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A competitive card game based on the CIA's declassified training game: Collection Deck.
A competitive card game based on the CIA's declassified training game: Collection Deck.
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Check out the Rulebook!

Posted by Randy Lubin (Collaborator)

As we await our proof copies and get ready to enter final production of the game, we're excited to share the complete rules for CIA: Collect It All!

You can download a PDF of the rulebook here.

This is the layout for the print edition, and looks just like what backers of the physical copy will receive in the box. We’ll also be producing a separate, simpler layout of the rules for the print-and-play version that is more friendly for screen reading and home printing.

In addition to the core rules, which are closely based on the CIA’s original rules for Collection Deck, the rulebook includes our brand new storytelling variant for a more narrative-driven experience.

We playtested several versions of the storytelling variant that were wildly different; they ranged from James Bond style adventures to character dramas inspired by different espionage sub-genres. Ultimately we decided to go stay close to the source material and have the storytelling rely heavily on the cards from the original game.

The storytelling rules have players narrating short vignettes about each crisis and then continuing the narration as they play collection techniques that reveal more information about each crisis. Unlike the original game, this version is purely collaborative.

When players attempt to resolve the crises, they’ll draw from a new Resolution deck that is inspired by the cards in Matthiijs Holter’s Itras By and Archipelago III. The cards have variants on “Success, and...”, “Success, but...”, “Failure, but…”, and “Failure, and…” that determine the outcome of the attempt and provide narrative guidance as to the consequences. We’ve loved using these types of cards in other games and they fit naturally into this game.

Two resolution cards from CIA Collect It All
Two resolution cards from CIA Collect It All

As you can see, we doubled up the resolution cards with the Manager’s Challenge cards from the original game. We think the Manager’s Challenge cards should only be used by those familiar with the intelligence community but we had multiple requests to include them. This approach let us include the cards and also repurpose them.

We’ll keep you posted on our production status – hopefully we’ll receive our final proofs soon and the plant will start printing your copies. Our next goal is to get a final version of the print and play PDF so you can start playing at home.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Aaron Johnson on

      In the foot note "A real CIA training game" on the bottom of page 2, there is a typo. It says "Kickstarer" instead of "Kickstarter"

    2. Randy Lubin Collaborator on

      @AJ – Thanks for the feedback!

      @Asher – Not yet, we'll keep you posted

      @Chuck – go ahead!

    3. Chuck Dee

      I notice this isn't backer only. Does that mean it's ok to share the rulebook for purposes of talking up the game to our group? :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Asher on

      Are prerelease card available somewhere too? I'm itching to try this out!

    5. AJ Hunter on

      Two bits of feedback.

      On page 5 of the pdf, "The Think Outside the Box card allows a players to defeat any Reality Check card that another player uses against one of their Technique cards." - Should this be "...allows a *player* to defeat..." or "...allows *players* to defeat..."?

      On page 9 of the pdf, "The game ends at the end of the round once one of the play-
      ers solves 10 points worth of Crisis cards. If multiple players score 10 points, whomever scored more points wins. If there is a tie, the winner is whomever solved the most Crises. If
      there is still a tie, then both players win." - Should this be "If multiple players score *at least* 10 points, whomever scored more points wins"?