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We've been working hard to bring these new tunes to life. We're headed to a "New Frontier".  We hope you will come along with us!
We've been working hard to bring these new tunes to life. We're headed to a "New Frontier". We hope you will come along with us!
145 backers pledged $12,129 to help bring this project to life.

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Packages Have Been Mailed!!

Dear Kickstarters,

    I have just returned from the post office where I successfully mailed all of the "New Frontier" Kickstarter packages.    They are filled with signed CD's, signed cat pics, commemorative T-shirts, Coozies, Posters, and Tote Bags, (depending on what you signed up for) and all are headed your way!

   If you are due certain rewards like Homemade fudge, VIP tickets to a New Hip show, subscriptions to Missy's online School of Bass, private workshop with Missy, or an evening of Bowling with Missy and the New Hip, you will be contacted soon about arrangements for these rewards.

   If you haven't yet given me an address (and there still are a few of you!!)  PLEASE do so now-  you can send it directly to me at   I can't send you anything without an address!

  Most packages will arrive in a few days, but I would it about a week and if after then you haven't gotten anything from us, let me know- 

  You have been wonderful, patient, and generous.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make "New Frontier" happen.  

   "New Frontier" officially releases August 27th, 2013.   

   Make plans now to join us at the Station Inn, Nashville TN on Saturday, September 14, 2013 for a special CD Release Show/Party.   We are going to CELEBRATE!!  There will be door prizes and special guests and who knows what else!

  We're playing at the Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City TN this Saturday, June 8th- 5:45pm-  come out if you're in the neighborhood and say hi.

   See you down the road.

   Missy, Ethan, Jarrod and Josh

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It's HERE!!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Hello Spring and other hopeful news....

Dear folks!

   Yea, I know.  It's not quite fact, today in Nashville it's in the 30's but I know that these days are numbered and that we shall soon be seeing the temps rise and the daffodils peeking out of the ground.  I also know that the new CD is just around the corner, and we are doing every thing we can to get that to happen as fast as possible!

   If you haven't heard, I started off the new year with a bang.  Well, actually, a 'break'.   Two weeks into 2013 I fell at the Y and broke my arm.  YIKES!   Somehow and with the help of my amazing husband, Ben, my wonderful band, Ethan, Jarrod, and Josh, and some pretty sweet pain killers, I played 4 gigs three days after my fall.   You see, the break is up around my shoulder (but not the rotator cuff, thankfully) and my wrist and elbow were unhurt.  With the help of a sling, I was able to pull the strings enough to get through the gigs.   I played 2 more gigs like that but I am glad that I have some time off right now to fully heal before we head to Austin for our official SXSW Showcase in mid March.    Therapy is going well and I'm devoted to making a full recovery!  

  I think everything happens as it should but there's no doubt that my fall has slowed down the process just a tad on getting the CD completely tied up, but we are nearly there!

  We've got several new dates on the calendar so check it out here for a show near you.  In March alone we are headed to Lexington KY, Pittsburgh PA, Columbus Oh, Asheville NC, Charlotte NC, Ashland VA...and of course Austin TX!   Come on out and join us along the way, we'd love to see you.

  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


...and it's the Holidays!!

Afternoon friends! 

   It's been a while since I've updated here- so I wanted to check in.  After a completely perfect weekend with family here at home in Nashville, I'm back in the office picking up where I left off sometime last week.  Did I mention that my office doubles as my music room which is great because I often grab my guitar, bass or banjo (YES, banjo...more on that later) and work on a tune when it comes to me while I'm sitting at my desk and computer.  It's convenient if not a bit distract- SQUIRREL-ing

  Okay, so I'm just gonna say you need to watch the movie UP to get that last line.

  Anyway, the update..

  We are "tweaking mixes" to almost all of the tunes right now.  That means they are mixed and then we listen to them in every possible setup and speaker we have access to and make sure it's sounding just the way we want it to.  I say 'almost all' of the tunes because we went in at the last minute and cut ONE MORE tune... so it's just a teeny bit behind in the process.  But it will be worth the wait....I hope.  :)   It's a tune I wrote with Zach Bevill and Laurie Lewis.  Very excited to have it included. 

 We are also working on the art design of the cd and the photos!!  Although taking photos AFTER Thanksgiving should be illegal...   just sayin.

Oh yea, the banjo..well, I've been learning the banjo lately (drop thumb style) and my goal is to play it with the New Hip on stage, and as it turns out, we have a song on the cd with old time banjo on it...seeing is believing! 

 This is an extra busy time of year so we appreciate you staying tuned.  I plan to let you know what we're doing and how the project progresses as it happens. 

 So enjoy the season and here's wishing you much peace!