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$ Funds my artist residency in Truth or Consequences, where I'll have 3 uninterrupted weeks to research the rocks and dance on them !

!! HELLO !!

I've been accepted into the "Starry Night" artist residency in Truth or Consequences New Mexico.

This residency will give me the designated space to focus on continuing my creative research in a wholly new place to me, uninterrupted by the hustle of daily obligations for 3 weeks. I imagine the time and space will instigate a wildly productive and re-enchanted way of living.

The funding goal of $1,000 is actually still just a fragment of the costs I am hoping to cover.

  • Airfare
  • studio fee
  • rent in Portland, OR
  • food
  • -----------------------------These are all facets of this $.

More about my projects:

My art involves unpredictable and tense compositions of ideas, forms and their associative conversations. These conversations are contemplative, psychic, and humorous. Recently, the forms are taking the shape of collages in space. I've developed the idea of using "Charged Objects" from a special place. A Charged Object is an amorphous subject, taken shape just for a moment as a specific form, not fixed, but animated through the viewer's attention as if the form were a misshapen puzzle piece in history.

More about my history:

In 2009, I was interning for artist Robert Wilson as his Archive Assistant in New York was spent in conjunction with my undergraduate residency in Brooklyn, to more directly expose myself to NY art culture.  New York's resistance and unapologetic energy instigated a huge transformation in me, emotionally, creatively and intellectually. This resistance pushed me to work in more immediately time-based mediums such as video, performance, and writing.

Selected exhibitions include video screenings and other time-based art projects with the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), multiple solo and group shows at Pacific Northwest College of Art and am recently showing work with Monograph Bookwerks and Stand Up Comedy.  I was awarded the Dean Scholarship during my enrollment at school and graduated with the "Best in Show Award"  and the "Intermedia Departmental Award". Aside from these events, I recently had a conceptual book about my creative practice published by Publication Studio, in Portland, Oregon. Having graduated from PNCA in Spring of 2011, I have been extremely antsy to live a transient lifestyle, collecting information from resistant and unfamiliar places and look to this opportunity as the launchpad into moving on.

Thank you So Much

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