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The Wired City is an Internet television network that enables the audience to watch and interact with each other (chat-video).

The Wired City is an Internet television network that enables the audience to watch and interact with each other (chat-video). Read More
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THE WIRED CITY --  An Internet Television Network

The Wired City is an Internet television network that enables the audience to watch and interact with each other (chat-video, text and audio).  The citizens in the Wired City are you, your friends and your future friends who have earned (or are earning) their way onto our cyber-stage.

The Wired City cyber-ship sound stage includes a capsule hotel (submarine style sleeping quarters), mess hall, bathrooms and a Star Trek/NASA bridge: everything is wired.  On set you will sleep in a capsule hotel, eat in the mess hall, and use the facilities but most of the time you will be communicating (via net bandstands) with citizens who are at home.

On set we group people into twenty person “net bandstands" (workstations) each of which has has a conductor who then reports to The Wired City bridge (think Star Trek).  Citizens at home follow suit by netcasting from their “home netcasting studios” using common physical backdrops, uniforms, electronics and video formatting. Citizens earn their way onto the Wired City cyber-stage by doing something special (saved the world, won a contest, built an audience or are on a mission).

As a group the virtual civilization will determine “missions” and then execute them (save the whales, fix the pothole on my street, hunt down cyber stalkers, etc.).  Leaders will emerge from the audience and become the “Captain Kirks” of The Wired City (who guide the audience through voyages in cyberspace).

Internet Pop Stardom Factory:  Think of The Wired City as a factory of the human mind whose product is in varying degrees the manufacturing of your Internet Pop Stardom.  Or in other words our goal is to systematically help you attain fame, notoriety and even wealth as we process you through our system.  We accomplish this by orchestrating your personal identity with others who are also eager to become net celebrities.

Netcast/Broadcast: The Wired City orchestrates millions of hours of audience “self surveillance” into a hierarchical system (Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming meets crowd sourcing) that generates compelling broadcast and netcast quality programming (e.g. one million netcast hours distilled to one broadcast hour).  When something interesting happens in our world citizens ping the “netcast” video signal up the digital food chain in order to hopefully make the “broadcast.”

Key production elements of The Wired City include:

  • Real-time chat video switching (next generation social graph).
  • 24/7 netcasting studios that efficiently process mass data signals generated by the audience.
  • Massive Multi-Player Online Gaming (MMOG) element (winning audience members get to live on set and earn special powers and privileges).
  • Hollywood style production values produced by and for netcasting audiences.
  • Hearts and minds.  Audience members are letting each other into their homes and lives (the camera is turned on you).
  • Bonafication.  Audience members get their 15 minutes of fame every day.
  • One million hours of net generated programming is distilled into one hour of prime time broadcast programming, every day.

We Live In Public trailer:
Carson Daly (NBC):
Sky News (UK):
Errol Morris's First Person:
MIT Technology Review: TechCrunch:


  • Yes, sort of.

    Basically we will build a net television pilot. We are counting on getting picked up by a media network (either an Internet company or a broadcast television network).

    The Kickstarter proceeds will be used to write code and build a very small working studio. This version of The Wired City will work but soon enough will require more resources.

    Last updated:
  • Think of yourself as an investor getting in on the ground floor. Our banker is eventually going to price your currency based on the risk that you are taking by being founding investors. The dynamics of how this works is TBD (but we are going to use a real Wall Street banker who will pattern the economy after the United States Federal Reserve Bank.

    Once in operation, the value of your bank account holdings will enable your to buy services from other people living and working in the Wired City.

    Note: the currency is not redeemable for real money and is for non-commercial game play only.

    Last updated:
  • A chance to physically live in The Wired City.
    Non commercial advertising and promotion of your identity and causes:
    - Facebook "Likes,"
    - Personal Promotion (e.g.videos sent to people and places on your behalf).
    - Celebrity video shout-outs to you and yourn.
    Your uniform.

    Last updated:
  • 100 days after the proceeds arrive.

    Last updated:
  • You don't have to wear them but we hope that you will. The idea is that you are on a cyber-ship and are part of a crew (ergo Star Trek) so your uniforms will help designate your rank. Plus you are going to be part of the "uniform" design process, so they will look cool.

    Last updated:
  • You have to earn it (just like Jim did). People in The Wired City world will have to trust and respect you. Same with all the other officers and crewman.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. That is how you win the first part of the game (becoming Captain Kirk and staying aboard once you get their is the second part of the game).

    Last updated:
  • Think of The Wired City as "Sim City" for real.

    Oddly enough we are going to be playing with each others lives to the extent that our lifestyle is more engaging and interesting than the "physical" world that we all now live in.

    Last updated:
  • You already have a bare bone "home studio" on your computer or phone (microphone, camera and a keyboard to edit and produce programming). All we are going to do is encourage and help you to add production value to the images and sounds that your already produce.

    We will help you to set up your home studio.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Everyone receives a special digital backer kit, as well as exclusive access to the production blog through the course of development. PLUS 10 Bank of Wired City (BofWC) credits.

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    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    The Above - PLUS an official “The Wired City” membership card that includes rights and privledges for being a founding member. One day of cyber-living on The Wired City set (non transferable). A silk screened Wired City t-shirt signed by Josh Harris. PLUS 150 BofWC credits.

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    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    All Above - An official Wired City uniform cap (officer in training edition) and an official Wired City cadet bandana. Three days of cyber-living on The Wired City set (non transferable). PLUS 400 BofWC credits.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    All Above - PLUS an official custom silk screened “home studio backdrop” (4’ x 3’) featuring The Wired City logo. Five days of cyber-living on The Wired City set (non transferable). An autographed (Josh Harris) DVD of “We Live In Public.” PLUS 2,000 BoWC credits.

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    All Above - PLUS an official custom silk-screen Wired City fatigue uniform (button down collared) shirt, pants, belt and underwear. Seven days (for two) of cyber-living on The Wired City set (transferable). A three minute “YOU ARE AWESOME -- Citizen of the Day” feature story about you. PLUS 5,000 BoWC credits.

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    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    All Above - PLUS A Wired City Official dress uniform including jacket, pants, socks, underwear, collared shirt, t-shirt and formal hat. Seven days (for four) of cyber-living on The Wired City set (transferable). PLUS one year of VIP status (including prime capsule hotel living quarters), a personal video assistant and special powers/privileges. PLUS 20,000 BoWC credits.

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