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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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City of Titans to use Unreal Engine 4

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Ever since our Kickstarter ended, you guys have been wanting to know why we aren’t showing you more. We had a really good reason, and now it is time to share.

(Warcabbit Sez: It’s been SO HARD not saying anything.)

There have been requests for screenshots and videos, and until recently we were under NDA. Why? Well, that’s because shortly after our Kickstarter closed, we were granted a license to move from Unreal 3 to the brand-spanking new Unreal Engine 4 in December 2013.

(Warcabbit Sez: Seriously, Epic’s been great this whole time.)

The work that we’d already done in Unreal 3 is in the process of being moved into the Unreal 4, and UE4's physics, lighting, and shader engines will save us a significant amount of production time. It set us back a little bit, but in the long run, this move means a brighter future and an even better game!

(Warcabbit Sez: UE4 still has some rough areas but that just means we’re on the bleeding edge of technology. In the four months we’ve been using it, they’ve already made huge strides forward. We can’t wait to see the improvements in the days ahead.)

The new engine will give us advanced rendering features, physics and visual effects. Physically-based shading will give us more control over the look and feel of characters and objects in your new world. We’ll be able to create wide ranges of surfaces, layer materials, and fine-tune values to make Titan City look more incredible and realistic than we originally planned. An added bonus is our NPCs will be smarter and look better than ever!

(Warcabbit Sez: Animated hair. Capes and dresses. Animated costume parts. Animated body parts. Animated textures on the costume parts. Water splashes. Boats float. THINGS EXPLODE! I hate to make promises that I might not be able to keep, but I really think we can pull this off. Wait till you see what we want to do in the places where you just want to destroy everything.)

We’re sorry we couldn’t tell you, or show you, before now - but we hope you’re just as excited about this news as we are. Keep your eyes peeled for next week's update from our Tech department where we will have lot more to tell (and possibly show!) you about Unreal Engine 4!

(Warcabbit Sez: More costume parts, more customization, better animation, more things to do. Animated tails are just the beginning. How about gloves and boots that are more than meets the eye? You wanted to know how we kept hinting at more and more of everything? Thanks to Epic and Unreal Engine 4, we can do it all. And we can do it faster and better. No rubbery costume look. No sickly plants. No identical buildings all over the place. The city will be alive!)

Rae, PR Manager

Warcabbit, Project Lead (And the staff of City of Titans. Aim High!)

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    1. Trev-MUN on

      Well, I've got my fingers crossed that XP and XP64 won't be left out in the cold for City of Titans, so I hope that re-enabling XP support won't turn out to be a difficult or impossible task. XP still has, apparently, 30% of the global market share as of this comment (at least according to Avast!), so it's worth considering.

      I dunno how much you guys know about XP64, but it's actually more a reskin of Windows Server 2003, so it doesn't have the same version number as XP, etc. I bring this up because Phantasy Star Online 2 excludes XP64 users from even installing the game due to its built-in Windows version check; XP32 users are allowed to play, but since XP64 doesn't have the same version number, they're screwed over.

      It's one of the only cases I can think of where having XP64 has specifically hindered me, but it's worth pointing out. (I've also seen cases where installers refuse to run on XP64 because they confuse it for XP32 and thus require it patched up to Service Pack 3 ... but XP64 never got an SP3).

    2. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      As for "older rigs": UE4 requires DX11. However, so far as I've seen to date, pretty much anything that *can* run DX11 is likely to be sufficient to handle at least lower-end settings. Certainly we intend to pay attention to this, however, as we build things out.

      That said, UE4 has both some existing improvements and some announced-as-planned ones that should help make this less of an "all or nothing" sort of choice.

      Also, if you don't see some "fancy" things you want once we start to push more things out, don't panic -- I already know of several spots where we will almost certainly be doing something simple and basic as a "placeholder" while waiting for some of the upcoming features shown off by Epic to filter all the way down to "stable enough for general use".

      Wherever this happens, understand that it is a matter of efficiency -- if we have reason to believe that the engine will be getting support for feature X that would require us to redo a whole lot of work to take advantage of it, and that that feature will be available early enough that it won't cause other issues, it only makes sense to do "enough to put a stake in the ground" and then wait until either the module is available, or we decide it won't become available in a timely fashion. This is how you avoid the DNF syndrome (having stuff 80-90% of the way done and scrapping half of it because some new thing comes along that you have to retool for).

    3. Missing avatar

      Roi King on

      The is a good example of rolling-wave planning which allows MWM to leverage emerging technology.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      In the past couple of months, Epic disabled XP support "out of the box" in UE4. The option is still there, but they no longer support using it; whether we are able to enable it (and whether it is worth the effort involved) will depend greatly on just what "not supported" means when it comes down to it.

      Certainly it is unlikely to be a priority goal for early stuff, simply because we're already fully loaded, and ensuring XP support would push out the time when we could make it available to *everyone* -- and because there is a decent chance that much of the early stuff may be available to XP users through other means, given what Epic has been doing with expanding platform support.

    5. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      In two years, will we still be supporting XP? I don't know. I'm sorry, I just can't say right now. Right now, we're building for 7 (which also supports 8, though not as well) internally, and the XP answer would come when we start rolling variants like Mac and Linux and Android out.
      It'll be a very tough call if we can't. XP has been a faithful companion to me for many years.

