The Phoenix Project - City of Titans

by Missing Worlds Media

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    1. Stephen Jones on

      I've been pining for a winter event! This will have to do it fir me. :p.

    2. Robin Harvey on

      Such a fun read! Thanks for the giggle :)

    3. Sinu on

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays you wonderful people from myself and everyone at Namesakeradio!

    4. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Hey, Dee! When you having one of us on?

    5. Milan Dare on

      I thought of y'all on my day off. Merry Christmas to the 72 busiest of you, but also to all the rest as well who balance work and play-work to make Christmas 2015 something special beyond belief.
      I am working on something extra to put under that tree too. Something I've never done before either. Happy New Year for now ;)

    6. Cinnder on

      Happy Holidays to all, and thanks for sprucing up this update with your comment, Stephen.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      Point of order: the female model in the video is indeed one of Mixamo's character assets, but is named Mia (specifically, "Mia Casual", as the character comes in multiple variants; just finished checking the account history to make certain).

      Lucky is a much more distinctly "heroic" character model that, so far as I know, did not make it into the KS content due to time constraints.

    8. Spiritunicorn on

      Yay! for Festive Holidays! Yay!

      *sits on a snowy roof eating ice-cream*

    9. Missing avatar

      freewaydog on

      Um, I strongly disagree w/ #17, lol,.....

    10. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      She showed up shooting the UFO in the shot we chose to show off a functional plasma burst. I believe she was going to be the star of the second video that we never got a chance to finish.

    11. Keovar on

      ‘Raellions’? Not to be confused with 'Raëlians', I hope! :P

      *Reads #16*

      Um... "historically" accurate?

    12. Missing avatar

      mrinku on

      Thanks fir a wonderful Christmas treet.

    13. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Indeed. The UFO is historically accurate. That's a hint, now.

    14. Unjust on

      Hmm. I'd like to see that Christmas tree ant in the games first holiday event!! He'd have to be a giant tree and could have attacks like ornament bombs thrown his limbs, laser Christmas lights, poison pine cone needles and a stomp attack!! Make it so !!!

    15. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      Those look like some mighty strong stems in those "trunk holders"...