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Cabbie Goes To A Con

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Hey, where to, pal? Convention center? Arright, sure thing. 

 So you in town for the Business and Tech Expo? Yeah, turnin' out ta be a pretty big thing. I mean, it's just normal tech, so it'll be kinda' tame, but that's fine sometimes if ya ask me. Nothin' wrong with tame every now an' then, let's ya get your blood pressure settled before the next big explosion. 

 Good work for a cab driver, too. 

 Yeah, I always end up working the convention hall around the big shows, or at least some of my guys do. I've seen some things, let me tell you. Learned some tricks, too. Fr'instance, I got a box of cheap plastic trash sacks you can throw over that presentation a' yours to keep 'em dry – it's raining at the convention center. Usually is when there's a big expo, dunno why. Maybe someone feels left out. 

 The talk before, about 'normal' tech? I was jus' sayin' that in comparison to the Mad Science convention that gets hosted here every now an' then. The Mads, they don't got a real regular schedule, it's just kind of 'whenever'. I guess they gotta build up enough doohickeys ta where they wanna show off to all the other smart nuts or sumthin'. I don't really get how those guys work, although they kinda like it that way I think. 

 But yeah, that is some wild stuff. An' about half the mads forget ta pay fare, much less tip. The others're generous, tho. They come in, they pack their portable death ray inta th' trunk or strap it to the hood, an' off we go. Chatty, too, although if I had a nickel for every time they say they'll 'show them all' an' laugh. I mean, that's the point of an expo, right? 

 One year, one of 'em managed ta like, bring the convention center ta life or somethin'. I dunno how that's supposta work. Later I heard it was all to win an argument, too. Not even one about the convention center – it was just 'see? The convention center agrees with me, so I'm right!'. It worked too, from what I hear. 

 Oh sure, he put it back when he was done, an' when he took off whatever nutty tech was makin' it go it was just the convention center again. Yeah, like I said, I dunno how that's supposta work. 

Nah, not everythin' in this town is that crazy. We got plenty of normal stuff too. There was some kinda' environmental conference just last month, somethin' 'bout renewable energy. Next week the hall's bein' used for a classic car auction, an' I think the week after that is the state bar exam, believe it or not. 

Next month, there's somethin' about those, ah, whatchacallit, video games an' comic books an' like that. That one'll be weird too, but not in a dangerous way like the Mads. Always all sortsa people dressin' up at those things, y'know? Which is fine, I mean whatever's fun for ya, right? Although I hear that one year Cambion, one a' th' local superheroes, got into a Cambion Lookalike Contest an' lost. 

 An' there's the rain. Yeah, we're pretty close. Y'know, us cab drivers ain't no slouches either. We have a convention each year, like clockwork. Not here, no. We go to a bowling alley an' swap stories over hoagies an' watered down beer. 

 Hey, if I wanted ta live th' glamorous life, I'd be onea' them people what makes video games. I hear they are some pretty high rollers. 


Hello everyone! 

It’s been a little over a week since we were at PAX and at DragonCon. We’ve mostly recovered from the exhaustion that resulted from SO MUCH FUN! We are once again hard at work, just like our faithful Gabby Cabbie. 

 We have discussed a bit about what conventions we should attend in the future, and are still working on the specifics of which ones we can attend. We hope to be able to have a presence at all of them, but it comes down to where our people can be. As a volunteer operation, we still have to allow for the effect of day job availability on whether or not we can do things. 

 While at DragonCon, we enjoyed many of the other panels that were offered, but we especially enjoyed the one featuring us! We covered a basic background of the lore and how we intend to use it to enhance your gameplay experience, as well as the costume creator, and the look of the Rooks, including how their look was created. Many of the questions posed to us during the panel were in regards to gameplay and mechanics, and we hope that we were able to answer those sufficiently with only two writers and an artist. For those of you that are interested in seeing a video of the presentation portion of the panel we had at DragonCon, click here! 

 Hint: there’s a limited costume and movement demo in there! 

 Unfortunately, we don’t have a video from PAX due to minor technical difficulties. If anyone happened to get a video of Nate at PAX and you are willing to share, please do so in the comments! I personally don’t know what all he covered in his panel, but I do know that he covered a lot of ground. We really enjoyed meeting so many of you at the cons, and hearing so many of your insights and thoughts. 

We appreciate all your support, and look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

 ~~Conundrum of Furballs~~ 

PS: Don't forget, we're selling Anthem T-Shirts all month!


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    1. NinaGuardian:PhoenixRising'sModelCitizen on

      As much as I liked the video and hearing about some of the details, I must say it was kind of frustrating to watch them saying 'as you can see on the screen' and thinking "turn the camera a little to the right!" ;P

      I'm definitely gonna steal Cajun Catfish's hairstyle tho :)

      *sits next to SpiritUnicorn and offers her half of her popsicle*

    2. Spiritunicorn on

      Little Unicorn wanders into the convention centre looking for ice-cream, realises that she arrived on the wrong weekend for Ice-cream Fest 2014, spends the rest of the day watching strangely aligned videos. "Sparkle sparkle?".

    3. Missing avatar

      Sacha Hartmann on

      FYI, Doctor Tyche is working on getting that video aligned so it's not quite so painful to watch.