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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
5,003 backers pledged $678,189 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Cybin Monde on

      I'm with Kevin... chomping at the bit to get our NPCs designed and into the storyline!

      Also, great update. I love hearing about the Paragons and can imagine a great comic book based on that team! I love all the work that went into fleshing them out and thinking about what was needed as well as how to stay away from being to rote.

    2. David Guillot on

      I can't wait to interact with the Paragons. Definitely one of the better Updates

    3. Raymond Krajci on

      I LOVED this update. These characters sound fresh, yet familiar. You've captured my imagination!

    4. Missing avatar

      Norman on

      @Allan C Bauer: I just looked at the last five updates, including this one. #100, text only. #101: Costumes and the new Anthem artwork. #102: Dragon Con video. #103: Demo video. So two out of five are text-only.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      John, I suspect it's less that your math is bad, and more that there's a knee-jerk tendency to feel that, unless females drastically outnumber males, males pre-dominate. It's BS, but that's the PC society we live in. That said, technically, as a robot, Overclock IS gender-neutral. It is our own prejudices which assign a gender to robotic characters such as R2-D2 or Ultron. The Vision is a different case, since he was made as biologically male, with all the requisite components.
      Also, "let's make a water guy, but make him not lame"? It always strikes me as a sign of people's ignorance (or at least lack of imagination and understanding of the character) when they talk about how "useless" Aqua-Man is, out of the water. A small perusal of DC comics will show just how effective he remains out of the water (besides, he and Wonder Woman had a bit of a thing for a long time-- how lame could he possibly be?)

    6. John Harrison on

      Oh, heh. I went through and counted it and it's 50/50. My math is so bad.

    7. John Harrison on

      Would it be possible, since Overclock is a robot and all and you wouldn't have to change design at all, to maybe make Overclock a she or agender? That might make for a more different team makeup since this is leaning really heavily into all guy territory like most superhero teams.

      I really like the idea for Codebreaker.

    8. Keovar on

      Interesting, and I appreciate your apparent effort toward being inclusive. Intentionally or not, the gaming industry (tabletop and electronic) is in a socially-influential position, and it's good to see some companies like Paizo, and hopefully Missing Worlds Media, showing diversity in their iconic/paragon (or other NPC) characters.

      "Particle man, particle man
      Doing the things a particle can
      What's he like? It's not important
      Particle man

      Is he a dot, or is he a speck?
      When he's underwater does he get wet?
      Or does the water get him instead?
      Nobody knows, Particle man"

    9. Kevin Schwab on

      Lovely! I'm looking forward to designing my NPC in the world as part of the backer level I subscribed for. Any idea when we will be asked about our contributions to that end?

    10. Missing avatar

      Allan C Bauer on

      ANOTHER writing update? With not even a glimpse of at least concept art? I appreciate your guys' passion for wanting a lot of story, but where's the actual game? So many text walls can only go so far. We're nearing a year and we've only seen rehashed wallpapers and a bit of a video. Come on guys. What's going on? Do you have 100 people writing and 6 people working on the game itself? For every single wall of text there's gotta be at least ONE piece of concept art you can attach to it? I'm beginning to feel like all I invested in is words. I am really excited for this game. I want it to be my next MMO time sink, but I can't help but feel like there's very little actually going on besides writing.

      Am I the only one who is feeling this way/noticing this?