      By the way, do NOT download the recent MS patch for it. It puts machines into boot loops that may not be fixable.

    6. Silvera Starstrike on

      This is fantastic news and how did you know that I LOVE surprises. Good to know we're gonna have a cutting edge game. WooT!

    7. Max Power on

      Animate _All the Things!_

    8. Lord Nightmare on

      *shrug* I couldn't tell you why. I do remember hearing of an entire engine overhaul, but nothing conclusive.

    9. Trev-MUN on

      @Lord Nightmare

      I'm aware that companies are starting to give up on XP entirely, but that's why I wanted to hear from MWM whether UE4 still supports XP or not. Given that Microsoft has used DirectX support to force people to upgrade to newer Windows OSes, I'm not surprised that newer games are dropping support entirely.

      It's the games that lack XP support which surprise me to no end. For example, why the heck is World of Warcraft, of all games, dropping XP support? It's been around for, what, a decade? Is Warlords of Draenor going to be a complete overhaul of the game code?

      Another example is Metal Gear Slug 3 on Steam. That game is actually from the late 90's, and yet was released on Steam without XP support. Yet through grey means, you could play that same game on MS DOS if you wanted!

    10. Lord Nightmare on


      Last I checked, many developers are updating to go past Windows XP and Vista entirely. Blizzard has already started and will make Warlords of Draenor the first Expansion Pack that XP will NOT be compatible for. I can only assume that UE4 is going the same way.

      Sorry D: I'm going to be very angry when Windows 7 will be incompatible with anything. W8 pisses me off to no end on a PC.

    11. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      I am so psyched to hear this!! Thank you <3

    12. Steven Lopez on

      Well this is great news! Still would like some screen shots and videos. :P

    13. Missing avatar

      PeaceMack on

      I was wondering about what would happen with the project when I heard that UE4 was released. I'm glad that Epic's been so great.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Sounds nice and very ambitious. Look forward to the game...just wary that scope creep and overreach may negatively impact the product i.e. don't spend 5 extra years to 'fix the barbarian's whirlwind'...oh wait that was Blizzard...well learn from that example anyway.

    15. Al Lucard on

      I need to change my underwear....

      WOW.. I am so anxious for this game! This is an awesome update, and I look forward to seeing more details on just what the UE4 is going to do for "us" ... Everything sounds so effing awesome!!

    16. Trev-MUN on

      Concerning the older rigs thing, devs: Does UE4 and the UE4 version of the UDK still support Windows XP, both 32 and 64-bit?

      My desktop runs XP64 (I am not replacing it with 7 or 8 for several reasons), and I use it for both gaming and development, so knowing whether or not City of Titans AND the UE4 UDK itself will still run is of big interest to me.

    17. crow on

      same here Good stuff. I am looking forward for it but hope jump down to Uncanny Valley

    18. Ross

      Good stuff. I am looking forward to making Captain Rubbery-Costume-Man!

    19. Milan Dare on

      Ooh, hype-y style! Hi PR Manager :) Awesome update, thank you very much! Now I imagine supers with rippling muscles, with Real Ripples (tm).

    20. Lord Nightmare on

      I'm more curious about the "older rigs" comment. Is this including economical ($500-$600 range) or is it the more expensive kind (800 and up)?

    21. Shaun Olivier on

      So many possible shiny features and options... And the possibility of properly animated tails!
      Damn you guys for making me even more excited for this game X3
      Its just a good thing theres plenty of time to start saving up for an uber rig to play everything on max settings =^.^=

    22. Edwin Tham on

      This update = EPIC WIN!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      This sounds terrific! Animated tails would have been enough for me-- the rest of it is frosting for the cake!
      To those who have been pestering the crew to "show you": Show some trust, and let them work!
      To the crew: Keep up the great work! November 2015 is going to be such a long time coming-- but it probably won't seem so to you, who are having to do all the work, creating our new world of heroism. Bless you all.

    24. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      We've found that UE4 works really well on what will be older rigs by the time we play. In fact, just today, Epic announced some huge developments about UE4 and mobile devices.

    25. Unjust on

      Ugh!!! This makes my can't wait anxious. Not only do I want to se this now, I want now to be yesterday!!!

    26. David Guillot on

      If Warcabbit is Happy, Im Happy. Keep the info flowing

    27. Jeffrey Clulow on

      Nice job! Unreal's always been a great engine for MMO's, and I'm excited you're getting flagged for version 4. It'll be pretty interesting to see what you can do with it. Looking forward to it.

    28. Austin Loomis

      What Joshua said.

    29. Red Warlock - Phoenix Rising Ranger on

      Very exciting!!!! Can't wait to see!

    30. James Gorman on

      Correction know is now

    31. Joshua Gomez on

      Sounds awesome! Just hope it wont require a bleeding edge rig to play, though

    32. James Gorman on

      correction on guise is guys.

    33. James Gorman on

      When I pledged how ever much I pledged to you guise I did so with perfect trust knowing that you will provide what you have promised. Know you have shown that that trust has been confirmed and valid. So now I say to you keep up the great works and continue to surprise us. :)

    34. Michael O. on

      Very excited ^_^

    35. Missing avatar

      Warlocc on

      Now that's something to get behind. Awesome.

    36. Lord Nightmare on


    37. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Gah, so excited!

    38. Madison Shadrick on

      Excitement abounds! Can't wait to see what you all create!