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Vril – Urban Legend Or World Domination?

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Titan Chronicle
By Anton Knight

In the annals of World War II, there have been many tales of the incredible programs put forth by the Third Reich. From their Ubermensch chemical augmentation program to the genetic alteration of animals to create beasts of war, it is well documented that, to the scientific arm of the Nazi party, there was no such thing as an experiment they would not attempt in order to gain an edge against the super powered elite of the Allies.

One of the lesser known programs, however, was the attempt to find, and then utilize, the forgotten technology of what they knew as the Aryan race. They had built up a huge mythology about it, believing even that the Earth itself was hollow, and that the entrance to the interior, where all of the Aryan technology awaited, was to be found in Antarctica.

Now, the Antarctican mission at the end of the war is well known, that the hidden base they had built near the south pole was destroyed by a surprise Soviet raid. What is not well known is what the inspectors of the base found, but thanks to new documents uncovered after the fall of the iron curtain, we can reveal to you now.

The base which was destroyed was manned with hundreds of men, each carrying weapons that, upon casual inspection looked to be normal German weaponry. But upon closer examination, things began to look very unusual. Instead of being assembled, the components looked to be a completely solid object, with only the moving pieces independent of the main assembly. No seams, no bolts, no welds, as if the entire system was manufactured out of a single piece of metal.

Then there were the bodies themselves. For all of the talk of a master race, Germans were as diverse in height, weight, and facial feature as anyone else. But not these soldiers. According to the records, every single one measured 184cm tall, weighed 82kg. And the faces, while not identical, looked as if close relatives, brothers, and of a uniform age. Even more unusual, the autopsies made particular note, none of the cadavers had a navel, nor any scar as if the bellybutton were removed.

Outside of the base, there were round indications in the ground, as if there had been something resting in those spots beforehand. The purposes of these were never resolved, nor were whatever had rested there located.

Within the facility, the majority of the records were burned, but a few fragments survived. These fragments discussed a facility known only by the code name Vril. In Nazi mythology, Vril was the term for a “life giver” in a novel popularized in Nazi Germany at the time. Included on these fragments was a symbol, the Black Sun of the Thule Society, a band of Nazi occultists who all had thought were extinguished years before. This same symbol was found on the armor of all of the soldiers which had been killed, adorning their helmets and chests.

Whatever this Vril is, if it ever existed at all, there has remained a school of thought focused on this strange incident. Whispers and conspiracy thoughts that they had indeed found this “Vril” and were now in control of the most powerful energies known to mankind. Serious scholars scoff at the thought of a hidden band of Nazis still existing, hiding out ready to strike at some point in the future. They dismiss claims by others of seeing flying disks, UFO's, sporting the Black Sun, or of strange masked soldiers who answer to none yet stand in support of them. But to those who believe, it is all too real. 

With the real worries of the modern world, where a lone figure such as Cumulus Rex can destroy a city in a single night, worrying about strange leftover soldiers from World War II seems almost quaint.

But in the shadow, some people continue to insist, the Vril are waiting, watching, and preparing for their time to strike.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Blademaster on

      This concept was actually already in use by an RP friend of mine. Vril, I mean. Not quite the same as this but it uses the same real world myth.

    2. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      Wow, great homework and fairly seamless tale-telling! I loooove this line of explanation and backstory. It's actually factually based, and really creepy, too :D Kudos!

    3. Missing avatar

      Grant Zimmerman on

      Very exciting guys. Keep it coming.

    4. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      @David A. Lupo - unfortunately, Kickstarter updates allow for filtering only by pledge-level, not by content-type. But, this may be a good idea to explore for us through website updates, I'll pass it on to the web team.

      @freewaydog - If you were I'd be worried.

      -Doc T

    5. David Guillot on

      Cool lore episode! Keep up the good work!

    6. Stephen Dickson on

      Agreed, Lion of Albion. I'd pay to see a villain group that is a radical splinter sect off of Scientology that float around manipulating radiant energy and engaging in extortion and racketeering.

    7. Missing avatar

      freewaydog on

      Sry to say, but I am not a fan of the Nazis.

    8. New World Alchemy - David A. Lupo on

      Is there a way to unsubscribe from lore posts, but still be able to see the meaningful posts? I don't want to lose touch of this project, but the lore stuff happens way more than I care about, and if this is a multiyear project I don't want to hate it by the time it is released.


    9. Missing avatar

      Sacha Hartmann on

      Clearly these 'serious scholars' have never seen "Iron Sky". Moon Nazis hooooo!

    10. Chris Meadows on

      Fun fact: the Vril" "superfood" as mentioned in that novel is where the British beef-stock spread and beverage "Bovril" got its name. Bovine + vril = Bovril.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      Good point, Albion. Let's see some Mongol Hordes unleashed! They were probably the most threatening plague ever unleashed on the planet Earth.

    12. Missing avatar

      Praxidicae: Vindicator of Phoenix Rising on

      Wooho, Looks like we'll have a 5th Column/Council expy group.

      Nothing quite like stomping a bunch of villainous Space Nazi's.

      The background hints that they aren't being presented as a regular villain group. Kinda hoping that they are introduced through some kind of global "Return of the Space Nazi's!" Event (something like the Rikti invasions, or the sudden appearance of a similar group at the start of Mercedes Lackey et al's Secret World Chronicles book series), would be a decent opening/early days event to kick everything off methinks.

    13. John Harrison on

      That's a clever way to get a group that all looks the same for a game. I love the lore updates.

    14. Lion of Albion on

      Love it, but also hope that misguided antisocial elements of other cultures are also used as villain seeds. No one region or culture has a monopoly on bad-guys. Humans of every type are capable of misdeeds! It would be great to see the excesses of every thought experiment lampooned :-)