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A children's book about a big dog moving to the "big city," made to  help kids (and adults) deal with giant-sized changes.
A children's book about a big dog moving to the "big city," made to  help kids (and adults) deal with giant-sized changes.
A children's book about a big dog moving to the "big city," made to help kids (and adults) deal with giant-sized changes.
545 backers pledged $20,330 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      Hi everyone! It's been so wonderful to receive all of your kind messages and pictures reading the book. This process has definitely been a journey, and I deeply appreciate your support and patience.

      I'm still waiting for address verification from about 30 people. If you have not received your book or a shipment notification, please email me: so I can get you your reward! Thanks!!

    2. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @Tom Mohan, Thank you for supporting this project. This was my first time fulfilling a product through Kickstarter and has been a big learning experience. I'm sorry you are disappointed and completely understand why you would feel upset about the delay in delivery. I don't know if you received my backer updates throughout the process, but I've done my best to be transparent. Thank you again for your support.

    3. Tom Mohan on

      This was a very disappointing Kickstarter experience. To think I ended up paying twice what Amazon is charging for the book and received it 6 months later. It arrived today. Just the book. Not so much as a note of thanks or explanation accompanied it, let alone any bonus to reward my patience. The creator's silence has been deafening. How can we not feel like a bunch of suckers at this point? I feel that we should spread the word around the Kickstarter community so that others can be made aware of Mr. Boyer's practices.

    4. Sebastian W. on

      Vivians adventures arrived today in Germany!
      Thank you very much and WOOF! from dachshund Emma. :o)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      There is movement!!!

    6. Sam Marcus on

      Got my postcard today :-D

      Thank you Mitch & Vivian :) :) :)

    7. Sebastian W. on

      Please provide with us a timeline - when will the books be send to us?
      Thank you very much,

    8. Kristoffer on

      It's currently $14.09 on Amazon with 1 day shipping. Backed for over double that and have yet to receive the book. As others stated, I was looking to gift this earlier in the year, if not at Christmas. Disappointing.

    9. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @Roberta Merwin Hi! Can you send me an email at Vivian and I would love to do a free skype reading of the book for you and your local Dachshund Rescue this May.

      Mitch and Viv :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Roberta Merwin on

      Great, I ordered an autographed copy of the book during the campaign to donate to my local dachshund rescue for their annual fundraiser last May--no book. Then I thought, okay, it will be here for their Christmas fundraiser--still no book. Will it even be here in time for the May 2018 fundraiser? At this point I wish there was a way to get the money back, now that it's out on Amazon, an autographed copy is not going to bring in any more for the rescue group than retail price. And by this May, all the dachshund lovers will already have their copy. I too thought the kickstarter supporters would be receiving the book first. Very disappointed.

    11. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      Hi everyone!

      I just posted a video update for backers, please check it out! If you have questions or comments, please send an email to

      -Mitch (and Viv)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      I think Mitch and Vivian went to Brooklyn and forgot about us KS backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Armineh Baghoomian on

      Same here. Still haven’t received the book.

    14. Eric J Francis on

      Add me to the list of people who are curious where the book is in the manufacturing and shipping process. I was hoping to give this to my dachshund-loving significant other for Christmas. Now I'm wondering if Valentine's Day is doable....

    15. Missing avatar

      Anna Smith on

      Any update on when this book will be shipped?

    16. Missing avatar

      Christin Nelmark on

      I am also wondering when this will ship. Please send out an update to everyone so we can know when to expect it. I'm feeling like there is no plan to ship the books or rewards but I hope I am wrong.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      Received the book I ordered from Amazon. Took two days.

    18. Scott Knauer on

      I'm glad to see I'm not the only one perplexed and wondering where the books and posters are. I understand delays and priorities that may come from publishing houses, but it feels like no preferential status was given to the early Kickstarter backers of this project. Over a month ago, I was asked to confirm my shipping address, and that really built the anticipation to share this project with my family. Can we get an update? I'm hoping we can expect Kickstarter rewards before Christmas. Can you please confirm? Thanks for your time!

    19. Debjani Chakravarty on

      Mark, I too was a little surprised (not pleasantly) to see the book retailing for $14.99 on Amazon. Anyway, seems like the print version exists yet backers are yet to receive anything. Still happy to have supported this project but wondering about the lack of updates/when the book will ship.

    20. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on

      Hey Mitch, what’s going on here?

      You have been very open about the progress all this time, and suddenly, there is nothing.

      Has something happened? Or are you still waiting for some of the merchandise to send out with the book?

