moving forward. Here are some things that could:

- We could die or become seriously ill or injured.
- The studio could burn down, but it is insured so it would slow us down, but not stop us.
- The apocalypse could come, but would you really care about this if that were the case?

So I guess the main risk right now is that we could die. See there is risk in everything!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Your credit card will not be charged until the project end and only IF we make our goal. Kickstarter and Amazon will alert you when the charge is made.

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  • Yes. We have 18 CDs to produce for this curriculum and 18 children's books to publish! The expenses will total over $200,000. We can definitely put excess dollars to good use. If we can raise more funds, we'll try to think up some extra rewards for our backers, so please do your best to help us raise as much as possible!

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    CHERUB - We're so grateful for your support! We'll be praying for you! Ummm, spiritual rewards are awesome, but did you see the cool earthly ones listed below? Just saying..

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    EAR BUD - Advance Download of the Album (retails for $15), all backers will be acknowleged on our website, and whether you like it or not, we're praying for you now!

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    Pledge $20 or more

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    MUSIC LOVER - Advance Copy of the CD, itself (Did you notice that this CD will not be available to the general public?) + Download of the album + Download of special extended tracks normally reserved for licensed MMP2 teachers (It's a $40 retail price not counting the value of the exclusivity. That's a word right? Exclusive stuff rocks. And, yeah, we're going to be praying for you.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    GIFTER - Everything above ($40 retail) + an extra CD to jump start your Christmas shopping ($15 retail) + our prayers for you and your family (priceless).

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    PATRON SAINT - Everything above including our prayers, of course + our famous MMP2 tote bag + our original 2010 MMP2 Christmas CD (Could be a collector's item soon! Well, you never know. So now we're talking about over $75 worth of stuff not even counting the treasure in Heaven!)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $75 or more

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    COLLECTOR - Everything above + a download and physical CD of the new MMP2 Fall curriculum (also not being released to the general public) + Inclusion on our prayer list in indelible ink (This one added up to $105 retail.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $100 or more

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    EARLY BIRD - Everything above + 5 more CDs wrapped in Christmas paper for your Christmas giving. A great reward whether or not you have kids of your own. $180 retail value and yes, we are praying for you.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $250 or more

    3 backers All gone!

    ANGEL - Everything above + Your child’s first name (or the name(s) of your choice) featured in the songs of the actual Christmas album! (name subject to our approval) + a special thank you to the same name(s) (first and last if desired) in the credits of the CD + an advance copy of the CD + advance download of the album with the special tracks. I can't put a retail value on this. Come on. You have to admit. This is an awesome reward.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $260 or more

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    ARTIST PRODIGY - Everything from EARLY BIRD plus a child in your life can contribute a piece of art to be included in the book. Subject matter, and final decisions on artwork is subject to our discretion. Of course, your prodigy will receive 2 copies of the book, one to enjoy and one to keep for posterity. Your child will also be given full artist credit right along with the professional artists. For children ages 3 - 16. Plus, prayers are coming your way!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $325 or more

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    PROUD PAPA - Everything from the COLLECTOR level plus, your child's image immortalized as the inspiration as one of the illustrations in the book! Your child will be thanked in the credits of the book as well, and will get 2 copies of the book, itself. One to enjoy and one for the ages. And, we'll keep praying for the whole lot of ya'!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $850 or more

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    CHERUBIM - Be honest, this would be sooooo cool: Private 1.5 hour world drumming lesson at our studio in NJ for children or adults. Up to 4 individuals in the party. An opportunity to learn about multi-cultural percussion on various instruments from Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. A one-on-one teen or adult lesson can be substituted for more serious musicians. (Children must have an adult accompany.) The lesson will be audio and video recorded as a memento and provided to you in digital format. Awesome birthday party activity. To be determined at a mutually convenient time/day. Details are negotiable. Must be scheduled by 12/31/13. Also, everything from the COLLECTOR level. Oh, by the way, we will be praying for you and you are awesome.

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    SERAPHIM - Does your little one dream of being a singer? We will feature your child’s voice (age 3 minimum) on one of the songs on the album. To be recorded in our studio in NJ at a mutually convenient date between 3/1/13 – 5/1/13. We will work with you to ensure success in this. (Final decision on the song and extent of feature subject to our discretion.) Your recording star will be acknowledged in the credits along with our professional artists, take home a souvenir CD of their audio antics from their session which includes vocal coaching along with 20 copies of the final CD to share with friends and family along with all the downloads. Older children can also learn more about the technical side of studio recording. Plus, everything from the COLLECTOR level. What, that's not enough? OK, you're on the prayer list. How 'bout now?

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