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"Georgie Boy: Fallen Queen of Broadway" at Burning Man 2011's video poster

Interactive robot of a failed Broadway actor suffers mid-life crisis in a seedy motel room accompanied by his cruel, animatronic dog. Read more

Sparks, NV Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 12, 2011.

Interactive robot of a failed Broadway actor suffers mid-life crisis in a seedy motel room accompanied by his cruel, animatronic dog.

Sparks, NV Art
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From the artist and crew that brought you last year's 'Ein Hammer'...

Kickstarter goal achieved-- thank you! Now Georgie Boy can't complain he'll have "Simply nothing to wear".  Any additional pledges before the end date will go toward Georgie Boy's "pretty things" to furnish his dilapidated dwelling.  Please click the green "BACK THIS PROJECT" box on the right to pledge your support to the art.

This art installation has been awarded partial-funding through a Burning Man honorarium grant and a grant from Reno Burners, LLC.

"Say there, my name is Georgie Boy, I used to be a star on Broadway, but now nobody wants to hear the ramblings of a tired old queen. *sob*."

"... And that's not the end of my woes. An artist who calls himself Mister Jellyfish has assembled a 26 member crew to build a seedy motel room in the middle of something called Burning Man. Mind you, it's a despicable dwelling compared to my former New York penthouse, but-- they promise to fill it with my pretty possessions and Pomeranian pup for some robotic companionship. They call it interactive art but it sounds dreadful, especially considering that I have simply nothing yet to wear-- that is, skin, hair, silk pajamas... a body! Your pledge will be put to good use in purchasing my animatronic body parts and those of the other characters with whom I interact including Smoochie Pooch, talking comedy/tragedy masks, and the singing Motel Rat Quartet."

"This installation is destined not only for Burning Man, the largest outdoor art festival in the world described at , but also for the NadaDada Motel event in Reno, Nevada this June as featured in this New York Times article: . Be a lamb, won't you? Make a donation of any amount today. Now, here's more on the project by that scandalous artist, Mister Jellyfish. Kisses, -Georgie Boy"...

Inside a crumbling, seedy, downtown motel room, a failed robotic actor (Georgie Boy) suffers a mid-life crisis beside his animatronic dog (Smoochie Pooch). Participants drawn to this life-size diorama are encouraged to push a big button and spin the “Wheel of Fame” in a desperate attempt to restore his name back in lights-- accompanied by one of many bad show tune productions.

This comedic art piece observes the western obsessions with youth and entertainment. It draws inspiration from this year's Burning Man theme in observing rise to celebrity, fall from fame and mid-life crisis as "Rites of Passage" themselves. It lambastes the theater community and the whole Broadway pollyanna of "This is our big chance! Just believe in your dreams!". The codependent interplay between the flamboyant main character, Georgie Boy, and his abusive pet Pomeranian dog (with an agitating voice reminiscent of actor Joe Pesci) quickly engages participants to interact with the story. Celebrating the ups and downs of Georgie Boy's thirst for social redemption through applause and accolades, dialogue is peppered with punch lines that result in groups of participants sharing laughter together. The laughter may become self-conscious as some participants witness their own "reflection in the pool" of this tragicomedy macabre.

Visit the project website at and follow the progress of it's construction at

Thanks for considering a pledge of any amount to this new level of ridiculousness. Be well and do strange things,

-Mister Jellyfish

Rewards described on the right hand side of this web page:

$5 Donation or more - Autographed picture:

$20 or more - Custom Video plus Autographed picture above:

$40 or more - Everything above plus this undershirt:

$75 or more - Everything above plus "Buy-A-Vowel Transmitter":
$150 or more - Everything above plus "Director's Transmitter":

$250 or more - Everything above plus your name on the inside panel of the project with those of the crew plus a bottle of cheap brandy with snifter for the "Brandies With Georgie Boy" event on playa (must be 21 or older):

Photo by Lightnin'. Video by G W Jax. Images by Killbuck and Jellyfish


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    "When one is down and out, a small gesture of kindness does not go unnoticed by a tired old queen such as myself!" -Georgie Boy.

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    "You'll receive an autographed picture of me, Georgie Boy, Fallen Queen of Broadway, addressed to whomever you like."

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    "The autographed picture above AND a video audition of my animatronic head saying whatever you like to whomever you choose. You'll be my writer and director for 20 words or less. Think of the possibilities for a birthday gift, anniversary, or announcing your new status on Facebook as single and fancy free! Please, no profanity as that is something my Smoochie Pooch reserves for his own scandalous dialog." -Georgie Boy

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    "If the rewards above don't tickle your whistle, step uptown with this pledge and you'll receive everything I've mentioned above plus this repulsive undershirt: . Certainly it's new and in your choice of sizes and colors, but the things some people wear these days!" -Georgie Boy

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    "If you're more of a "pitcher" than a "catcher", you like to be in control and that's just what you'll get with this dandy gem: . You see, the object of my interactive game there in Black Rock City is for participants like you to restore my name in lights where it belongs by spinning my "Wheel of Fame" that lands on the different letters of my name, 'Georgie Boy'. Your pledge of this amount or more rewards you with everything I've mentioned above, as well as one hand-held transmitter that will "Buy A Vowel", lighting up in my name to help you or anyone you see participating at the event to win the game that much faster-- and you can do it yourself or "gift" the experience as many times as you like! Remarkable!" -Georgie Boy

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    "Certain individuals, such as myself, will not settle for anything less than the best, and that's why you should consider the 'Director's Sponsorship'. With a pledge of this amount or more, you'll receive everything I've mentioned above PLUS this four button hand-held remote control allowing you interruption privileges: . Here’s how it works: You can step up to a pre-designated position in front of my art installation on the playa, press a button to interrupt the game upon which I will turn to face you and engage in a brief conversation with you… personally! My responses, controlled by the other three buttons on your remote will make me say 'Yes', 'No' or 'Ah ha ha ha ha ha' so you can ask or tell me anything you like, with me the obedient Broadway star following your director's cues. Imagine the fun of hiding this little gem in your waistcoat as all those in attendance are tricked into believing you were the artist all along! That's all the items listed above including the autographed picture, the video, the undershirt, the 'Buy A Vowel' transmitter, and the Director's Transmitter, all yours for a pledge of this amount or more-- Oh my! what a bargain!" -Georgie Boy

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    "Might I tug upon your dusty playa coat for just one more appeal? There are those that have the means to contribute to the arts in profoundly generous ways, and you know who you are, dear ones. You 'Executive Producers', you. There is often no reward necessary for such philanthropic endowments, yet I simply must insist that the artist, Mister Jellyfish, emboss your name next to those of the crew members on an inside panel of the art for a pledge of this amount or more... and very well, I'll give you all the other garbage listed above as well plus a bottle of cheap brandy with snifter for the "Brandies With Georgie Boy" event on playa." -Georgie Boy (Must be 21 or older)

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