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A competitive card game based on the CIA's declassified training game: Collection Deck.
A competitive card game based on the CIA's declassified training game: Collection Deck.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Acuo95 on

      Where can i download the pdf?

    2. Leigh Beadon Collaborator on

      We understand the appeal of having art on the cards, but we decided early on when we were first considering this project that we wouldn't try to add it, for a variety of reasons. One, because of the nature of the content - many of the techniques especially are very technical, specific and partly-overlapping things from the world of modern intelligence, and don't lend themselves to illustration.

      Two, because adding art would mean taking a lot of focus off the names and descriptions of these techniques and encourage more playing-by-the-numbers only - but the fact that these are real-world things that provide a glimpse into a real CIA training exercise is a big part of why we wanted to make this game and why a lot of players are interested in it.

      Three, because yes it would add a lot of work and would have required a longer timeline for the project. The aforementioned challenge of illustrating many of the cards would probably necessitate a fair bit of custom work - and, personally, I've never been a fan of card games that just use a big set of somewhat-disparate stock photos anyway. It's a choice we made early on, and at this point it's definitely well outside our production timeline.

      @Greg Love - We originally experimented with replacements for the dots on Crisis cards, but there are a few challenges there: they represent the number of techniques needed to solve the crisis as well as the points its worth (so something like Trophies which addresses only one of those two functions feels a bit unintuitive) and we decided against using a star since there's a star in the Military icon and we didn't want that kind of illogical visual repetition in the icons.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bruce Jones on

      Very nice! I do like the inclusion of the slider and the white dot! Both are much easier to read. On the topic of reading, I agree the the smaller text might benefit from a little less grain and a darker shade.

    4. Missing avatar


      I think they look great, especially the photocopy effect being a subtle reminder of the original game. Kudos, guys.

    5. Greg Love on

      I agree that some artwork / pics could add a lot of theme to the cards (even black and white pics), but could also add a lot of work, and delay the project. Would be v cool, though!
      Also, instead of a white dot for VPs, why not a coloured star, or a "trophy" icon?

    6. Scott Handren

      Love the aesthetic changes you've made so far, looking forward to this game even more than I was before the update. Keep up the good work!

    7. Leigh Beadon Collaborator on

      Thanks for the feedback, folks! We will certainly be keeping a close eye on the legibility as we move through the proofs phase, but in the mean time I want to clarify something:

      If you saw the images first via Kickstarter's email version of this update, you saw some unfortunately stretched and blurry versions! KS doesn't provide a preview of the email when posting an update, so we didn't realize it was going to scale up the images in that way - and the result is some really ugly, blurry images in the email version.

      The images in this post as viewed on the Kickstarter website are a much more accurate representation of the cards. The photocopy texture is applied at very high resolution, and the text remains nice and crisp - in my test prints at home, there have been no legibility issues, and I expect the produced versions to have slightly darker blacks/greys and higher overall ink saturation (this is a common thing when moving from screen previews to professionally printed products).

      But we will keep these concerns in mind and ensure we don't sacrifice legibility in the final product.

    8. Sean Golyer on

      Also chiming in to ensure the text is clear and legible. I agree with the overall design direction, but the text is a bit blurry. This is arguably the most critical part of the card in a card game. Don't sacrifice legibility for theme.

    9. Peter Sterne on

      It seems a little odd to have a difficulty slider on the Crisis cards but not on the Intelligence Technique cards.

    10. Sniderman

      Grey washed-out text on a white background is not a good design choice visually. Might as well have red text on an orange background. I appreciate what you're going for, but it's difficult to read clearly, in my opinion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan Berryman on

      +1 for legibility
      Photos or artwork would be great (~Twilight Struggle maybe)

    12. Tyinsar on

      4) Thank you for not taking the black out to the edges of the cards - that almost always leads to chipping/flaking.

    13. Brad Gilbert on

      Those cards are looking nice! I like the photocopy look.

    14. Tyinsar on

      1) Thank you for sharing this.
      2) I’m okay with the icons looking a little washed out etc. but I REALLY would prefer that the text be as legible as possible - especially for those with vision issues.
      3) It seems that the worn & distressed look is popular with some people but my preference would be that things look crisp and new - think of the suits etc. in the Men In Black movies - I would much prefer that look.