Mixed Company is creating a new niche, a new type of conversation game. Most other party games set the tone for your evening with the theme or the gameplay. Instead, we let your group choose what they want the tone to be every time you play. 

Using a simple set of rules, you and your friends can quickly join in a short 1 question round or go for a more complex competitive 3 round game to take on different perspectives and share your experiences.  Who you're playing with, the questions chosen, and your discussions will drive whether the mood is funny, serious, deep, casual, or a heated debate

Designed for 3 to 6 players age 10 and up, we’ve playtested the game with hundreds of players of all ages to bring you our most popular actions, challenges, and trophies that get everyone in on the fun.  

Our objective with this Break Kickstarter campaign is to get playable copies of Mixed Company into as many hands as possible. To do that, we’ve elected to go with a small game in a tuck box with only 2 backer levels to keep our funding goal low. Both the Print & Play pledge and the Break Kickstarter Edition pledge have the same cards included, one just gets professionally printed and shipped to you rather than sent by email.

This Break Kickstarter Exclusive Edition includes:

· The 4 Player Pack which includes everything you need for 4 players to run a full rules version of the game (Additional 4 Player Packs can be added in the pledge manager to expand to 6 players.) 

· The Break Kickstarter Exclusive Questions Pack which contains the 56 question cards you’ll be creating with us!


For this Break Kickstarter Edition of Mixed Company, YOU get the chance to help expand the game DURING the Kickstarter! 

We’ve created the rules and the Player Cards, but OUR BACKERS will get to create the questions.


We’re creating a Kickstarter Exclusive set of questions that will be for the backers by the backers. The only way that you’ll be able to get this Break Kickstarter Edition of Mixed Company is by purchasing it through Kickstarter or buying any copies we have left directly from us.

Each Kickstarter Update we send out, we’ll include a question prompt. In the comments ON THE UPDATE, you can reply with questions. At the end of the campaign, we’ll take ALL the submitted questions and rate them (All Ages, Age 16+, NSFW), selecting the top 56 questions to create the Break Kickstarter Exclusive Question Pack.

We’ve gotten a lot of different opinions about what questions we need to add into Mixed Company. Some people want ONLY All Ages questions to play with their kids or students. And other game designers have told us anything but NSFW questions are a waste of time. But we think YOU know the answer better than any of them. What questions do YOU want? For this Break Kickstarter Question Pack, YOU get to decide.

If you want to see more people playing Mixed Company, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Every Monday we post a new Mixed Company video of a full game ranging from our Quick Play rules to longer engaging Full Rules games.

You can also check out www.mixed.company/how-to-play for more information on how to play Mixed Company!

Want to try it out? Check out a sample of Mixed Company right now with this pdf set of example questions, cards, and the full rules before you ever pledge! NOTE: These questions won’t be included in your Break Kickstarter Edition Questions because you’ll be making new questions!

Mixed Company Print and Play (Black and White version) 

What do other people think of Mixed Company? Check out these great reviews and comments from people who have gotten to play! Please note that these are based on our Mixed Company demo game, not the Break Kickstarter Edition. We need you to help us get those out there and create the questions!

· Pledging is the only way you can get this edition. This edition will not be released in a retail version, you need to get it through the Kickstarter campaign!

· You have to pledge to add in questions. To be able to make comments on the Updates, you have to be a backer.  Even a $1 backer or a $5 Print and Play backer can add questions!

· Pledging is how you get to a Pick-Up Party. You’ll have a chance to choose a pick-up location if we're going to be near you, but this is only going to be available to our backers.

· Money back guarantee: If you decide you don't like Mixed Company within the first month of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

· Because We Need You: We've covered the cost of the graphic design and art, but we can't manufacture and ship the game without your support.

So what are you waiting for? Pledge now... And share to get your friends to pledge, too!

We need your support right now to help us make this game. By backing us and pledging your support you are helping us to publish Mixed Company, we cannot publish this game without our backers. 

We created Mixed Company because we saw a need in the world right now for a fun way to connect with the people around us. Starting off with an office conversation about branching out to meet people with experiences outside our own, we found that we weren’t the only people looking for those connections.

In fact, check out our #ListenFirst Friday spot from the National Conversation Project to hear more about how Mixed Company has done that already. 

And also, check out these awesome interviews! You’ll hear about how Mixed Company got started, and why you should join us in getting this game out there to help people connect with each other.

Mixed Company Games is just two people and some awesome and amazing volunteers making this game.  No big company, no big media machine. We have poured over a year of our lives into making this game. We’ve already spent over $10K of our own money on things like graphic design, product prototyping, traveling to conventions for playtesting and demos, and getting demo copies created for great reviews and videos to get this game to where it is today. Every single day has been spent working on creating and improving the game. We work full time and have families. We chose to use Kickstarter because we believe that other people want this game. But we need YOU to help make it a reality.

We’ll be adding shipping per backer through a pledge manager after the Kickstarter closes. The industry is experiencing a lot of changes when it comes to shipping between tariffs and other postal changes. We are committed to getting your games to you with the best advantage possible.

· Print & Play NO Shipping: If you back at the Print & Play level, you get your pledge reward through the magic of email, no shipping needed! You can choose to add on physical copies and pay for shipping in the pledge manager after the campaign ends if you like.

· Pick Up Your Game: Some areas will be able to pick up their game for FREE with NO shipping. If you’re in one of the selected areas that we’re able to bring our games to you, you can choose this option in the pledge manager. If you want to know more, send us a message!

· US Shipping: If you’re not in area where we can provide pick up, a single Break Kickstarter Edition pledge shipping estimate is $7. We’ll provide specific shipping pricing to you based on your pledge and add-ons in the pledge manager after the campaign.

· International Shipping: We will ship games from the US to anywhere else.  Because we are shipping the game ourselves, this is not an international “friendly” shipping campaign. If you have questions about international shipping costs, let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them!

· Add On More: We’ll have additional copies of the Four Player Pack and Break Kickstarter Edition Question Pack available to add on when you’re in your pledge manager as well. Just be aware that this could impact your shipping.

We have been playtesting and refining this game for over a year. We have playtested at dozens of conventions and events with over 100 games played. The feedback we have received from hundreds of playtesters has been incredibly helpful.

Risks and challengese learned a lot from our previous Mixed Company campaign on Kickstarter. One thing we learned quickly is that we need to engage our backers in making Mixed Company a success. We got great feedback on the game, and we got some great notes for making the Kickstarter Campaign go more smoothly.

We have put a significant amount of our time and personal money into making Mixed Company a polished, production ready game. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, we'll send the final files to our manufacturer and plan for early 2020 delivery to all backers. 

Risks and challenges

We’ve play tested! We've prototyped! We’ve chosen a reputable manufacturer! Our biggest challenge now is getting it shipped to you in a reasonable amount of time. Even if there are unexpected delays, we will still deliver the product.

To help make shipping as economical as possible WE’RE going to be the ones doing the shipping. (Us and a handful of unwitting volunteers that we’ll be bribing with some pizza and other promises.) We’ve consulted with other successful industry experts and gotten the best information on how we can do this so that you get your game as quickly and inexpensively as we can make that happen.

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