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An honest portrayal of Mississippi. A search for diversity that is to be found within the State that has otherwise gone unnoticed.

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Thanks to everyone that has backed this project and has helped us achieve our original goal. This update video explains what we plan to do, why we set our goal so low, and how you can help.



The following clip is from 'Real Time with Bill Maher'. HBO documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi was sent to interview voters from Mississippi. She interviewed some 20-30 people, and apparently, the following were typical interviews of those she encountered.

( As Maher points out, directly, such people were not “cherry-picked” )

*I do not own the rights to this clip;
I am solely using it for explanatory purposes*

Why make subSIPPI?

The impetus for this film came from what I believe are misrepresentations of the State of Mississippi. All too frequently Mississippi is projected as a desolate landfill of conservative bigotry, yet as a resident I find that this is not entirely all that is to be found. With ten years of experience as a Mississippian I have found a variety of beautiful subcultures thriving that are unknown to the public; certain ways of life that altogether could not have existed thirty years ago in Mississippi.

Subcultures that I will be documenting include but are not limited to:

Magnolia Grove Monistary (Buddhist monastery)
New Talavan Farm Community (ISKON Hare Krishna Community)
Cats Purring Dude Ranch (Musician Commune)
Various Mississippi Juke Joints
Jackson's Fondren District & North Midtown Arts Center
Mississippi Choctaw Indian Reservations
Mississippi School of the Arts
Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

….just to name a few.


I will be driving around the entire state during the months of August and September in search for honest accounts from individuals living in Mississippi. Where permitted, I will be living and filming among the residents of the represented subcultures. 

From young to old, I want to understand what people feel about Mississippi and what it means to be a Mississippian.


Filming and editing will all take place from August to December 2012. The project, at latest, will be finished post-production in December 2012.

What does Mississippi have to offer?

I intend to showcase what Mississippi has for a broader audience.

I find it an imperative to provide a detailed, honest portrayal (without personal bias) showing the culture and subcultures found within the region.

I am in search for sensitive consciousness among the residents of the state. 

That said, I welcome all video logs (vlog) as well as any input regarding personal experiences or opinions—whether from natives, those just passing though, or foreigners outside the state—to my youtube page ((listed below)). The advancements made via technology have allotted Mississippi with new resources that make communication easily viable and accessible. The video responses all have equal opportunity in making it into the film. The film, after all, is a collaborative effort.


(1) The film will provide an honest account of residents within the state of Mississippi. 

(2) The film will provide a much needed resource for those looking for various diverse communities within Mississippi. 


  • Gas

With a total area of 48,430 sq mi, driving around Mississippi will be somewhat costly. Unlike urban areas, Mississippi is largely unpopulated and driving (via my car) long distances is the only way to travel. 

  • Lodging 

When I cannot find a place to sleep, I will lodge at inexpensive campgrounds. 

  • Lighting

Professional lighting equipment can cost thousands of dollars, however I will be renting basic lighting equipment to bring on the road for shooting purposes. 

  • Post-Production

Once the film has been shot and finalized, the remaining budget will be used for a single screening and submission for film festivals.

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