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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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Nothing’s Working: Please Stand By.

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

Well, it’s been a while since the kickstarter ended, and I bet you guys are eager as heck to see what we’ve done with the money.

Very little.

We’ve paid off Kickstarter, we’ve paid off Epic for the Unreal we used in the video. (Epic has been a real pleasure to deal with.) We got some fantastic deals from Adobe and Microsoft on Black Friday. We’re picking up some Surface tablets for some of our artists. Thanks to Maya LT (A lesser version of a 3D program, that’s rented rather than bought) being a thing, we saved a lot of money off the budget, and now we have a standardized development environment. We’d like to thank the guys at Penny Arcade for the idea, it’s working out fantastically. Much cheaper than a full PC, and it’s a pressure sensitive tablet. Exactly what you need to make computer art, 2D or 3D.

But that’s where we ran into a wall. Some companies that make products we really need to actually start developing aren’t set up for a next generation virtual office company. They expect a product to be purchased by someone with a physical location. I know, it’s retro, but we’re working through it. Combine that with the holidays, and we’re having what should be two-day purchases wind up taking weeks.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting around. It just means we’re spending money more slowly than planned. There’s a lot of stuff we’re working on, with what we have going. We’ve got the Game Design Document just about ready, we’ve got our one-page Gameplay document up and running, we’re revising the map to make logical gameplay sense and proper flow. Since we’re not using warwalls, each zone has to fit right in to the next, after all.

The Lore Bible v3 is just about complete, and we’re starting to submit second phase opponents and allies to it. We’ve got most of our gameplay features designed.

We’ve got a first UI for the character creator, and we’re busy hacking at our engine to make it functional on both tablets and PCs.

Sadly, none of this is anything we can show you. We’re deep in the kitchen, and we’re cooking and yelling at each other and arguing about who used the last of the lemons, but none of it is making anything for the end users. Unless you want to see a whole bunch of headless humanoids. Trust me, you don’t. They’re important, but they’re pretty darn disturbing.

You know the drill. We need a solid foundation to build on. Then you get to see the pretty stuff.

Surveys, though, we can talk about. Part of our philosophy is that every single thing we do has to support the next biggest thing. As a result, we’re not using Kickstarter’s survey. We’re writing our own, that’ll go out to each and every person that either has extra money over their pledge amount, or that got a pledge level that included physical items like the lanyards. Don’t worry, there’ll be a second survey when we get closer to implementing digital items like badges and buildings. And maybe a third and fourth. Anyhow, this survey’ll basically be a test for the new web store we’re building, that goes along with the new web site we’re working on. So there’s that.

Right now, though, we’re busy working, and we just don’t have new product. We won’t for a month or so, either. But we will. And we’re hoping you’ll continue to like it.

Stick around. And, hey, take a ride with the Cabbie.

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    1. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      Phillip Moy? Long Live The Legion!

      There are a number of Legion fans/superfans on this project. Not really a surprise. One of our MUSH-era characters actually made it into a tryout issue cover. Duck Call Lass!

      And yes, the Avatar Builder is the _first_ thing we intend to do on tablets. We have some interesting ideas for later on. Not the game itself, but... well, you'll see.

    2. Christopher Warner on

      Tablets, Lore Bible, Maya LT, and headless humanoids. Now that's some good cooking!

    3. Missing avatar

      mrinku on

      @Phillip Moy: If you read the post it only referred to the Character Creator on "tablet and PC". The first two stretch goals were Avatar Builder on Android and iOS, which is what I assume they're referring to.

      I don't think the game itself is being optimised for tablets, though I'd expect they will have to look at touchscreen desktop and laptops, and Windows 8, which may mean we get a tablet version on some configurations by default. The line between high end tablets and notebooks is already blurring a lot.

    4. Missing avatar

      Philip Moy on

      Tablet Gameplay? ooh That could be interesting, if they don't dumb it down and sacrifice the PC gameplay experience.

    5. James Gorman on

      It feals good to belong to this comunity and have insight into the development of what I would like to say will be my New favorite game.. Its great that you are Saving as much as you are on project products finding the better deal is always prudent in buisness and in home finance :)

    6. Michael O. on

      Thanks again for keeping us in the loop!

    7. ParilliCo on

      The accountant in me is very proud of your fiscal prudence. Whether planning for Black Friday was planned or happy coincidence .. I must say I'm glad to hear you're keeping the finger on the pulse.

      Look forward to our surveys (especially for the character textures!)

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      I agree with Cinnder and Triplash (among others) completely. It's good to know that you are taking all the steps necessary to do this Right, and gratifying to get updates like this. As you labor in the kitchen, just remember the recipe of the Duchess' cook from Alice In Wonderland-- "MORE PEPPER!" :) Always up for another ride with the Gabby Cabbie.

    9. Tessachan of Phoenix Rising on

      I'm so thrilled! I know progress is being made--in fact, far quicker than I expected it to be :) This update is a big plus for me, I can feel the work being done, the creativity being stretched, the imaginations getting overclocked...This is the heartbeat of creation, it's messy, not to pretty up close, but perfection in the end. Hang in there! I have faith.

    10. Melanie R on


    11. Missing avatar

      Derek C Brown on

      I'm glad that you're keeping everyone informed! Do what you need to prove all the naysayers wrong!

    12. Brendan W on

      @Christopher Shaffer: I always find it amusing to find MxO references out in the wild. Thanks ;)

    13. Clinton Cowen on

      I'm happy knowing that you guys are dedicated to doing things the right way, and as a person whose job is to get many separate things to come together and work as a whole, I completely understand that the process is never exactly how you planned. Keep on keeping on!

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Gama Müller on

      You were always bringing all your difficulties to public!
      That's the great thing about this project, we can understand if any time assumption goes wrong because we know all that's going on!
      Nice update!

    15. Tom Curry on

      Every project has it's snags. It is how you respond under pressure that makes you a Hero, anyone can do the right thing when it's easy. Keep at it, as we know you will. We are Here.

    16. Triplash on

      There's always going to be snags. In a project this big, plus or minus a few weeks is pretty insignificant really. But being honest about it all, yeah that's very much appreciated. Good stuff!

    17. Missing Worlds Media Creator on

      We're very aware of Backerkit, and we were planning on using them, but we decided it was more efficient to do it ourselves.

    18. James Ingram Cab Driver Phoenix Rising on

      This is the kind of update I like. Keep them coming!

    19. Cinnder on

      Yep, the peek behind the scenes is much appreciated. We'll wait patiently out here in the dining room.

      Well, maybe not all that patiently. It's just that the smells coming from the kitchen are so delicious!

    20. Trev-MUN on

      I really do appreciate Missing Worlds Media's transparency on this kind of stuff. Offhand I can't think of any gaming devs that would be as frank about this, but it's a good thing.

    21. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Thanks for the update!
      I was also going to suggest BackerKit. A lot of KS campaigns end up using that instead (or along with) of Kickstarter's survey.

    22. Missing avatar

      Warlocc on

      I like these updates. There's something about knowing exactly where the money is going that helps with anticipation. It's not so bad waiting for things to see when you know it's being worked on.

    23. Richard Osborne on

      Thanks for the update. I wonder if you should just stick with BackerKit or whatever its called. Will save you *time* which is probably your most precious resource. I know all of us programmers love to reinvent the wheel but sometimes you just gotta deal with the issues you get from existing software.

    24. Christopher Shaffer on

      Matrix Online once had a dungeon that had headless humanoid opponents. They're overrated.