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A book to document Drawing Day 2011, filled with drawings submitted from around the world.

Hi, my name is Mick Gow. A few years ago, myself and a bunch of fellow artists organized a day where we took time out from our regular routine, and devoted the day to drawing - something we all love but seldom make time to do. Since then, we've put an enormous amount of time and a bunch of pocket-money into trying to get this event off the ground. We're passionate and believe in this event and hope that you do too.

Here's everything you need to know...

June 4, 2011 is Drawing Day - one day devoted to drawing

The world needs to stop and remember that childhood joy when we picked up our first pencil and created our first piece of art. Drawing Day is all about that feeling of creativity and imagination.

The goal for Drawing Day is simple - we invite artists around the world to create enough drawings to make some noise for the sake of art. We don't care where you draw or how you draw, but we hope that you share your art with the world and spread the word about our event. Our goal for Drawing Day is to help the world create 1 million drawings. We don't know if we'll reach this goal in our 2011 event or a future year, but we feel like we'll definitely know when we do, by the mass of artwork appearing around the web and Drawing Day buzz reaching all corners of the globe.

We have days devoted to all kinds of events, but very few that simply promote visual arts. We asked ourselves, why not host a day devoted to boosting the art community and helping the world remember how much fun it is to create?

The Drawing Day website is the hub we created to promote the event.

Encouraging people to create art is only part of this project...

The book

Just as important as creating, is sharing these creations with the world. We will be documenting the event with an official 2011 Drawing Day book.

A collection of artwork submitted to the Drawing Day website will be published in a full-color book that showcases highlights from the day. The book will showcase artwork ranging from high-quality masterpieces to simple and inspirational drawings from kids. The book will be a visual and artistic story that documents the day and will illustrate the imagination of the world on this day.

We understand that the book will be only a sample of all drawings collected on the day, so we have created various pledges to give people options to be published in the book. These range from a guarantee that your drawing will be included in the book, to an artist profile in the book. If an enormous amount of pledges are received (we can only hope), we will create multiple editions of the book.

With the current goal, we aim to create a full color 8" x 10" book that is approximately 200 pages. The number of drawings per page will vary and range from 1 to 9 drawings per page. Once complete, the book will be available through the Drawing Day website. The book will be published via CreateSpace (Amazon's self-publishing service).


Do I have to put a drawing in the book? No (see FAQ section below)
Shipping included?
Yes, All pledges that include books or T-shirts include shipping costs, no hidden fees.

Drawing Day T-shirts

We have partnered with who held a T-shirt design competition where 3 designs will be chosen as official Drawing Day T-shirts. Various pledges will include these T-shirts.

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Drawing Day 2011 will be the fourth year of our event. Every artist or art enthusiast we speak to is very excited about our concept and they all want to participate. In our most successful years, we estimate to have helped artists create about 50,000 drawings. This number is based on drawings for Drawing Day that we see submitted to various art communities- to our Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube groups, via Twitter buzz, and from research we've done via Google searches.

Each year we've received many truly inspiring stories. Some artists successfully drew non-stop for 24 hours. Some have taken to creating art galleries in virtual communities like Second Life, and we've even received photos from across the world showing kids drawing in the streets with chalk.

The future & your pledge dollars

The book and T-shirts are only part of the bigger picture. Proceeds from this project will not only help publish our book, but also help us realize our long-term vision. This year, we have a very simple plan to use some funds to send out press releases, some very targeted online advertising, and various print publications and newsletters that reach the art community.

We hope that Drawing Day becomes a household name and, in particular, that this event becomes a common activity that schools and educational art facilities take part in. Local communities can use this event as a way to help people connect through art.

We've set our goal reasonably low, because we believe a small amount can go a long way. Don't let that stop you from continuing to pledge, as our target audience is the whole world. Thank you Kickstarter for seeing the potential in our project.

Regardless of your pledge, please support our event by spreading the word about Drawing Day 2011.


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    A huge thank you for supporting our event. Every dollar helps us promote our event.

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    Your name mentioned in the "thank you" page of the Drawing Day 2011 book. (all pledgers get this)

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    The above plus guarantee 1 drawing submitted by you on Drawing Day weekend to the Drawing Day website will be included in the book. (For pledges below this is optional - it's up to you)

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    The above plus an official drawing day T-shirt (your choice of 3 available designs)

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    The above (excluding the T-shirt), plus a copy of the final published book

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    All of the above (including the T-shirt and the final published book)

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    All of the above plus two bonus T-shirts (all 3 Drawing Day t-shirt designs)

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    All of the above plus you get listed in the book on the "Thank You" page as a highlighted supporter showing your name and web address of your portfolio or website. You will also be listed on the Drawing Day website's "Thank You" page with a link to your website/portfolio.

  • Pledge $300 or more
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    All of the above plus you will receive a full page "spotlight artist profile" in the book. This can be a short artist profile of yourself including an image and some text about who you are to tell the world about your art. Individuals only (Businesses/companies please see next pledges).

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    Pledge for art related businesses or companies to have a page about their service or product in the book (we're encouraging advertorials more so than ads). You will also receive 2 copies of the book, 3 T-shirts and the full page advertorial that will be placed at a random location in the book. You MUST be a business that offers art related products or services. We have a limit of 5 of these kinds of ads.

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    Pledge for one art related business or company to advertise in the book and on the Drawing Day website. This is a special full-page advertorial placement that will appear within the first 5 pages of the book, and a homepage promotion on the Drawing Day website. You will also receive 3 copies of the book and 3 T-shirts. You MUST be a business that offers art related products or services. We have a limit of 1 of these kinds of ads.

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