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A Narrative Dance Short Film written & directed by award winning filmmaker Mitsuyo Miyazaki ("Tsuyako" & "A Better Tomorrow")
Sophia reflects on her past in the last hours of her life - she is a young, vibrant woman who falls in love with a gypsy boy, Leo.
Sophia reflects on her past in the last hours of her life - she is a young, vibrant woman who falls in love with a gypsy boy, Leo.
385 backers pledged $35,246 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Caliann Lum on

      Great luck at Guanajuato International Film Festival!! For sure there won't be a language barrier. Beautiful and moving film. Everyone should see it on a big screen if possible.

    2. Caliann Lum on

      �������������Congratulations to the whole team, and you especially Mitsuyo for showing us to share the journey!!!! �����

    3. Caliann Lum on

      Yes WWB team! Good luck!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Wimmer on

      Hello all,

      is the download-link for the MONO-albums already available? It should be available in the mid of december - but I still got no information - can anybody help?

    5. Caliann Lum on

      I'm giving thanks for Mitsuyo, Peter, Yvonne, Jacob and the fantastic WWB team for making such a beautiful and universal movie - thank you for letting us share in the journey!

    6. Nicholas Lam on

      WOOHOO!!! congrats mitsuyo!!!

    7. Mitsuyo Miyazaki 2-time creator on

      Thank you all for leaving us such a positive comments!! We LOVE YOU! Thank you!!!

    8. Caliann Lum on

      Congratulations! Thank you Mitsuyo and team for bringing this beautiful film to the universe and letting us be a part of the joy! Onward and upward!

    9. Erina Monju on

      keep going up‼️ mitsuyo‼️

    10. Missing avatar

      Jenny Rowley on

      I was able to take part in the shooting of this beautiful film. Let me just say - it was MAGICAL! There is something VERY special about this film. The world needs to see this! Let's do what we can to spread the word and support THE amazing Mitsuyo and crew in this beautiful piece of art!

    11. Caliann Lum on

      If each of us increased our pledge by $18, we would reach the goal! !! That number is sure to fall even lower over the next 24h. Something to keep our eyes on -- what we can do just on our very own to put WWB over the finish line!!!

    12. Caliann Lum on

      Wowie! Every dollar counts!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tawny sigala on

      $35 for my bff, Lauren Norris Ludlow who contributed to the photography in the film. Love you!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sakae Koga on

      I look forward to the completion of this movie!

    15. Missing avatar

      Royce Gillins on

      This is an amazing project. I was lucky enough to be on set and the whole cast and crew was like a family. Blood, sweat, and tears went into making this film, and you will see how amazing it is because of it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrea Carter Edwards on

      This project is awesome!! Best to all of the WWB family.

    17. Erina Monju on

      Mitsuyo, this will be so beautiful project, I bet.
      we are all waiting for making this film. Good luck❗️

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      Yasushi Kita on

      I'm looking forward to the completion.
      I'm rooting for you!

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alex Crellin on

      I honestly can't wait for this!! MONO is my favourite band, and to see a dance film directed by none other than the irreverent Mitsuyo Miyazaki featuring their music is a dream come true!! I really hope this succeeds!

    22. Missing avatar

      hiro on

      I hope this project will be successful ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      My son was a volunteer in Cedar City on this film and his stories of these amazing people from Mitsuyo down the line tells me that this is definitely a film to see. It is a worthwhile way to spend my money.

    24. Missing avatar

      derek on

      I can't wait to see this! The pictures and videos are stunning!

    25. Caliann Lum on

      I couldn't think of a better use for money. It's an honor and privilege to simply be involved with this visually stunning and thought provoking film. Thank you, Mitsuyo. Arigatou!

    26. Masao M on

      can't wait to see this ♫

    27. Missing avatar

      Kaori on

      We just can't wait to see this film !!
      Gambatte !!

    28. HollyShorts Studios on

      Can't wait to see this!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Sara Shives on

      excited to back this project! looks elegant and beautiful! can't wait to see the finished product!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Morgan Lariah on

      This project looks so incredible. I am a huge fan of Mitsuyo Miyazaki's work and I cannot wait to see this film!!!