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We present City of Titans, a spiritual successor for the superhero MMORPG City of Heroes, being developed by Missing Worlds Media.
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More Tales From Gabby Cabbie

Posted by Missing Worlds Media (Creator)

 Oh hey, good ta see ya again! Thought ya might be back.

How ya been? Try that sandwich shop I told you about? Heh, told ya. Yeah, you should also try the one they call the Italian. It's got all them fancy meats with the hard to pronounce names on it. Mortasomethin' and cappawhatever. Gimme a bit, I gotta wait for these cyclists to... and there we go.

Yeah, those guys on the bicycles are all over the place in Aurora here. Gotta watch out for 'em, 'cause they sure don't think they gotta watch out for traffic. 'Least some don't. But hey, at least they're getting' some exercise, right? Better'n I can say for myself. Heh, between the good eats and sittin' in a cab all day my doctor's really startin' to get on my case, y'know? Plus she's got like five arms, I don't wanna make her angry.

And yeah, the cyclists all chain their bikes to trees. It's annoyin', but they gotta lock 'em up somehow, right? And there's lots of trees in this part of town, so it's handy for 'em. Mind, sometimes doesn't stop crooks anyway. Once saw some kinda killer cyborg jus’ cut a tree in half and take a bike, lock n' all. And y'gotta know, this guy, whatever he was, was like eight feet tall and he takes a bike made for maybe a kinda petite lady? He didn't care, tho, just started rollin' down the street, and I guess robots are just really fast on bikes, because I was doin' maybe fifty an' the thing was pullin' away from me like I was sittin' still. And sure he was dangerous, but he looked so funny hunched over that little bike I couldn't stop laughin'.

So anyway, how was your weekend? Eh, yeah, unpackin's always a pain. Supers? Yeah, actually there's a super that does movin' and unpackin'. Bald lady. Has tekela, teleme, er... mind-readin' and stuff-movin' powers. You know what I mean. So she just reads your mind and puts things where you want 'em, takes like ten minutes. Charges through the nose for it, tho, so I don't recommend it unless you really need to cut down on time. An’ I’ve heard people say that they always end up missin’ somethin’, but that’s part of movin’, right? I moved across town a few years back, still haven’t found my can opener.

Once you get done with that you're gonna want to try the waterfront near here. Daybreak Ridge, it's called. Absolutely gorgeous, they got a movie theater with food, good restaurants, some shopping centers, and a music hall. But it's nice to just walk around, really. An’ they got some shopping in, ah, it useta’ be a warehouse district, but they turned it into this sorta’ old-townsy mom-and-pop type shopping area. Really, you lucked out picking this part of town. Everything here’s pretty tame, comparatively. Good timing, too. Like, you missed the riot Friday night.

What, you didn't hear about that? Oh yeah, that band was in town. Apokalyptykult. Yeah, I know it's a mouthful, right? But I saw their ads splattered all over town for the last month so I can spell it blindfolded now. Ugly things, too. You’d think their commercials were like, diagrams for summoning demons or somethin’. Anyway, they always cause trouble when they're in town. Can't say I like it, it's always bad for business. They show up and they sing and they're all like 'smash the state, guys' and their listeners are all 'okay, sounds great', and then they go out and start breaking things. Kids these days, am I right?

So you might not've seen anything yet, really. It's been kind of a quiet... Hold on, I think this car in front of me is... yeah, it’s a weapon now. No, it’s not flyin’ on its own, that lady with the shoulders threw it. Gimme a bit, we gotta clear out, hold on to something.

...Okay, sorry 'bout that. Had to run that light. What? Oh, cops are kind of lenient about traffic violations if you've got somthin' like 'supervillain attack' as an excuse for running. Hope I didn't scare ya too bad. You didn't get any coffee on you, didja? Alright, good. Coffee's precious, don't want any wasted, y'know? What was-- I think that was Tarot, 's what the paper calls 'em. They're trouble, go around attackin’ heroes an’ robbin’ banks an’ stuff. I hear tell they’re contract only. I always think it’s weird when killers get all hoity-toity like they got standards, y’know? Always seems weird.

