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This Guide is now fully funded and I already started working on one about Berlin's coffee scene. Sign up below to get notified :)
This Guide is now fully funded and I already started working on one about Berlin's coffee scene. Sign up below to get notified :)
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#Make100: A Pocket-Sized Guide to Viennese Coffee Houses



This #Make100 project is my odé to Vienna! It’s my letter to you, friend! It’s me sending you photos of my special places, with notes on why they’re dear to me. It’s the pictures I’ve taken and the secret observations I’ve collected over time. It’s me whispering to you where you should go and what spot you should visit the next time you come to the capital of Austria. 

Vienna is famous for its café culture. It’s world known for the big thinkers who gather around tiny tables to discuss recent political affairs, culture, and literature. And sometimes, of course, gossip - especially when you consider what the Viennese writers wrote about and what the painters painted. But that’s getting a bit off topic... 

I wrote down a list of places, 50 to be exact, that I believe you should honor with a visit. Places where I think you should drink a cup of coffee at least once in your lifetime. There are traditional cafés, hidden gems, and modern third wave coffee shops. They’re places where you might not have thought about going for a coffee, but definitely should. 

Whether you’re a Viennese or someone who’s planning to visit, this is a collection of cards you can easily carry in your pocket or purse to pull out whenever you need inspiration for what to do on a rainy, sunny, lonely, or joyful day with friends, your partner, or just yourself. 

This set of cards will be printed by MOO 100 times. If you follow me on Instagram (@kathmo) you might have already seen some of the shots I’ll include. I’ll add a little diary that I wrote for you and send it to you soon(ish) after this Kickstarter ends. 


I hope I can inspire you to visit new places and rediscover the forgotten ones! 

 With love from Vienna, 



Risks and challenges

I already have all the photos, the text written and reviewed, so I’m more or less ready for production. Given my plan is to have the cards printed by MOO, it should be relatively risk-free.

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    A pocket-sized guide to Vienna

    From great views to quirky bathrooms, a personally-curated tour through the best spots of the Viennese coffee house culture. A deck of 50 cards with photos and text in a cardboard box. (Add €5,- for shipping to overseas)

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