      Cheers, Katharina

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      I just ordered one from Amazon for $14.99. Half of what we paid here on KS. Crazy. Since I’m Amazon Prime, I’ll have it by Thursday. If the KS one ever does show, I’ve got friends that own Doxies; I’ll just give the book to them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @Teresa Garrett I just had a look at the Amazon page too, there is a review from a customer there dated October 25th so it appears that the book has been available for over a month. Hopefully we haven't been forgotten!

    23. Missing avatar

      Teresa Garrett on

      Today is November 27, 2017. I see the book is available on Amazon now. I'm thinking it just became available w/in the last week. Hoping that it ships to those of us who backed the project very soon. I too, would love to have it as a Christmas gift. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      Still hoping to receive the book in time for Christmas (2017).

    25. Sebastian W. on

      I wonder if the reward-books has already been sent?
      I got a confirmation mail for my adresse mid October and I haven't rececived the book yet... Even with a long delivery time from US to Germany it should has been delivered by now (?)
      Thank you very much! =)

    26. Missing avatar

      Julie Pasos on

      Has anyone received the book yet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Julie Pasos on

      It is now November. You have my correct address. Where are my books????

    28. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @Kristen Chapman: we can't wait to send it to you and everyone else! October cannot come soon enough!

    29. Missing avatar

      Kristen Chapman on

      My dachshund loving girls and I cannot wait for Viv's book!!!! It has been great fun following the progress and getting the adorable and hilarious photos of Viv and her adventures!

    30. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on

      Hello Mitch, Hello Vivian,

      Great News! Looking forward to your announcement.


    31. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @Katharina Spoerri: Hi Katharina, things are going well! We've been working on the book full-time for the last few months and have an exciting announcement coming in the next few days :) Stay tuned!

    32. Missing avatar

      Katharina Spoerri on

      Hello Mitch,

      How is everything going? I just realised, we haven't heard from you and Vivian in almost 3 months. I hope you are both OK.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mary Ann Murphy on

      I am thrilled to help! My 5 year old granddaughter, Tilda Irene Finley, lives
      in Brooklyn. I am sure she will LOVE your clever book!
      Granny Mary Annie

    34. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jordan Johnson on

      Congratulations Mitch!!! I'm so excited about this project and I can't wait to see the book when it's done. I know my special needs students will enjoy hearing me read it to them and they are going to LOVE the pictures of Vivian! I already love the pictures of her.

    35. Missing avatar

      Teresa Garrett on

      Congratulations Mitch & Vivian! Can't wait to read the book to my grandson, Miles! Have you found your Lulu yet? I suggested my niece contact you, as she lives in Brooklyn & has a very photogenic laid back pooch with lots of time on his paws! ....and, of course, I have a Dachshund or two! Wishing you tons of fun with this BIG project!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kellie Gutman on

      way to go! you squeaked by with the new goal.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gina Sales on

      Congratulations on hitting the $20K goal! Can't wait to read this book with my dachshund Loki. He looks exactly like Vivian! �

    38. Missing avatar

      vanessa fairfax-woods on

      Woooooooo! So excited to see this in the flesh! Audrey Dogford Gonzalez is also looking forward to Vivian's autograph (she thinks she's just as big too). If you come to the UK, let us know and we can have a puppy party!

    39. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @ Adam Rubinstein: Sounds good, looking forward to it!

    40. Adam Rubinstein on

      Yay, Albuquerque! Let us know when you're here and we'll see to it you have a great time in the 505.

    41. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @ Janine Amberger: Sending you a message :)

    42. Janine Amberger on

      Thank you for the answer, Mitch! (:
      Can we combine different rewards? I'd like to get the book as well as a postcard from Vivian ♥

    43. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @ Denise: thanks for all of your support!

    44. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @ Karen Bernsohn: Thanks Karen! Sorry to hear about Bernie, we hope this story brings you some joy :)

    45. Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog Creator on

      @ Janine Amberger: thanks for backing! The plan is to first release the book to people who backed the project at "the hardcover book" level and above. That will happen around April next year. General sales for the book will be some time after that. Hope that helps!

    46. Missing avatar

      Brock on

      Congrats on hitting your goal. Very excited for you guys! - Brock and Steph aka fellow dachshund lovers

    47. Janine Amberger on

      Will the book only be available via this kickstarter or will we also have the chance to grab copies later on?

    48. Missing avatar

      Karen Bernsohn on

      I love everything Doxy and Vivian is beautiful. Sadly my little Bernie passed away a few months ago. I am anxious to read the book. Good luck!

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner

      We have three Doxies and we are from, Albuquerque!! (We live in Atlanta now). Can't wait to read about the adventures.

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