But yeah, they're trouble.

So yeah, welcome to your first bit of super-weirdness here in Titan City. I guess we got you started off with a bang, eh? ...what’s, that’s not your first? I’m a little disappointed. ...You saw a ninja? Not a lot of people say that. Real important: did it kinda glow? Hey, calm down, easy there arright? No, they don't kill witnesses. ...'least, not that I've heard about. I mean, they're ninjas, who'd know if they did, right? Sorry, that's not helping, is it?

It's just usually they kind of keep to themselves, from what I hear. I mean, the glowing ones. There used to be some that were tryin’ real hard to be a street gang an’-- Look, I don't really know nothin' worth knowin’ 'bout those guys. But I know some people who will. I can ask 'em if you want. Okay, sure. Anythin' ta help a customer sleep at night, right?

So what's your new job here, anyway? Really? Hey neat. Sounds like a fun gig. Dunno if it'll ever catch on, but hey, everythin’s worth a try at least once, right? Kinda sounds weird, but whadda I know, I thought Titanic was gonna stink at the box office.

So you want stories from me? Yeah, I know... heh, a few. Yeah, I got some I think you'll like.

An’ hey, here we are. I’ll have somethin’ for ya next time. You have a nice day, alright? An’ don’t forget your umbrella, I think it’s gonna rain this afternoon.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joel Aelwyn on

      @Cinnder: probably the safest way to take it would be as "vision". The things that we (in the collective sense) see being able to happen in the world we're building, or at least a small sample of them.

      How many of them make it in by launch day -- or at all -- is one of the things that we're not making a lot of promises about, because we don't want to make promises we may end up not being able to keep.

      Bicycle objects? Pretty simple, my personal money would be on them showing up at some point.

      Bicyclists? Probably requires a more advanced bicycle object, plus animation for riding and NPC pathing logic that understands how not to ride in front of trucks or flying cars.

      Rideable bicycles? Same as bicyclists, except drop the NPC logic requirement and add "vehicle / riding support for PCs" in its place.

      The most hopeful part I can point out in this progression is how much of it is shared between multiple uses. If we do things right, then having any general ability for PCs to ride vehicles plus having NPC bicyclists *should* mean that allowing PCs to ride a bicycle should be an incremental (probably even fairly small) additional step.

      True, not everything always works out the way you plan, but we're at least *planning* on things being built at all levels -- asset, code, etc. -- to be usable based on a "fundamentals" approach, rather than being tightly bound to wherever it first appears. If it looks like a bike, and moves like a bike, with any luck at all we should be able to make it qua... er... sound like a bike?

    2. Trev-MUN on

      This cabbie is awesome. I love how he's just so casual about someone throwing a freakin' car!

    3. WesFoxx on

      Mmmmmm, delicious worldbuilding <3

    4. Ryan H on

      You folks just put a smile on my face. Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason King on

      Awesomely done. I think these Gabby Updates are my favorites. Yes, I want to know about what will be available and what not, but I love the immersiveness of the stories.

    6. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      *train meerkats to move furniture* o_o

    7. Missing avatar

      Blademaster on

      You too, Richard? :) Welcome to the club! Man, reading about glowing ninjas gives me strange thoughts though...

    8. Missing avatar

      Thunderstryke on

      This was pretty darn good! I keep thinking of Titan City as a place I'll be, "moving to" from Millenium City(CO), so hearing about Daybreak Ridge and a couple things in it is pretty awesome. Like, I can almost visualize people going to the theater for a Costume Contest, and the stuff like that. Great job, guys!

      .. and I agree with Peter. More Gabby!

    9. Cinnder on

      While I do like concrete details, I think we can glean a lot of hints about the actual game from this update. Info on neighbourhoods, enemy groups, and environment -- I'm just not sure how much is meant to be taken literally... Can we assume from this update that there will be cyclists in the city, and bicycle thefts? Will we be able to use cars as weapons? And will there be weather?

    10. Missing avatar

      Warlocc on

      I like the storytelling as much as the next guy, but I'd love to see some updates on the actual project.

    11. peter burczyk on

      YEAH!!! MORE GABBY!!!